Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Scott Begins His Assault on the Sunshine Law

And the press will bravely stand aside going "hey....wait...don't...stop....(well, if you must)."

Here it is. Florida's Government in the Sunshine works like this: In cities and counties you can't meet with other elected officials and privately discuss issues you may be voting on. You can't use a third party to pol each other. You know? Commissioner A calls the county administrator and says "how is Commissioner B and C voting on this...?" Get it? The law is designed to prevent collusion.

Well, Governor Scoot set up a private meeting with 10 legislators. He likely got the idea from President Obama, who he would very much like to be one day.

Only, genius didn't know this sort of thing wasn't legal in Florida. You can't do it without advertising the meeting, calling the press and at least inviting them.

His caveat? Oh, this was to be a purely social event. Yes, that's it. A coffee klatch.

No. This is only the beginning.

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