Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Rick's Town Hoor Meeting

The governor's experiment with facebook didn't go as he planned. He was slammed so hard by comments, it obviously took him time to cherry pick through the minefield of anger that awaited him since the moment his staff released word of the Town Hoor Meeting.

He chose to answer the low-hanging fruit and only started to do so around 7:50 p.m.

Sunshine State News was the first to go ahead and admit to the world, the whole thing was a bust.

Here's what we wrote to Sunshine State news when some took exception to the "vile" and "snarky" questions.

Here's a "snarky" and "vile" question to some: Florida has risen from the bottom twelve to the top five public school departments in the nation since 2000. So in effect with all these "initiatives" aimed at "student success", aren't you in fact breaking something that was demonstrably in the process of fixing itself; a massive perversion of the refrain "If it ain't broke don't fix it?"

He didn't answer it. Here's another.

Did you throw away 24,000 jobs for HSR, and are you willing to nix the light rail project, merely because these public transportation projects conflict with future profits of Koch industries?

Here's another
Is it true you and your staff are behind an effort to take over the State Lottery and privatize it? Isn't this money supposed to be for scholarships to worthy Florida students, or do you not want Bright Futures for our kids?

Here's another

Does posting your schedule day of, charging exorbitant fees for information, running away from reporters, attending and speaking only to constituents at Tea rallies, and Lincoln Day Dinners, qualify as open government, answerable to ALL Floridians?

We need more snarky and vile questions.

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