Tuesday, March 8, 2011


The GOP and the Tea Pawns, the Koch Suckers like Scott, and Haridopolos, are great talkers of what's "fair", right?

You don't have the money? Tough, you don't get that thing, whatever it is.

That's fair, right? Oh hell yeah, they'll tell you all about it. You know, tough love. You know, schoolyard rules. Like that, right? Good ole American football. Losers? Walk.

We all knew the rules when we were kids. Your team got scored on, you and your buddies had to walk all the way down to the other end of the field....

Oh they'll show it to you in the Constitution. Amendment number 28,or whatever..."Losers Walk!"

But corps? Should they pay taxes?

"Oh hell no! What are you, a communist?"

WTF? Where did that come from. You just got through telling me that people should pay their way. What's wrong with you?

"Oh just not corps. Welfare moms? Oh hell yeah, soak those lazy welfare queens. Grind them into paste"

Why corps? Why do they get a break?


Listen, of those bastards who get these tax breaks and they take em? Okay! I say FUCK EM!

Where in Croesus do you think the roads come from that lead to your plant, assholes? Huh? I'll fuckin tell you where. In my city, right out of my back pocket.

Harris Corp. Big government contractor in my town. Troutman Boulevard turns to rubble? And you need it paved?

Fuck you! I'll be down there at city council pitching a shit fit. And I'll bring friends.

Where in Croesus do the corps think their profits come from? Huh? These Kochtards think this shit happens in a vacuum? I mean what the hell, what the HELL!!

Northrop, GE,  Lockheed, all these asshole companies. They have one goddamn client: the taxpayer. And I can short these assholes right in the tighty-whities. As a citizen taxpayer I can block the fucking pipes going to their goddamn plant. I can cut off their water and sewer, and their planned expansions. I can do those things because I can attend a city council meeting. I can attend a county commission meeting and I can pitch a shit fit the like of which they have never seen before.

And goddamn it all, I will bring friends.

Their profits can only happen if they get these marvelous perks called city and county services. If we all, collectively pull the plug on their asses at the pumps, see how fast they change their tune.

Block every goddamn thing these bastards want. They don't want to pay, and governor shit-bird is going to  let them off the hook? Fine. Here's a news flash: the roads leading to your goddamn plant can turn to fucking mud ruts two feet deep!

What's that? You say you want a building permit to expand?

Fuck you.

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