Friday, March 4, 2011

We need a good nickname. I say it's 'WHITE RABBIT"

While we wait for a ruling on rail we search for a proper nickname. Every unpopular governor has one. Here's my list so far.

1. BARFD: The Bald Avenger of Fiscal Discipline

2. Bald Avenger

3. Governor "Rain Bird" for the way his head moves like a rain bird water sprinkler during impromptu television interviews. Right, right, right, allllllllllllll the back to the left. Repeat.

4."White Rabbit" This morning's pic from News 13 made me think of a scared white rabbit. I don't know if the Jefferson Airplane song of the same name had anything to do with this.

Feel free to use facebook or the comments section here to add your choices.

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