Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Rove Now Has a Limited "Shelf"-life

Republicans eat their own. Especially when their utility to the cause has run its course. And Karl Rove qualifies.
We have heard the rumors that Anonymous managed to cyber infiltrate Rove's election stealing empire and shut him down. This you have to match against Rove's absolutely bizarre performance on election night, on FIX Noise.
Rove saying there is a 991 margin for Obama, when on screen the margin stands at 28,756. A difference of 27,765 votes or 96.5 percent difference. This he claims happens in the space of 3 or 4 minutes
I was watching purely for entertainment sake as the results came in. Like many of you, I wanted to see their reaction: either looking for sound bites and tells for a rigged election, or the desire to experience the schadenfreude of watching their dumbfounded bewilderment, the astonished terrified indignation of a loss, in their face, so to speak.
With Rove we got a little bit of both. As you watch the video, of course, note the data presented on the screen as Rove absurdly informs us of the oddly specific figure in the 900s relative of the split between Obama and Romney in key counties.
Weird he should be so sure, and so specific. Nine hundred and ninety one. Which he says the head of the Romney campaign has the totals three minutes ahead of the networks.
Only in the world where folks like Anonymous claim to know all does this tell, totally make sense. And maybe this is a classic bluff the entire Anonymous deal. If it is, it's genius and I can't help admire them for it.
If what many of us in the Election Integrity movement believe is true, Rove's associates had something to do with the death of computer programmer Mike Connell in 2008. Connell's unexplained airplane crash coming just a day before Connell was set to provide a deposition relative to what those of us in the EI community to be the stolen election of 2004 in Ohio, Bush v Kerry.
I feel it highly likely now, there was a similar death involving the late Phyllis Busansky a democratic Hillsborough county Florida supervisor of elections who died the following year while helping the FBI investigate her predecessor Buddy Johnson. I feel she was in the process of uncovering precisely how the rig works in Florida, and the powers really couldn't have that, so, unfortunately these scum do what scum are wont to do sometimes.
Now that leaves Rove, keeper of the secrets and now as useless as tits on a boar hog. Because if Anonymous is to be believed, they have ferreted out his secrets and now they actually have the goods on him; how his network works and so on.
And if this is true, that makes him a liability. Because if Anonymous turns this evidence over to federal investigators as radio guy Thom Hartman suggested today, they will go after him. Which they should.
I was watching Jackie Brown last night on Netflix which is one of my favorite movies of all time. And there is a scene that reminds me of what this might mean to the powers that be.
"He ain't got doin' time kinda disposition," says villain Ordell Robie. "That there is a simple equation of him or me, and you had best believe, it ain't gonna be me."
"Who's that?" "That there is Beaumount.."

Gee I don't wish violence on anyone.
But I also am a big fan of the movie Fair Game, the Valerie Plame story. Awesome movie, that. The idea that Scooter Libby and Rove, actually leaked the name of the CIA case officer out for political get-back and in one fell swoop, outed hundreds of assets in the field, putting their lives in danger, perhaps - nay, likely - leading to the deaths of several, why, this situation the Rover finds himself in now - if it's true - is just come-uppence.
Even on the surface he has to be worried. What was it, a billion dollars he spent of other people's money on this thing, and for naught?
Wow. Just wow.
I often think back to my time in central America and the stories. You know, one way they got rid of people who were troublesome? Car crash. Strategic car crash. Sort of like Dick Cheney's strategic heart trouble (SHT) only in reverse.
There were actually people who specialized in this sort of wet work. They just were so damned good a plowing cars into people. They had the cars specially made for this work. They trained for it: head on collisions.
Ooospie daisy.
But it was wartime, wasn't it. Cold War. Journalists, labor leaders "subversives" they called them. Or sometimes it was a DEA agent, or someone for the embassy.
Car crash. On holiday in Panama, you know. They drive like hell in that country. Oh well.
So how long do we give Karl Rove?
If, and this is speculation so don't get all a tingle, if, Anonymous is to believed, it will come soon. Because there is no witness protection program big enough, or vast enough, to hide Karl Rove.
Does he continue to hide in plain sight on Fox, just to get our goat? For a while, yeah. But those whom Rove fleeced, like the victims of Bernie Maddoff, will only be able to stomach his blatant visage appearing on their favorite funhouse of orgasmo conservative wet dreams for so long. You can already hear the brittle tone, the dismissive menacing undercurrent reserved for Rove, Mitt and that genius, Dick Morris.
The Donald was on FUX and Fiends, just the other day, and he just up and called the Roverster a "hack" out of the blue, as though doing homework, or perhaps like comedian "Stuttering John" who used to force his way into cameo interviews just so he could shout out to Howard Stearn. Sick that I know that.
Seriously, though. I wish Karl Rove the best, poor dear. It's got to be tough being Karl these days. However many there are left to him.

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Abandoned Shopping Mall is No Place for Supervisor of Elections Office

Welcome to the St. Lucie County Office of Supervisor of Elections. It's located in a run-down former shopping mall on State Road 70 in Fort Pierce Florida.

Now, why might this be?

There are no answers to that question. The supervisor's office says there are budget constraints which placed it here and there's nothing can be done on her end. The chairman of the county commission assures us the office is well funded, and that the failure of 6 of 18 memory cards in their job of transmitting data, is a result of poor training at the office, only. He knows this for a fact, and will brook no argument as to security, equipment, software or otherwise.

