Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Can The Voting Machines Still Count Backwards?

We recently ran into some interesting documents. Don't worry. They've been vetted. The book is called "63 Documents The Government Doesn't Want You to Read" Skyhorse Publishing 2011. (Okay, yes, Jessee Ventura's book, but, the documents are authentic.)

We spoke a few posts back about the Volusia Qunatum Worm-Hole event, where 16,022 votes were counted backwards for Al Gore in the 2000 election in precinct 216. We call it this because the official explanation of how negative votes can be counted in an election - where everything proceeds from zero and moves forward - requires exotic physics. That is, IF there was an official explanation. There has never been one, other than a single word, "glitch" a catch-all lie that, again, requires exotic physics to swallow.

Global Elections Systems (GES) machines were used. Remember the corporate blood trail: GES was bought by Diebold, whose voting division was renamed Premiere Elections Solutions, which was then bought by Dominion Voting Systems. There is a 65 percent chance you will vote on a Dominion system in 2012. Now, as said, the machines haven't changed, and the coding hasn't either. In fact, a trip to Hillsborough County elections proved that out: elections officials are still using GEMS software, the same software used by GES back in 2000!

Can it still count backwards, or have they fixed that yet? You ask this of any elections official where you live: watch the face go white, the lips pinch, sweat on the brow. Watch this face morph into a quizzical stare, as if to say "what on earth are you talking about?" In fact they might even say this to you "what on earth are you talking about?" You might even reference the Hursti Hack or The Princeton study, and they STILL are going to look at you with the dog whistle stare, the way your teenager does when you ask him a logical question.

Internal GES memos written after the Volusia Quantum Worm Hole , have surfaced. Here's a little taste of one written Jan. 18, 2001

"The problem is it's going to be hard to collect enough data to know what happened...."

Oops! Then later, same memo. 

"If this happens, punt. That would have at least prevented the embarrassment of negative votes which is really what this is all about. Then John can go to Lana and tell her it has never happened before and that it will never happen again."

Nice. Those same words "never happened before, will never happen again" are used by officialdom over and over again after these mysterious Machiavellian glitches. And you know the artificial intelligence scientists must surely be on this by now, because, these "glitches" sure do seem to have a political agenda, AND a propensity to hide themselves in the statistical wash of numbers.

Yeah "this has never happened before, and it will never happen again" (accept when it does two years from now and we feed you the same line of bullshit).

Everyone on the same script. The only thing they were truly concerned with back in 2000 was the embarrasment. Here's more. After they discovered that someone had uploaded a second memory card during the election at precinct 216, they had no idea who done it, nor why, only that for some reason, this resulted in 16,022 negative votes, only in the presidential race. And because this glitch was artificially intelligent, a new life form, it didn't change the vote totals, so that that number jibed with the number of votes "cast". (Only weird thing here is, this figure 16,022 is way more than the number of registered voters in precinct 216 but, oh well).

"There is alway the possibility that the second memory card or the second upload came from an un-authorized source."

Really? There is that distict possibility, yeah. Or, someone who was "authorized" done a bad-bad thing, for money.

GES machines were all over the state in 2000. So there should have been a revote followed by a major investigation. That should have happened, in a sane and honest world. It didn't. Why? No answer given.

You know the problem of negative vote counting capability hasn't been solved. It persisted through the 2004 election of Bush over Kerry. Tests in 2006 and 2008 confirmed it was still there in the mix.

Ask you elections supervisor if the machines can still count backwards. See what kind of answer you get.

Saturday, August 20, 2011


Rick Scott's transition team apparently didn't understand our laws. Oh, yeah. That must be it.

According to the St. Pete Times as many as 50 email accounts of staffers, and Scott himself, were -ooopsie- deleted.

The company that may have done the deleting of these public records? Yeah, that would be his daughter's employer.

M'kay, sweetheart? Yeah? That work for ya? (closes fairy tale book here)

And you believe it was all an accident don't you? Because Uncle Ricky would never do something illegal would he? No. Just like he said on Rick Sanchez and CNN, "I was never accused of anything. I was never indicted."

Now he was given the honor of handing the dagger to the Florida Department of Law Enforcement for them to do an investigation....on their boss.

Because that'll work, sure.

Meanwhile we have a top cop in this state who doesn't answer to Rick Scott in the chain of command, she answers to us. And her name is Pam Bondi.

Some people don't take Pammy too seriously because she's young, she's photogenic (adults can vomit here) and she's become the media darling of late. Think of her as Florida's legal version of Kim Kardashian; yeah, like that.

Some people think Pammy's nothing more than a pretty paper tigress who the Scott machine has seduced by puffing up her ego sufficiently by love bombing good sense, honor and duty out of her system like cult leaders are wont to do sometimes. Now she's more apt to run out and get herself photographed doing something uselessly photogenic than actually DO the job the voters of Florida elected her for; which is to investigate crimes where no one else can and do it impartially, effectively and with due-diligence.

And what about that? Not that FDLE can't investigate this matter but will they with due-diligence? If they do too good a job, and they still have insufficient evidence for an indictment, what then? The best among them will be targeted for "downsizing." After all, the common refrain these days in state work is "well, sorry but we gotta start somewhere."

The corrupt, screwed-up reign of Ricky-World continues.

The sublimely corrupt aspect in all of this is Ricky MAY (just may) have gotten his daughter involved in doing the dirty work. If so, it went like this: the Scott Team hired outside contractor Rackspace, of Texas to handle the email during the transitional government, and they contracted work out to Harris Media.

Harris media employs Rick's daughter, Allison, who recently was in the news for trading on her name in making sales pitches to drum up new business.

Newspaper's got a hold of this because St. Pete Times and others had been so damned dogged in insisting on getting a hold of the transitional government emails, because they were certain this told a story we needed to hear.

Eight months later word gets out: ooopsie daisy, they're gone. All the emails went bye bye. Oh well.

E-Gate is born.

And E-Gate, in a sane and honest world, should be this man's undoing.

Saturday, August 6, 2011

I'm Not Paying You for Religious Advice

Dear Governor Scott, I am not paying you to get into religion. I invite you to review our US Constitution. It has a proviision within which provides for a clear line between church and state. On a personal note anyone who can so casually attempt to destroy public education in my state, has no business whatsoever attempting to lecture me or anyone else as to religion. You had best pray your hypocrisy is well founded. For if there is a God, and he is active in our lives, he will exact retribution for what you attempt to do to the students of our state. Little more can the likes of Rick Perry teach me, or anyone else about spiritualism. Again, I say, I am not paying you to get into spiritual matters, at all. You are the governor of a state of some 18 million people, many of whom are Muslim (who you have already thoroughly offended with your advert, shameless baiting hate mongers and Quran burners) others are atheists, some are agnostic, some are Buddhist. Some really don't care to think about it, and that is their right. None of these folks need their tax dollars, even one cent, going to you so that you may delve into matters you clearly have no business getting into with us. Do your job, such as you can, or be gone. While you are at it, invite you to actually investigate who Christ was, those words of mercy he actually said, rather than regurgitate some half baked, narrow bandwidth Wal Mart version that offers no mercy to the poor, the hungry, the children, the addled of mind and so on. As you often have such a hard time doing, DO YOUR HOMEWORK FIRST, then open your mouth second. And for the love of the divine cosmic creature, such as may be, do your preaching on your own time, your own dime. Not mine.