Wednesday, January 16, 2013

The Turd in the Punchbowl

Alex Jones appreciates David Icke even though he thinks he's an insane con man.

Icke, a former athlete, a former British TV personality and conspiracy speaker, once proclaimed himself the son of God. Icke also happens to believe ( or claims to) that the Queen, George Bush, Barack Obama and many many more, are all part of a clan of serpents who gained their positions via reptilonepotism in order to eventually (wait for it) enslave and eat us. Oh, and, they drink our blood, while they waiting for dinner to start. Just as a "hold me off."

The reason I bring up Jones is, I  have been a fan; until now. Just the way he was a devoted fan of David Icke until Icke started seeing reptiles everywhere, I now draw my line.

Jones drew his on Icke, years ago. And said "That's the problem with David Icke. He's got a good line to a point, then he discredits it all. It's like a turd in the punch bowl. That's his job." Jones also had this to say about his fellow speaker and author. "He's either an opportunist con man, or he's completely insane."
David Icke

That doesn't stop Jones from having the eccentric Englishman on his show from time to time so they can discuss issues, conspiracies, reptile blood, demons, and so on.

 Unfortunately Jones, (as does Jesse Ventura) definitely has his finger on some things which are very real, cabals, banksters, secret societies and so on. So his venom at Obama over the issue of guns, colors and taints all else; all the other good works he has done, regarding raping and poisoning corporations; his questions on detention camps that remain unanswered and of course his work going after secret societies.

Until Jones started digging, no one had ever heard of Bohemian Grove, or Bilderberg, or many others he has covered with glee and admirable, entertaining zeal. While he lacks the journalistic sanity of fellow conspiracy Texan, Jim Marrs, his ire and spirit have brought light where previously, there had been almost none at the national level. He now has 1 million listeners a day.

Perhaps the weight of celebrity is too much. Now he's throwing wrenches at his own brand, even as the whiff of cordite and heat from dead children, lingers in the air. And it's ugly. And it's pandering to gun nuts and the hate-lobby.

Just like David Icke Jones discredits himself. Intentionally or no he misdirects with his own version of the lizard people called "Obama-satan." AKA "Obamatakeyourgunswhiteboy".

A saner Jones, would cast a jaundiced eye at his own recent behavior and question whether or not there was a conspiracy behind it, a "false flag" as he and his devotees call them. "Has he been paid to act this way?" He might ask this question, himself, in a calmer frame of mind.

It's sad, really; this hucksterism or insanity that makes up his his blind spot now, the cancer on his hard drive.

To hear Jones and others - who actually do the bidding of corporate war monsters, banksters and ultra-zionists by sounding the assassination dinner bell for the freaks of this country - Obama is "in" on the deal to imprison America.

If Jones bothered to check recent history, if he learned a bit about rigged voting machines, or concentrated more on the corporate conspiracies, rather than those espoused by reptile watchers and survivalists, Jones would learn that Obama wasn't supposed to happen. Obama is an honest-to-god accident, given to the world by the workings of former Florida governor Charlie Crist, who grew a conscience for a moment and opened up voting to more citizens. Now you have an honest man, placed on a runaway train that is our national greed-head government, trying to throw levers in reverse, all the while endeavoring not alarm those very powers Jones decries; powers who would surely murder him, if they had the chance, just as surely as they killed Jack Kennedy in order to turn a profit for helicopter manufacturers.

Which is why all the shadowfolk are so eager to egg on the likes of Jones, Beck, and Rush  into spewing such vile rhetoric, to clang that assassination bell that much harder for the palmetto crickets in dirty Ford Broncos. To all-but call for the violent overthrow of the nation, inciting the hate-filled race-warriors all across the country, less than two days from an open air inauguration? Amazing and sad behavior for someone who claims to be a champion of "freedom".

Jones has followed the rushing waters of his own unstoppable ego and allowed himself to be carried into that sea of insanity. Because he is so culturally inured to hating Obama now, he won't or can't stop himself.

Jones is now the turd in his own punch-bowl. He continues to drink from it with the abandon of an alcoholic, every single day.

Monday, January 14, 2013

Mind Boggling Excuses Strange Conclusions

Some of the mind boggling excuses as to why the election of 2012 was an exercise in misery, add this one from Senator John Thrasher(R) of St, Augustine. "I was just upset that the supreme court was trying to tell us what to do," he said, offering his excuse for why the state legislature made use of a 2000 loophole in the state election laws allowing for each and every one of the state's 11 ballot amendments to contain the entire cryptic legalese ramblings of the "wording by committee of legal Shylocks", legislative initiatives. He was upset in the year 2000 during a debate on the summary stipulations in the law which stated that the amendments had to have "clear and concise" language for the amendment to be voted on using summaries. This, during a time when the ballots amendments to be whittled down to 75 words or less for each. In 2000 the legislature (Thrasher included) voted to remove that limit. But his gerrymandered legislative majority didn't take full advantage of this until 2012. As a stealth tactic they exploited it to the full extent of absurdity, and essentially stuffed the voting booth as a work around to stuffing the ballot boxes. It was a novel, cynical approach to electoral mayhem, which they are now explaining away in classic "it's not me that did it" fashion. And for some unknown reason, the 10 supervisor of election are agreeing that it should be discretionary for the use of 96 hours of early voting whenever they see fit rather than mandate 14 days AND THAT LAST SUNDAY, for "Souls to the Polls". So, depending on which political party your particular supervisor hails from, you will experience a different set of rules for when early voting occurs depending on which of the 67 Florida counties you live in, if the senate adopts that recommendation. The whitewash continues.

The "Perfect Storm" Election...yeah.

The Florida Senate Committee on Ethics and Elections Continues today. Please watch. The Supervisors of Elections are testifying today before the committee and are calling it The Perfect Storm Election. This catch-phrase/excuse is being trotted out today and is sure to be picked up by the brain dead media because it makes a nice headline and of course, that's as far as they go when it comes to investigation. At the moment I type this Lee County, one of the "failing counties" is now presenting their excuses for the election fiasco. Shannon Harrington, Lee Supervisor is to be given full credit for the name of the 2012 election. Again, watch, and enjoy the excuses.