Here's what the state audit of the fouled election between Allen West and Patrick Murphy looked like. Here we see David Drury, chief of voter systems certification for the state, hard at work, or swindle, and we don't know precisely which it is. Certainly the lack of transparency is concerning. The only reason we can see him is because this phone camera pic is taken in the two inch space between a drawn vertical blind, and the wall.
Florida Division of elections chief David Drury at work surrounded by opened boxes of ballots

One concern for security of an election is hackability: can the guts of the voting systems be attacked from remote computer assault? That means, someone posting-up with a router, some signal decrypting equipment and mal-ware on a laptop. And the answer is? Yes. How? Well, the tabulating room - that's where the memory cards are coded before they are sent out to the voting precincts or early voting places, and where the data streams back from them and is compiled. It turns out this vital space is adjacent to a totally abandoned store. The divider between them is apparently wallboard over metal studs.
Left is a cavernous unsecured facility with wallboard separating from, right, the sensitive machinery tabulating the votes in the St. Lucie Supervisor of Elections Office.

On the left is a massive empty store, on the right is the supervisor of elections office. The white blinds behind the glass cover up the State Audit underway on Thursday morning. The tabulating room is between these two.

The mall security systems, alarms and so forth, come on at 10:30 p.m. according to the Palm Beach Post.  And yet on a typical day, the office closes at 5 p.m. While we were there, we could see no evidence of any mall security cameras anywhere.

Layout of the office?

Another concern is the storage area for the voting machines. This is adjacent to the mall service exit. There is a simple lock to the storage room which opens on the mall walk. The lock is one you might find on the side door to your garage. In the service exit hallway are stacked boxes by the dozen. Do they contain voting equipment or things necessary to the voting process? Unknown.

Walk right in
While the doors into this from the service exit hallway are only accessed via card swipe, the wrong person with the right card working at the wrong hours, could access this room unseen from either the mall, or the outside as there are exit doors on either end of the hallway. There didn't appear to be any cameras in this hallway. We entered from the public mall walk, the door wasn't locked. We took our time photographing everything inside it, then left through the fire exit door, which also was unlocked. There were no signs of No Tresspass.

Voting Equipment Left OUT IN THE OPEN.

When the recounting retabulating was going on, on Wednesday, they said there wasn't enough room to acomidate the press and observers, so they hauled the voting equipment across the mall walk to an abandoned jewelry store type space. Observers could walk from this space back and forth into the office tabulating room.

The condition of the mall itself, the falling ceiling tiles, the mold and dust, gave one much to think about. There were no video cameras in the "jewelry store" monitoring the twenty voting machines in operation as this proceeded. Who knows if this is relevant.

Elections supervisor Gertrude Walker and David Drury inside the "jewelry store" during the rescanning. No security cameras, ceiling tiles falling, dust.

In sum it is sufficient to say voting, is one of the most important processes we pay for in government. The vote is the place where all other decisions in government come from.

And yet, in St. Lucie County Florida, the vote is afforded a small corner in a run down largely abandoned shopping mall near the highway-town in Fort Pierce.
The office is wide open for any number of security failures.

When a failure does happen we get two vastly conflicting stories, neither of which make any sense. The media plays them up, without investigating the obvious. On the one hand, the democratic party goes after those going after Ms. Walker.

Yes, Ms. Walker is a 30 year veteran at her job. What about a scanning machine left in the Tradition polling precinct overnight? These things are not mutually exclusive. They both can be true. The latter needs to be investigated, regardless of the former.

The county commission chairman we spoke with can point fingers at Ms. Walker all day and say she was to blame through incompetence. And yet, what about this appalling setting they have place her in?

Ms. Walker doesn't have to be in on the steal to have these lapses in her office, and the security at the mall exploited for a rigged vote.

St. Lucie is one more example of how the state division of elections isn't just presiding over yet another (yawn/vomit) "Perfect Storm" of conditions leading to a screw up. No. The state division of elections obviously knows - or should know - the conditions under which the vote is taken and collected around the state.

They are guilty of aiding and abetting a screwed up vote: and it appears anymore, they are part of the swindle to sway the vote one particular way, over and over again. Because if it were all a mistake, they mistake would break left, as well as right. But it doesn't.

Allen West GAINED 500 votes in the confusion. Rick Scott won after a tainted vote. Al Gore LOST after a supreme court decision and a 16,022 backward vote in Volusia County.

And for years apparently everyone knew this office was located where it was, and was in the condition it was in before the screw up of 2012.

Friday, November 16, 2012

Kicking the Can Down the Road

Judge Dan Vaughn ruled Allen West had no case for demanding a recount via a Judge's order. So the matter was kicked back to the St. Lucie County canvassing board.

The news came in the 19th Circuit Court this afternoon in Fort Pierce.

The difference between Allen West and Patrick Murphy now stands at 0.58 percent. Just outside the realm of what would rightfully demand a recount.

Somewhere in the mess of election night, between the failure of six memory cards , and the rescanning of 26,400 votes, Allen West gained 500 votes relative to Patrick Murphy.

It is a mess. Once again the damned machines have had a part in it. In this case the supervisor's handling of it brought even more uncertainty into the equation.

But in the end, Judge Vaughn ruled there were "other legal remedies" than demanding a judge's order forcing the canvassing board to recount all eight days of early voting (bet the republicans wish they had back all 14 now!) as well as the absentee ballots. In which case, the judge had no legal authority to override an elections board. The deadline for certification is Sunday, November 19.

The date when, for intents and purposes, the totals become final. The election can be challenged, and West's team says it will if the canvassing board votes today to do nothing; they can bring up a massive lawsuit, which will take the entirety of Patrick Murphy's term in office to rule on.

See Christine Jennings versus Vern Buchanan and tha Sarasota County supervisor of elections, for how it went. Hint: Buchanan is still in congress.

The point is, just because Murphy "won" doesn't mean the machines and someone's idea of "fair" chicanery didn't hurt him. The legitimacy of his tenure will have an asterisk next to it as far as the right is concerned. The wounds felt by Floridians in this are real.

Tea Party types are marching where I would be marching against the result that gave us Rick Scott. This is a blatant carbon copy of the result in that case.

