Thursday, March 17, 2011

Rick Scott is A Flaming Bag of Dogshit Liar

Oh. Do I have your attention now? Good.

He's also going to privatize the Florida State Lottery(drilldown); the next step in destroying public education in Florida. And we'll get to that. Right after we deal with your feigned "shock" (gasp) as to the title of this post.

Heavens! Egads, man. Have you no shame?

You'll notice I didn't call him a Koch Sucker. People complained about that. Yeah.

Ever so much worse, I suppose, than someone who is trying to dismantle the middle class at the behest of vast corporations. Right? I mean, ho-hum. BUT DON'T YOU DARE CALL SOMEONE A KOCH SUCKER!

The truth? People have been too nice in describing our governor and when your voice is small, you must scream loudest.

This isn't a subtle person. This isn't someone you can damn with faint praise and hope he gets the message.

This post originally was titled "Scott is a flaming bag of dog-shit" only. But, it wasn't pertinent to the cause without "liar" caboosed to it. See it there? There it is.

This morning the Orlando Sentinel tried this "damning with faint praise" thing. It was more like "damning with faint concern and perplexed objectivity" as the author "tried to get a handle" on where in old Jesus, did Scott come up with the figure of 30,000 new jobs by spending $77 million on dredging the port of Miami?

You'll note 30,000 is a nice round figure that , with Machiavellian coincidence, eclipses the number 24,000; the expected jobs he shewed from the state in rejecting $2.4 billion in rail money.

The author strained to believe the governor, in a tortured dance that bespoke of an editor breathing down his neck "balance, balance, balance."

Fuck it. Rick Scott is a flaming bag of dog-shit liar - with his pants down!

Are you not entertained?

Moving on to lotto. If the governor and his minions get their way, the next move will be to take over the Florida State Lottery, a veritable cash cow. Notice he never mentions the lotto, that I could find, in his state budget proposal.

Surely, run it like a business would mean cutting off chunks of the system and feeding those to greedy interests who could then pay for negative ads aimed at his future enemies. AND.....AND! it would serve the purpose of crippling the Bright Futures Program.

Let's review how serious this problem is: the utter destruction of the public education system is the end result. This is their touchdown dance, if you will.

Imagine the worst soccer parents on the planet. You know the ones I mean: those who think that by putting Johnny or Ginny into a competitive program, then screaming at the refs, then paying hundreds of dollars per season, that all this furious activity should force YOUR child into under performing on a level playing field, when matched against their little darling. And when that doesn't happen! They lose their damn minds, as you have noticed!

These people do not want a level playing field. EVER! Do you hear me? EVER!!

FOX spews this morning - and I only caught a glimpse of it - had Steve Dooshy and Brian Kilmeade running this game; that it is only "fair" that people should "have a choice" when it comes to education. Read: pay for play.

If your kid wants a top-notch education, then, by all that is Holy, by all that is Jesus, and so on, it should be a sliding scale based on YOUR current economic conditions; which for many of us, have been considerably reduced by the same crowd of Jesus thumping greed demons who are screaming for this system.


You watch. As soon as Rickster gets back from Panama - likely where he is busy hand over fisting; cutting his Plutocrat ante-in deals - discussions will suspiciously commence concerning a strange need for "improving the efficiency of the Florida State Lottery."

Someone, some traitorous villain, who pitches himself as a "friend to education", someone with a bright smile and a wavy crine of hair will propose the measure on the senate floor.

I wonder who that could be?

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