Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Sun Tzu Coup d'tat on you

We've come to the conclusion that what our political leaders are perpetuating is nothing short of a traitor's take-over, a coup d'tat on the United States of America.

As individuals, legislators and governors may not realize precisely the part each of them play in this take over. Greed has done the work in rubbing out their collective conscience and sense of civic duty. Though they can summon the concepts, when pressed to do so at cocktail parties.

Sun Tzu, the ancient Chinese warlord, is familiar to many of the pro-capital operators in D.C. and Tallahassee. Every wanna-be warrior - from Wall Street financier to your warrior politician - likely has a copy of Sun's sayings in a little tome entitled The Art of War.

Though brutal and heartless in battle, Sun was an avid practitioner of the bloodless coup; the surrender without violence. In his book, the perfect warrior was one who, through fear, intimidation, overwhelming show of force, or through intrigue and deception, orchestrated the collapse of his enemy without the first sword drawn.

Theres no argument anymore that this is precisely what is happening here in the United States. It is the latter variety of bloodless coup, of course; where the enemy uses our own weaknesses against us. The flaw in our system is greed which motivates ourselves and our politicians.

Gordon Gekko had it that "greed works, greed is good." And in the Reagan eighties we all believed it.

The Rick Scotts of politics are motivated by deals. We take his latest statement "the state will not do business with Solantic" Scott's personal shareholdings within which, have been transfered to his wife. Because, that makes it all better. Somehow, his wife holding the title to these, eliminates his conflict of interest in statewide drug testing contracts for all state workers, that he strangely, and with Machiavellian coincidence, began pushing for a scant three weeks into office.

Of course, we are not children. We know that if he privatizes prisons, turning them into corporate properties - imagine the back-room deals for that transition, alone - the state isn't involved. The corporation - in the new Corporation=Godhead mantra - is able to do as it pleases, and so reward the governor's wife by choosing Solantic for all its testing needs.

You're okay with this because you're too tired to give a shit anymore. You're too worn down.

Now what? Eliminate school boards. Eliminate county commissions. (SB 90) Why? Because we are in a financial emergency, aren't we?

Here's another, similar leap of logic. I am going to kill your mother, and your baby brother.

"Heavens! Why?" you say.

Well to prevent them from a more painful death by tsunami, of course, or all that radiation. There have been tsunamis recently and we're expecting more radiation. Don't you watch television? What's wrong with you?

Still, you are too tired to do anything but mumble protest and go back to watching Dancing with the Stars, and Jersey Shore, for a time, anyway. Just like the credit bubble allowed us to tap into our home equity to purchase drinks and vacations. For a time, until the bubble popped, and we discovered we had been whipsawed like a scatterbrained day-trader.

All part of the coup.

Rick Scott and his tea fellows - those senators and representatives who repeatedly lift skirt for Koch - think they are merely tapping into the system for their own gain. But their greed is being used against them. They are destroying your country for profit. But the strings are being pulled from ever further behind the scenes.

The Kochs? Most certainly. But even they are pawn-traitors.

Who is behind the bloodless coup? Who is pulling the strings, ultimately.

My mind keeps going back to Sun Tzu.

You have 2 billion Chinese who need more room and resources in order to survive. You have the fact the Chinese government owns the note on all this debt, just as they continue to fund our wars which just as illogically continue to bleed us dry.

You do the math.

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