Because I really do not like Allen West and feel some relief that -pending the miracle of outright stupidity and the canvassing board decides to recount everything West's team is asking for - Murphy will be in the office, this still is NOT a good result.

By the way, if the latter happens? It is Murphy's people will challenge and this fight will essentially impeded the tenure, power and effectiveness of the 18th Florida congressional district for the next two years.

St. Lucie uses virtually the same equipment Hillsborough used in the 2010 race and continues to use: Dominion voting operating Diebold/Premiere scanners and tabulators, running off GEMS software. This garbage needs to go.

Look at what it is doing to us. West's people are wealthy, and middle class Palm Beach types, most of whom are white. They are blaming Walker, and her staff most of whom are black.

You have white tea partiers and hard core conservatives rallying around a black guy, going after what they see as a corrupt SOE office run by a black woman. Go figure. The new America.

The point is, these damned machines are nothing but a divider. They don't work. When they don't distrust soars through the roof. People feel their democracy and their rights are being taken away.

I listened to dissertations from these folks who are convinced that George Soros, Warren Buffett and Obama had something to do with what is happening in St. Lucie county. They talked about the former two purchasing voting machines via investment buyout; leave off that those attempted purchases haven't materialized yet and Dominion owns the contract on all the equipment in St. Lucie County; a Canadian Company with ties to the hard line Rovian election theft machine, according to this source.

But see, they don't want to hear all that. They see their side only because they don't want to consider the fact that their own people way on up the food chain, might be the ones who made the attempt to rig the vote in St. Lucie to boost Allen West.

Murphy's folks are obviously worried that fait accomplis may lurk in the numbers of a recount for that very reason! And how do we trust the Florida Sec. of State Ken Detzner? YOU CAN'T he's a partisan appointed former beer lobbyist who was handed the ship of state the SS. Suppress the Black Vote by another shady partisan appointee, Kurt Browning.

Can you trust the audit team currently down at the St. Lucie office of supervisor of elections directed by a shady little man known as David Drury? Hell to the no, Murphy's people can't. Not if they have a brain in their collective head. Drury has his little paws all over the office now. All over the works. Who fucking knows what that little man has been up to. He's been in there two days now.

And you'll have more  luck getting a straight answer from a cat.

So where are we? The elections systems in this state are fornicated, completely. And no one trusts.

And we have no earthly idea what in Croesus went on inside the office of supervisor of elections on election night in St. Lucie county. And we will ask for a conduct of election report all the same and it will have words on it and such, and no matter, we still won't know a damned thing.

We have to get rid of these damned machines, and learn like school children, how to count slips of paper, by hand, all over again.

Attorney for Patrick Murphy Sean Dominick put it to me this way: "In Iraq, they learned how to count the vote, who voted and so on, by putting a purple mark on the thumb of the voter. Easy. What are we doing here?"

Thursday, November 15, 2012

State Elections Officials Helping to Shoe-Horn West back into congress

There is very little doubt in my mind the governor, and the state division of elections are working together to shoe-horn Allen West back into congress.

I've seen enough now, once again, and as an honest concerned citizen, I render my own judgment. I also use their past behavior. The division is colluding with West at the behest of the governor. I don't know if the local elections super is in on the deal. But can someone be this inept? Can an office be in this much disarray? Can the office be this vulnerable?

The state, the Rove hacker hit squad, and the governor are using the St. Lucie County Supervisor of elections office as their point of attack.

Florida Transparency: classic example
As I type here in a McDonald's down the road from the office, the attorneys for Patrick Murphy have been trying all morning to get a straight answer from the State Division of Elections and the Supervisor of elections. They are getting nowhere.

Round the back of the building I was able to look inside the room where the audit proceeds slowly. Chief of elections systems and certification, David Drury can be seen marking sheets with a yellow highlighter, aided by one other person. Going through lines and lines of totals from poll tapes.

Going through the motions, I would call it. The elections supervisor saunters around the office, totally unconcerned. There is quite literally a mountain of S to sort through. They are taking their sweet time, as though waiting for a punch clock to chime.

Here are the problems with the election that have been reported to me. This is just a start.

* Precinct 89, in the trendy, planned community of "Tradition", saw the total lapse in chain of custody procedures when an optical scan machine and the memory card sat in a bin until the early morning hours of Nov.7, only rousted by the awakening of the poll worker who was supposed to bring it into the office. The votes had been uncounted.

* Six of 18 memory cards failed from early voting. This required the rescanning of 26,400 ballot cards.

* 3635 votes from early voting were double counted.

*1900 votes from precincts 1-40, were not counted

*As the mess was being sorted, Congressman Allen West gained net 500 votes on Patrick Murphy in the count which brought him just outside the 0.5 percent difference requiring a machine recount. No explanation.

* And, in a recount over the mayoral race for Fort Pierce, there now appears to be a 201 vote discrepancy the Murphy people have found, and they are not getting anywhere but stonewalled.

The empty office separated by wallboard from the  tabulation room.
It is not above this governor, to complete at least one job he was likely assigned out of many during this election, and shoehorn West into office, over Murphy, in the 18th Congressional district.

Now about 100 tea party folks march back and forth in front of the office demanding "justice" and "fairness" in the election, which to them is just give the race to Allen West. The only opposition they face are friends and supporters of Gertrude Walker with signs which read "Save Our Supervisor." Presumably because of this botched election, someone means to fire her.

In Florida we have to be vigilant and forward leaning. People in other states gawp at hard assumptions such as "the state government isn't only incompetent it is run by criminal people who would sooner steal elections than let them carry through fairly."

But when your suspicions are NEVER proved wrong or overreaching and keep materializing over and over as solid fact in the end, what other position should you take?

