Friday, March 4, 2011

Koch Suckers File: State Senate President Mike Haridopolos

Koch Suckers: (adj) Used to describe those politicians who feed off the promises, either real, or implied, and financial support, either in direct contribution, or in negative ad campaigns directed at their competition, of Koch industries.

Koch industries of course is the major contributor to several front groups including but not limited to Americans for Prosperity.

Senator Mike (R-Merritt Island) had supported High Speed Rail when Gov. Charlie Crist was in office. Now that Rick Scott opposes it, so does Senator Mike. It happened that fast.

Senator Mike will run for the U.S. Senate seat held by Bill Nelson of Orlando.

Senator Mike faced ethics charges last year for having failed to disclose a $400,000 investment home, $100,000 in consulting fees while a senator, on his declaratory statements. This is designed to keep senators honest. Mistake? He failed to do this from 2004 through 2008.

Here''s a video of him, explaining himself.

Senator Mike also wrote a book for Brevard Community College, concerning the history of the senate, and the political process in Florida, for a reported $150,000. The book was slightly over 175 pages ($150,000/175=$857.14 per page).From 2007 to now it has languished in its original type-written form at Brevard Community College. (We here in Brevard have known about this for some time.) But recently the discussion about this sweetheart tome, in Orlando papers and on Orlando Radio, prompted other calls for investigation to come out of the woodwork.

Suddenly, (as the Lionel Richie song says) the book was given new life as a $9.99 Kindle download available at Amazon.

That Mike is a Koch sucker at this point is purely opinion, based on questionable legislative ethics in combination with his stance on rail; a complete flip-flop.

Clearly, if nothing else, Senator Mike is displaying the proper plumage attractive to Koch penetration into his political camp.

Should Senator Mike also reverse himself on education and vote along with Rick Scott's education killing budget, we will know Mike has totally sold himself outright for Koch.

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