Saturday, October 29, 2011

Sherlock Holmes Renders Judgment on Florida's Elections

"In Florida we find ourselves facing precisely the same conditions leading up to vote tampering that likely transpired in ‘04. The groundwork has all been arrayed as it was then.
We have a group of quasi-religious, arch-conservatives embroiled up to their shoulders in the politics of a state; all moving forward, working on a presumption of a just-cause, wherein the ends justify any means.
They wish to use Florida to help convert America into their image of it; where corporate Christians rule the rest of us with profitable impunity. They remain at the controls of power, and yet inaccessible and unresponsive to us. They tolerate the media only so far as to get them through the next sham election cycle. Law enforcement is their private tool of separation and insulation from us.
Through their control over the state’s governor, they are also in control of the secretary of state’s office; he being the chief elections official. And in this strange case, unelected to his post; he is appointed by the governor.
Most curious.
The secretary is a lifelong conservative republican with religious leanings, Masonic connections, and obvious future political yearnings publicized in newspaper reports.
He is also a “double dipper” in the common parlance. That is to say, he is perfectly entitled to draw his pension, valued at more than $400,000, while also receiving his salary for his position. And therein could be found motivation to help perpetuate deceit and fraud.
But what evidence do we have he is “in” on the conspiracy? At most it is circumstantial, but, it is considerable.
Leading up to this particular election, Florida’s secretary of state is seen attempting to put as many ballots in the “provisional,” basket as is humanly possible. There, presumably, they can be quietly discounted with none the wiser at a later time.
He is shortening the early voting period; providing for mass confusion at the polling places. He also seeks to deny many good citizens the opportunity to register their friends and neighbors to vote.
This has resulted in numerous legal challenges which are costly. And yet, there is not a word of protest from our governor, the alleged staunch protector to taxpayer interests. Most irregular. And yet the pattern fits with our hypothesis of a group bent on subverting the vote by whatever means it sees fit.
The voting systems themselves are much the same as they were in ‘04. In fact the same software is in place as evidenced by our previous dealings with the Hillsborough County elections office.
The state and its electoral votes, are absolutely crucial to the outcome of the next presidential election.  An election where not only the future of a state hangs in the balance, but the entire world.
In sum, there is every reason to believe fraud has taken place in the election of Rick Scott. As well, there is more reason and motive to suggest Rick Scott and his operatives will attempt to steal the election in 2012 for the republican party using the compliant and well-paid secretary of state toward that end."

Friday, October 21, 2011

WARNING letter sent to #RickScott

Oct. 19, 2011

To: Gov. Rick Scott:
Florida Governor's Mansion
700 North Adams Street
Tallahassee, FL 32303-6131
(850) 488-4661

Dear Governor Scott:

This is to inform you of the pending publication of my book Rick Scott: Criminal Intent
( another working title is Rick Scott: Enemy of the State) I plan on publishing soon, as an eBook available on Amazon.
There are serious allegations I make in this book aimed at you and your administration.

The top are as follows.
1. It is my expressed opinion election rigging, most likely through the 38,000 rescanned ballots in the middle of the night in Hillsborough County, either carried the day for you or prevented a recount and we will never know which. I base this off conversations with officials at the elections office, the history of that office well documented in the public record, the history of Diebold/Premiere machines here in Florida which were bought and still in use by Dominion voting systems both in hardware and software. I also base this off the shear outlandish number of the tainted ballots and the method in which the rescanning was handled, sans a full canvassing board. I also base this off your general willingness in everything you do, to subvert the law, or to remain purposefully ignorant of illegal acts or “blunders” curiously benefiting you. I never purport proof that you directly had knowledge of said election rigging/tampering, only that you are the recipient of your office illegally and may know you are, and most assuredly should know. I also base this expressed opinion off the fact I have made the allegation repeatedly in newspaper and web forums all over the state and the country (most often in Huffington Post). I have even filed a complaint with the Attorney General’s office, which has been passed on to the Sec. of State’s office and there has been no response from anyone whatsoever. Dead silence. Most concerning indeed.
2. In the book I also remark heavily on your association with the Koch brothers. Yes, one trip to the Vail summit you obviously meant to conceal from us is enough proof for me or any reasoning creature of their undue influence. That the pattern is evident in all that you do you mean to transform Florida not solely for the purpose of creating jobs, but the subversion of the constitution, with an eye toward bringing the dawn of a new age of corporatism designed to commodify and enslave us. All well-thoroughly expressed in the work.
3. I reiterate all previous allegations against you as expressed in the Department of Justice Press release regarding HCA and newer allegations expressed against you during the primary, regarding Solantic.
4. In the work I also show where your religious comments bespeak of an effort on your part to reduce the separations between church and state which is a founding principle of this country. I note with alarm your Lt. Governor also makes religious remarks “Christianity is under attack” which more than hint at a governing policy on the part of your administration to reduce us to a state of militarized, pseudo-Christian fascism here with an eye toward ushering in a large scale influx of military industrial businesses. This in a broader effort on the part of like-minded fascists you associate with to ignite World War III for financial gain and power.
5. In general I further maintain you foster a pattern of quid pro quo, coupled with an opacity toward the press, which can only lead to, or demonstrate an extant state of pay-for-play corruption, and a selling off all our public institutions for either unseen financial gain, or increased power.