Turning to the security of the St. Lucie County Supervisor of Elections office, tucked haphazardly inside something formerly known as "Orange Blossom Mall". On one side of the office is an empty space the size of a Gap store and for all I know it might well have been exactly that. This cavern has all appliances stripped out of it, no ceiling tiles, and nothing but bare wallboard seemingly separates it from the guts of the supervisor of elections office.

Knowing something as to the workings of hacking surveillance and so forth, it would be a trivial thing for a hacker to tuck himself inside that dark space and remotely tap into the supervisor's systems, or otherwise by climbing into the ceiling work. A ladder, a laptop. Time.

On the other side is the room where the audit progresses, sealed from view, despite the comical sign which reads "public viewing area" with long white blinds. On the other side of this room is the warehouse type room where the voting machines are stored. No video cameras immediately evidence from a first glance. On the very back door, opening to the mall walk there is a simple lock you might find on your side door to your garage.  An open access on the other side of this room leads to an exit hallway used in better days for employees and store walkers to exit the building by other means.

Two doors leading to the supervisor's office here, are card swipe. In this hallway, are boxes and boxes of election supplies. What are they? Are these boxes where they keep the voting machines?

Why is the office of supervisor of elections in a run down shopping mall? Screams you, to yourself.

Because its vulnerability is useful.

Think of the grass in your yard. Do you control the grass, or does it control you? Think about it. Consider the odd but equally valid way of considering that the grass, actually controls the human species in this country. What do we do? We make houses, bull doze woods, make room for our masters: blades of grass on lawns, golf courses, breezeways, football fields etc.

Look at things differently for once. The media is focused on a two sided billboard: poor Ms. Walker under attack for having to make do with too little, on the one side, maybe not doing her job too well; and those on the right who assume Walker works on behalf of a cabal run by the democratic party.

If this is true I can tell you the democrats are confused as hell and scared they are going to lose this seat. Where are West's people today? Curiously, confidently not present at all. They aren't concerned in the slightest about this audit that could remove West from congress if it is found that 0.58 percent prevents any further action and he lost; just like the state law says. No no. West's people aren't even here today. What do they know that Murphy's people obviously don't?

Money, like grass, is green.

The way I see it, those trying desperately to hold on to power in the U.S. House of Representatives, hold the inside track through Rick Scott here. And they could see the way the new district map was drawn: Palm Beach, Martin, and St. Lucie counties. And they checked them out.

From the get go, St. Lucie was a plum on a tree waiting to be picked. Out of the way county, hurting for resources, staff ill-trained, a supervisor of middling skills. And a building with all the security attributes of Swiss cheese.

Ms. Walker, if she isn't feigning incompetence, now seems resigned to whatever in hell the state wants to do with her office. She's tired.

And now in comes the Fox in the form of Drury and the state division of elections, to inspect the chickens, to see "what went on here."

The rescanning - shades of the Rick Scott election which I believe could have been rigged - and in the confusion and recounting, West who had been totally out of it, not even close, gains relative 500 votes on Murphy: now it's 0.58 percent. Plausible. And the complete cock-up of an election makes it something worth looking at.

Now, Murphy's team trying to get information they need to battle West's legal challenge and what happens? The state feigns cooperation while it stonewalls, benefiting West: in any other setting that's prejudicial favoritism, taking sides with, conspiring with.

And West shall have a day in court and a recount of some sort will proceed...after the fox has left the hen house.

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Allen West Files Suit Against Gertrude Walker, St. Lucie Elections Supervisor

The suit seeks to secure all the ballots from the race in a "secure facility" and review them by hand. The motion is being challenged by attorneys for rival Patrick Murphy, representative-elect for the 18th congressional district.

The confusing tale of Vince Gaskin v. Linda Harden and Murphy v West continues. By the end of the evening, after a day's counting, there was once again, a discrepancy with the numbers in the race.

One new ballot was found. One.

Still the numbers don't jibe.

Can this election as it was handled in St. Lucie get any more strange? Yes.

It seems that in Polling Precinct 89, Tradition Town Hall, Port St. Lucie, a scanning machine and the memory card inside it were left in a bin well into the morning hours rather than brought back to the Supervisor's office.  This is a fact agreed upon by the supervisor of elections, if sheepishly admitted to.

Each memory card is more than capable of holding 5,000 ballots. There it sat, and while it was locked in a big blue bin, (said Ms. Walker) and collected soon enough with a phone call waking up the worker, and some late night scurrying of staff, it still is big goof up, one of many.

So there was a lapse in chain of custody. There sat the card, its ballots therein (none uploaded), well past close of voting and counting essentially done for the day going into Wednesday Nov. 8.

"You train 65 people how to do their job and sometimes you get one that just doesn't" Ms. Walker said.

It should be noted that Walker is in a contested race in all this as well.

The mess and confusion then allows the state to come in with an "audit" to the system, which will likely proceed Thursday Nov. 15.

The audit and all the confusion is the perfect opportunity for malfeasance, either way. If you don't trust the chief of elections systems and certifications to be non-partisan; if you don't trust him not to sway the vote in the direction that would allow Allen West to nudge open the door to opportunity, then this is the nightmare scenario.

The quote of the afternoon into evening session comes from Sean C. Dominick, volunteer legal aid to congressman-elect Patrick Murphy, to Rick Scott Watch.

We were discussing the election itself as it was handled in Florida. Mr. Dominick was speaking for himself when he dropped this gem.

"The fact that we have people whose goal it is to keep people from voting, it's ridiculous,. There have been enough people disenfranchised from the vote for far too long. It's time to start enfranchising people."

Dominick said the congressman-elect considers the post his. He is looking forward to taking on the issues facing the middle class.

As far as elections go, the congressman would consider discussion about a federal elections commission staffed with non partisan employees to bring an element of trust and non-partisanship into elections but this is not his first mission.

Here are the raw filing documents of Allen West for congress versus the St. Lucie County SOE and the canvassing board.



