Tuesday, March 15, 2011

You Must Read the Orlando Sentinel Article This Morning!!

Orlando Sentinel has an excellent article this morning concerning something we have been wondering, but were too disheartened to file a timely Freedom of Information Act request: what are those 91 extra employees he hired actually doing? How much are they being paid?

Apparently they are doing nothing, and they are being paid rather handsomely for it.

From the article.

"The legislative affairs office of the Department of Environmental Protection e-mailed Hanson on Dec. 30 that "we have not yet heard from Matt Vail for our deputy legislative affairs position. Can we go ahead and try to reach him? Still expecting he will be here to start on next Tuesday?" Records show Vail started the $48,000 job a week after Scott was sworn in.

Likewise, Karen Zeiler, deputy secretary of the Agency for Health Care Administration, told Hanson she hadn't heard from Virginia Haworth, a 22-year-old campaign worker from Panama City, who was supposed to go to work there. Haworth was eventually hired to a $38,000 a year job in the governor's office."

This was just a tidbit. The article will likely make you so damn mad your eyeballs will melt and drip from your sockets.

More to come.

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