It was not my initial intent to make such a serious work when I began this book. At the time I began I felt the corporatism and tea party conservatism you espoused was silly and would likely be a temporary annoyance that would make good fodder for a tome of humor and commentary. But I discovered something far more dangerous in what you are doing. Things that absolutely require the strongest response in my medium, which is commentary.
I have replied to your forums on Twitter and Facebook, these being your expressed preferred methods of direct communication, and you have not addressed any of my concerns. I have made efforts to confront you personally regarding my concerns. Most notably at the resort in Stuart Florida, during your Lincoln Day Dinner tour. You remain for practical purposes, wholly inaccessible to the common citizen. Your schedule is posted day-of, or day-after your appearances. Or, you appear only at events where democrats, or citizens with protests or concerns, are either barred from attending or physically removed for voicing them .
Failing all else I send you this with my contact information should you decide to address these concerns or offer rebuttal.
I have never met you. In video clips I have seen, you seem like a genuinely pleasant person in terms of surface social conduct and conversation. In this regard I bear you no ill-will.
However, I feel your actions and the apparent ease with which you harm our citizens through your initiatives hints toward some form of inherent defect in your character and deep pathology. I have said as much in my video blogs. Unfortunately my honest opinion of your condition is rather grave. Of course I am not a licensed professional only a citizen with an education and an opinion.
Nevertheless, I think you have convinced yourself – somehow – that what you do is acceptable, given the corrupt practices of our time. I think you further lie to yourself using religious, nationalistic reasons, and free market mantras, that what you are doing is for “the greater good.”
I openly admit that in this regard and for precisely the same reasons, Hitler was similarly inclined. And thus, given your wealth, your current position, the hold you have on our legislature and your obvious future aspirations, a similar end result is entirely possible if your forward progress remains unchecked.
So the strength in my convictions – and my strongest possible words honestly expressed - comes from the seriously deleterious affects your actions continue to have on our state. They require strongest possible words – at times utterly profane, I admit this here - in published form in order to awake and marshal public opinion to counter what can only be viewed as deliberate attacks, warfare, on our citizenry and our constitution.
All opinions, slang profane or otherwise, are honestly expressed.
I mean no harm to your person, your family. I only ask you remove yourself from public office and return to private business with all success and blessings following you. Failing that I will make every effort to remove you from your post by all means legal and non-violent, through whatever voice I can express myself.
I remain at your service for whatever response you’d care to give. Failing a response I simply must publish the work in time for broadest possible circulation.

David Anthony Kearns
Palm Bay, Florida

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

BS Explanations of a Hacked Vote Caught on Film

I have to say Mr. Abercrombe seems nervous as hell. Maybe it was just in that film.(See here for a better view) And what is the deal with this situation? Here we see the ballots being hauled into the elections office out of the back of someone's car? Not county vehicles? In an interview with Earl Lennard, he mentioned a county truck that had a tire flat. (He also said all of this happened during the primary and not the general election between Scott and Sink).

Again, Abercrombie repeats precisely the same line, and does so nervously.

Five early voting places across most of north and west Tampa. They discovered the problem late in the day. They drove the ballots to be rescanned to the Falkenbrug Road location. If as they said in one article, there were 15 workers rescanning 38,000 ballots throughout the night, that means each would be expected to handle 2,550 some odd ballots. Assuming 5 seconds for each ballot to run through the machine, that's four hours, accounting for each worker with a break for the bathroom.

If they "discovered" the problem at 10:30 p.m. assume an hour to drive the "voted ballots" to the office. This exercise was nearly over by 1 a.m. or shortly after according to some press reports.

The math on this likely doesn't wash.

End result? No recount, and we ended up with Rick Scott as our governor.

Update: More hink from the Scott election in Pinellas County. Check the guy grabbing the ballots and stuffing them into a box on the back of his truck! Nothing sketchy there!

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