State Elections Chief Won't Answer Hard Questions

Drury doesn't like to answer tough questions
This evening I stood in front of David Drury, chief of voter systems certification, for the Florida Division of Elections and asked these questions, with the St. Lucie Supervisor of Elections attempting to run interference for him.

Q: "What do you hope to achieve here?"

A: "We are here trying to understand what has happened here,"

Q: "Is there to be an audit of this election?"

A: "I'll have a team here."

(Let's call that a 'yes')

Q: "What makes this election different from the election in Hillsborough County  in 2010 where the same error, was reported on the same type of machines, resulting in the same memory card failure?"

A: "There is no answer on that."

Q: "Was there any contact between your office and Kurt Browning between the time he retired April , 2010 and when he was re-hired by Rick Scott in January 2011?

A: "I have no answer," he said.

He has no answer. Listen, if I was ever asked a question like that - dripping with accusation - I'd have an answer to it. Mine would sound something like this, "what the hell are you implying with that question?"

It's obvious of course: I am implying that Kurt Browning was handed his job, after a fake retirement, enabling him quid pro quo to "double dip" take his salary and his pension owing to the Florida Deferred Retirement Option Plan (DROP). During which time of said fake retirement, he had method, motive and opportunity to work through Drury, to tip the scales in favor of Rick Scott, who then hired him back.

Back to the question I asked him concerning the Hillsborough race, which essentially is a carbon copy error of the one taking place in St. Lucie County. Same machines; memory cards won't upload, resulted in a rescanning of tens of thousands of ballots, perhaps as high as 26,400. During that rescanning all this uncertainty entered into the picture. The numbers given to me by the chairman of the county commission paint an appalling picture of lack of control.

As said I asked him what makes THIS race, more worthy of due diligence and scrutiny than the one in 2010 during the election of Rick Scott? And the answer?

'There is no answer to that."

What makes me so suspicious of Drury?

He was on hand during Florida's 13 Congressional recount in Sarasota in 2006. He seemed intent on prosecuting and audit during the recount - confusing the matter - while at the same time, intent upon protecting the vendor, ESandS voting machines maker of the iVotronics touch screen voting machine; a system touted by former Sec. of State Browning to (in paper-trail-less fashion) "solve" the manufactured tragedy of "hanging chads" from the 2000 election.

The Sarasota election was decided as a matter of 369 votes for Buchanan thanks to Drury and Kathy Dent, supervisor of elections. These two, Dent repeatedly feigning incompetence (in my opinion), and Drury doing whatever the hell it is he does behind the scenes, and both (in my opinion) carried the day in a partisan fashion for Buchanan - late voted one of congresses most corrupt, by Crew Most Corrupt.

 "The department of state has requested we include the vendor as well..." hope you caught that, not only that, the fact Dent had her husband draft the letter, which served to protect the vendor but not the voters.

The videos which begin here (LINK) were produced by LA comedian and election integrity champion, Jeannie Dean. Dean was then living in Florida.

Please watch them all and see what we are up against here in Florida

Look for Allen West to Force a Recount

We're at the back of a busted down shopping mall in Fort Pierce, at the supervisor of elections office which is one of two county offices which have taken over this old mall.

Ballots are being carted into a room that looks it was formerly a jewelry store.

Ceiling tiles missing. Twenty optical scan machines have been moved in here. Ballots are coming in the room by the top on wheel carts, some boxes opened, some tightly sealed.

This is a mess. The County Commission Chairman Charlie Wilson is laying all the blame at the feet of the elections supervisor, and then adding "I am not pointing fingers."

He said; "there's nothing wrong with the machines, nothing wrong with the memory cards, this is the supervisor of elections. Don't lay this off on the county commission."

Cards failed to upload their data for the early vote, first thing on Tuesday morning, said elections supervisor Gertrude Walker. She told Rick Scott Watch that workers turned the machine on, and attempted to transmit the data and it didn't happen. Memory cards were re-coded and sent out to early voting places for the re-scanning.

Wilson said training of people in the tabulating room led to 6 of 18 memory cards being improperly coded and sent out to the early voting precincts. He said it is his understanding that the IT chief of the St. Lucie elections supervisor's office was "in the field" the morning the cards were coded and then sent out to the locations of early voting on Nov. 1; there to capture the early vote until Nov.3.

This has resulted in the rescanning of (Wilson's figures taken from a press conference held by Walker) 26,400 early voted ballots on Sunday last.

This is virtually the same problem encountered in the Nov. 6, 2010 election in Hillsborough County, however those 36,000 ballots were curiously rescanned at the office of supervisor of elections. In this case they were rescanned on site.

What's at stake? Due to redistricting, the newly alinged 18th congressional district created covers the counties of Palm Beach, Martin and St. Lucie.

A recount in the Fort Pierce Florida mayoral race between Vince Gaskin and Linda Hudson - the outcome of which - may, may provide fodder supporting a machine, hand or total redo in the electoral fight between Patrick Murphy and one term Congressman Allen West, both of south Florida.

As it stands, Murphy is the winner with a 0.58 percent lead. West refuses to concede. And has asked for an injunction to block the certification of the election until all the ballots are recounted. He is pointing to the confusion in St. Lucie as the reason.
Yeah. This must be one of the previously counted boxes

The Gaskin and Hudson contest currently stands within the 0.5 percent different for a mandatory machine recount of a three percent sample. Should that number fall outside the 2.5 percent difference of standard error as measured in Florida, a hand recount will ensure. Should that still present a above error difference between the vote totals, a total recount will occur for the entire race.

But what numbers to use? The original count still continues on absentee and early votes for the entire elections. The sample recount proceeds, oddly, as boxes and boxes are being brought in to decide what numbers are the actual numbers in the race, as far as we can tell here. How do you calculate the 3 percent if you still can't agree on how many votes were cast in St. Lucie County?

Why? Because the number of cards cast, at present in at least two precincts does not jibe with the number of voters voted as counted by the ballots used. This may be compared with the number of voters registered.

Why does the recount in the mayoral race continue without all the information?

No one seems to know.

So Allen West is still alive in this race.

 About 100 West supporters and protesters are here. Scant Murphy support if at all. Haven;t seen anyone from the democratic party other than local folks who are hot on the mayoral outcome.

Within the hour, a team sent down from Tallahassee and the division of elections is going to look into the election as it was held here. What they find could turn flip delay impede Murphy from taking his seat, despite the fact Former House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has already  introduce him as congressman elect.

Canvassing board
The team coming down includes David Drury, chief of voters systems and certification. The same cat who was on heavy hand at the Sarasota District 13 recount in 2006 which essentially installed Vern Buchanan over Christine Jennings.

The mall where all this is happening has very little other than locked doors in the way of security. It's in a rough part of town. The ceiling tiles in the room where the majority of the recounting is taking place are falling in in places.

There are no security cameras in that room, which will be locked for lunch, now. But we have been told the tabulating room does have required security measures.

Perhaps the greatest comment this morning came from Judge Tom Walsh who is running the canvassing board; "we aren't organized enough to deceive anyone here."

It is interesting to note that though precisely the same error happened during the election of republican Rick Scott; with even stranger techniques employed after for the rescanning, and a similar hiccup in Pinellas county during the August primary; neither of these brought the slightes whiff of interest from the state division of elections.

Now, when the potential election of firebrand tea partier Allen West is within reach the republican partisan appointee Secretary of State, a former beer lobbyist, wants to get to the bottom of this.

The St. Lucie supervisor of elections seems content to let the run the show, once they are on scene.

St. Lucie use Dominion/Diebold Optical Scanners/tabulators and GEMS software.

Sunday, November 11, 2012

The Election-Destroying UFO of Tampa Bay

Let's pretend there was a little traitorous scum, who should be hanged for treason, (WSBHFT) and this man is responsible for rigging national elections over and over again for money. Big-time money.

And this little man is part of a cabal that has even murdered people who threatened to testify, perhaps even a supervisor of elections or two who weren't down with the plan to hack the highest offices in the land; officials maybe, who began putting two and two together on that whole deal. I mean, these are nasty, mean people, who have toppled other governments, taught people how to torture, murder, taught tin pot banana republic generalisimos how to plant bombs to make them look like revolutionaries did it, the whole shebang.

Now, say this piece of trash (WSBHFT) is working in conjunction with several supervisors of elections across the country who are "on the take" so to speak during (just for shits and giggles) the 2012 election.

But, a problem crops up, see? Because the margin between their candidate and the incumbent president is at or greater than five percent from the get go. And as the day wears on across the western states on counting day, it becomes obvious this thing is getting way out of reach for their guy. If the results began to swap a 180 now it would look bad, real bad. And because this piece of filth (WSBHFT) got away with this gambit once, everyone is watching to make sure he doesn't get away with it again.

I mean, even the nasty little story put out there on the partisan network, (you know the one, paid for by the Chinese government trying to destroy this country from the inside?) that "when OUR people get off work you're going to see a whole lot more republican votes" etc. etc? I mean, even that lame ass story won't fly anymore, even on republicans because the beating their guy is getting, is just too comprehensive. Even they will know it's a rig.

So, what happens? Well, someone gives the order; "shut it down. Shut it down now. Live to fight another day".

But that's sort of like telling two love birds to stop once they've...well, you get the idea. Certain things have gone too far, get my drift?

So, what happens next?

"Burn the evidence!"

But how do you do that?

Well, by the same method you would try to lose a file that is active in your word processing program as you are typing it: you might want to shut the power off, or pull the plug from the wall outlet. Whatever you are working on, is erased. And then, you start all over again.

Armed with a hypothesis, we here at Rick Scott Watch, the entire editorial department slammed down our shiny phones and marched right over to the board room for a pow-wow. We mashed on some cigars with our teeth, guzzled gallons of coffee, gathered around a computer screen and typed in these words to the google search bar. "Power-outage+supervisor of elections office+2012".

And in listing after listing, these counties continued cropping up 1.) Hillsborough 2.) Pinellas 3.) Broward 4.) Miami Dade.


Then we took off the '2012' and got nearly the same result. Far and away the number one county is Hillsborough, Florida. Yes, the others are in Florida, all of them. You have to go pages and pages until you get to the first county outside Florida.


The cool thing about pulling the plug from a wall socket is this: there's no malicious code to hack, no electronic footprints to worry about. And those pesky vote totals that don't make sense now that we've tried to move back into the real world again, why, they're gone too.

Another neat thing about this? There's no machine company to blame, either. Because people are getting wise to that. You press people for an answer as to which machine went bad, and why did it go bad and who was the last guy to use that machine, and pretty soon you put someone in a jam: i.e. either your shitty machines are so-puke shitty I wouldn't order my dog to piss on them they are so useless, or, you've got people working in this office rigging elections.

And the end result of that titration is a lawsuit.

Not with a simple broad daylight, no one is at fault power outage. Like the one they had in Hillsborough on election day. "You mean the day before the election": (this is you asking here)


"You mean the day after the election?" (this is you again, and you're really working on my nerves.)

No, sweetness, I mean DAY OF election, there was a broad daylight power outage in Tampa, they say 600 homes near the Falkenburg Road annex of the Supervisor of Elections, see? Yeah. And the neat part was it only effected the back of the building, back where they were doing the counting, see? Not the front, where people come in and vote and whatnot, or drop off their ballots, or get lied to and shit.

Oh, and get this: there was another power outage in Pinellas County that knocked out something called a "gateway device" (for all we know this is a socket or a phone jack) during the August primary too, sweetness. And that power outage ONLY went after the supervisor of elections offices. No one else got hit. Not the building less than 100 yards away. Not the other county offices, right down the street on the other side of the office park.

You believe that?

I haven't even looked into the Palm Beach and Miami Dade situations yet and I will. But let me say one more thing about the Tampa Bay area, while I am slamming on them again.

To believe officials living in and around Tampa - even the "we need to get to the bottom of all this" mental midget denialist, blue gingham wearing demo's - all of this is random, and accidental, see? Sweetness?

Defying the obvious then, the new prosaic explanation must in fact be a giant UFO, that just sort of, roosts on Tampa Bay. And the giant UFO being just one of them things, has an affinity to attack only on certain days; those being election days.

Now I plan to have a chat with officials in Hillsborough and Pinellas sometime again real soon. And when I do I am going to bring my tinfoil hat, and show them how to make one for themselves. Just in case they want to prevent the big bad UFO from scrambling their brains when it finally tires of attacking only the elections offices, ON ELECTION DAY.

Friday, November 9, 2012


Where is the confusion of this? It was done knowingly, willfully, with intent and malice. They should be charged and of course, I will do what I can. But will I be joined?

Couldn't be more straightforward. Here it is from the Cornell University of Law.

42 USC § 1973 - Denial or abridgement of right to vote on account of race or color through voting qualifications or prerequisites; establishment of violation
(a) No voting qualification or prerequisite to voting or standard, practice, or procedure shall be imposed or applied by any State or political subdivision in a manner which results in a denial or abridgement of the right of any citizen of the United States to vote on account of race or color, or in contravention of the guarantees set forth in section 1973b(f)(2) of this title, as provided in subsection (b) of this section.
(b) A violation of subsection (a) of this section is established if, based on the totality of circumstances, it is shown that the political processes leading to nomination or election in the State or political subdivision are not equally open to participation by members of a class of citizens protected by subsection (a) of this section in that its members have less opportunity than other members of the electorate to participate in the political process and to elect representatives of their choice. The extent to which members of a protected class have been elected to office in the State or political subdivision is one circumstance which may be considered: Provided, That nothing in this section establishes a right to have members of a protected class elected in numbers equal to their proportion in the population.

The "prerequisite" or the qualification is twofold 1.) the physical prerequisite of stamina to endure unreasonable time spent in line waiting, to discharge your duty as a citizen, and 2.) possession of the prerequisite unreasonable time itself. The second quantity, time equating to lost wages, reduced economic opportunity to be looking for wages, is in effect a commodity. A poll tax affecting all protected classes including senior citizens.

The governor and his secretary of state, and to a degree, the legislature stuffed the ballot with needlessly incomprehensible legalese of eleven statewide amendments. Many of which were not in dire need of immediate review of the electorate. The total amendments, not an "abstract" summation, as had been done in previous years, utterly clogged the system. Parties mentioned here, knew full well this would be the case.

The governor and his secretary of state and the partisan legislature knowingly and in collusion evident in the media record wherein the governor vowed a "bare knuckle brawl" for the 2012 election, worked in concert to cut early voting days from 14 to 8 days, despite the unreasonably, needlessly increased ballot size. 

These combined to produce an environment hostile to voting, particularly where crowds gather, particularly within the minority community. A clear violation of the law.

Further, when petitioned to open up early voting, Florida Governor Rick Scott demurred, said nothing affirmative in this regard, and provided no legal justification for this failure to discharge his duty to the electorate; likewise the chief elections official, Secretary of State Denzner, who is ultimately responsible for the conduct of the election.

To the ACLU, NAACP, AARP, and anyone else with the legal backing financial resources and the civic heart, here is a clear path to victory and perhaps a method to remove our hideous governor, placing him in the mansion he so richly deserves: ten by six paces.

Time IS money, remember?

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Help Report Pinellas County's SOE for Voter Fraud

Please won't you join me in reporting the Pinellas County Florida Supervisor of Elections Deborah Clark for suspicion of voter/election fraud?

The case couldn't be more clear than this. Tampa Bay Times and other media outlets, this time around, are actually looking into the actions of a supervisor of election.

On election day, according to the Times, and other outlets, the supervisor of elections sent out more than 12,000 robocalls alerting voters that the polls would be open the following day. Only trouble was, the day referenced in the calls was on Wednesday Nov. 8, 2012. Yes, the day AFTER the election.

It seems that back in October, the Florida Secretary of State Ken Detzner sent out a mass mailing to the 67 election supervisors in the state for public dissemination warning us all to be on the lookout for suspicious activity and to report such cases: he even specifically mentions robocalls feeding voters bum information.

What makes the Pinellas Case particularly suspicious is the information found in this article. Of course, before editors get a case of the cowards and destroy the link, I have taken the liberty to also do a couple of screen shots of the news story.

By the way, nice job TBT

Not to praise them too highly; we'll get to that earlier story involving Pinellas. Anyway, this is precisely the sort of thing that Secretary of State warned all of us to report to his office IMMEDIATELY when it seemed a citizen of the state of Florida, or elsewhere was doing voter fraud, as evidenced by Ken's letter to the supers. Once again, knowing how things disappear in this state, never to be seen again, I am using the screen shot as well as the link. Here's Ken's letter. (LINK)

And the screen shot.

Of course this is no laughing matter. This is very serious business. If you read the article, and several others, you see Ms. Clarke  blithely assuring us that the robocalls were handled through a vendor, so on and so forth, with numerous inconsistencies in the story noted by the reporters. But, that's only the beginning. If we were a law enforcement agency, we would also like to have reasonable suspicion that Ms. Clark had done something, possibly illegal, and did it knowingly before we brought the case forward. What cops look for is a pattern consistent with suspicious behavior. And it turns out, we have it.

In the primary election back in August there was another suspicious "glitch" in Pinellas County a total breakdown in telecommunications and power, that was never adequately explained; nor was this experienced anywhere else but within her offices, as far as can be discerned. Highly improbable.

Story 1: The initial Glitch. (LINK HERE)

Story 2: They refused to answer questions about chain of custody of every ballot cast on election day. (LINK HERE)

Story 3:  A week later they refuse to say this won't happen again in the general election because they have no idea what happened! (LINK HERE)

Story 4: Here is a blog post with my video taped interviews with Ms. Nancy Whitlock, spokesperson for the election supervisor. (LINK HERE)  Round and round we go.

The behavior of this office screams "reasonable suspicion" and as such, it is our duty as citizens to look at what we have here.

The counties around the Tampa Bay area make up 25 percent of the electorate in the state of Florida. Hillsborough and Pinellas have had numerous problems running a clean election. It's time to stop burying our heads in the sand. This is in your face. This is reasonable suspicion for election fraud.

Thousands of voters ON ELECTION DAY were told they should report to vote, the next day. Had any one group, or individual done this, the secretary of state and the attorney general of Florida would be hunting these people down. It happened already. Both made a show of outrage and vowed to get to the bottom of an effort on the part of someone in Washington State to send letters to some voters in Florida, many white, many republicans, informing them they had been removed from the voter rolls.

The secretary of state cannot have it both ways. Simply because the supervisor of elections chooses to hide in plain sight with this obvious ploy, it doesn't excuse the State Division of Elections from pursuing it. Nor does it prevent us from reporting it. It has gotten way too obvious that our officials in Florida are corrupt and attempting to confuse voters on the day of election, along with a myriad of other sins.

We only ended up with Rick Scott in our governor's mansion through irregularities in the voting systems of Florida. And while the Presidential election was not an issue, the congressional races, the senatorial races, may well have been. This can affect the balance of power in both houses of congress.

This certainly can impact the composition of the Florida legislature where for the last two years, the citizens have received an all out attack on our rights and institutions from a partisan, runaway, hyper-conservative agenda that diminishes our quality of life, and the opportunities of our children.

These rules made here in Florida have only been one voice in a chorus of evil sprung from conservative think-tanks such as ALEC which are funded by Koch Industries and other enemies of democracy.

Witness the high speed rail initiative killed here in Florida. Voted on by a partisan legislature, killed by a partisan governor who cited a report bearing his name, completed by a conservative think tank, Reason Foundation, whose board of trustees includes David Koch.

Florida's high speed rail project could have been the first step in a connecting system all over the southeast. Bringing jobs everywhere in those states. The issues is now dead. This is only one way in which the actions of a few corrupt officials in the offices of Florida's supervisor of elections, can impact the entire country.

Please use the links, use the phone numbers, make the call. It's time we take off the "citizen journalist/observer caps, and put on our actual citizen caps. It's time we don't just decry, but we actually do something to stop these people from stealing democracy.

Report it! What was done was a crime against democracy, and we damned well know it.

This One is for Hunter Thompson

I don't know which of my recent election season posts to HuffPo did the trick. Heh. And I don't particularly care.
HuffPo has blocked my further input, or otherwise put my account under some sort of "Double Secret Probation". Though I remain in good standing as a "Super User" (goodie!) apparently so many people have objected to my "truisms" they just immediately shunt my comments off the rage freeway and let them go nowhere: the way the cops pull you over as part of a group of speeders, then mill around, waiting for you to act like an ass, so they can feel extra good about the citation.
But because my brain droppings to HuffPo are my words, I will just use the snipping tool and lay them out for your review: and then you can tell me which one did the trick.

That's enough for now. There are more of course, sadly. I make no excuses for my behavior. I accept that HuffPo is now wilting toward cowardice as do all of them as they grow from the "blog" stage to media giant. It seems the media is the only arena in the modern age in which the players grow less bold the more powerful they become.
When it comes to good screed, I have no rivals. I accept my own lack of humility in this regard and will try to do...better? (And that's a lie.)
Do I have an inflated idea of my place in this world? Obviously.
When I was a college student of lukewarm academic promise struggling with my math and science classes at university, I read an old article in the Rolling Stone where Hunter Thompson suggested that former U.S. Attorney General Ed Meese needed desperately to be raped by an Elk. And they printed it!
I thought "what balls this guy has!" Many dilettante writers, and I accept that handle, do you worst!, fancy themselves as taking up Hunter's power-fist into the sky.
Since he blew his brains out, there's been no one to take up the cause. I admired his comment of rage toward Ed Meese, because it challenged the status quo. I admire, as I did then, his turn of phrase that no no! he didn't just need it, Ed Meese "desperately" needed Elk rape. Or was it "was in desperate need of being raped by an Elk" or some such turn of phrase. Looking back I don't even remember the context! I just can't get the image out of my head of sweaty, naked Ed Meese, a simply awful character in history working for villains, and a confused, horny Elk on his back. I also envisioned reactionary fascist, certainly overmatched Ed Meese, with his eyes bugged in astonishment. I was floored by it, literally rolling around my dorm room, nearly peeing myself.
The idea Ed Meese would actually be raped by an Elk is ludicrous. Of course not.
But the beautiful rage sang to me like sweet wine.
Desperate need, had he as though a rough moment of copulation with an elk would give a rampant fascist the needed humility to become human once again.
And the image of Hunter typing those words; the anger, the bold righteous anger of that moment when Hunter spoke to me about power, about those in control who used us like sheep, all of it.
There is no one, his equal, as much a testament to his gifts as an indictment on our times. The corporate dark ages, which strangle rage, tame it, put it into a cage, filter it like statistical noise.
No matter, the battle continues.
And here's to you Hunter. I know I am unworthy, but in your honor, and your stead, I raise my fist into the sky and vow death before dishonor.