Friday, June 24, 2011

Jon Huntsman, Rick Scott and the wider GOP agenda

June 22, 2010 Orlando – Presidential candidate Jon Huntsman opened his campaign offices for his 2012 run.Essentially he said you can’t win the White House without the I-4, Tampa to Orlando corridor.

He also hired ex staffers from the Rick Scott campaign to help him.

On a previous pass through Florida, Huntsman did not seek out Scott’s endorsement. At the time, Scott’s approval rating was tanking. And yet, those staffers were hired from the Scott campaign after a meeting between the governor and the candidate Wednesday or yesterday. Huntsman one-stopped shopped, and done was done. Do you suppose he was impressed by what the Scott people managed to pull off? 

Huntsman of the LDS, the former governor of Utah, and former ambassador to China, resigned the later post in April to prepare for this, obviously.

Oh, we’re going to be dealing with China. That experience is going to be a big feather in his cap.
Huntsman’s all-for pulling troops home, putting them on the border with Mexico, and building a wall to protect us which appeals to both sides of the aisle. The covert aim is to prepare for major global conflict which seems to be down the road.

In our humble opinion, this is a futurist, a globalist, and someone dialed in with the Council of Foreign Relations: the Big Machine.

He’s considered a moderate and some might count him out for this reason, given the amount of play Big Media is throwing to your tea party mouth-breathers (Bachman), charlatans (Newt) and window lickers (Perry). Our read is, you'd be wrong to rule out Hunstman for the nominatio, despite the bag-boys and girls and all their noise.

Ask yourself what are folks like Rick Scott doing to the rabid tea party cause? They are setting that bubble up for a final pop if it  hasn't already happened.

Enter Hunstman to covertly lance that boil, and fulfill his part in the drama, and tea party wet dream, called "take the country back fromthose evil people." In which partiers will find their final employment serving for the last time in their useful idiot's last hurrah. Removing  Obama from the White House will prove to be adios for the movement. A kettle heat denied, is just an old container.

On the other hand, Huntsman appeals to the center and moderate left can - almost, maybe just, if they are foolish enough - stomach him, if they have to. Adopted a baby girl from India in 2006. Preventing gay marraige isn't a core value. He claims his desire is to engage on the issues, not attack the opponent, personally. Strangely, many will find this refreshing. 

Like many a republican candidate these days, he also claims to be all about business and the middle class, and will hold up an independant business as an example on the campaign trail, as he did yesterday in Miami.
"See? I care. Watch me care. This place is eggggzactly the kind of business.....(yawn)"

Scott did the same thing, time and again, and proved that the beleagured small business, to him, was nothing more than a hostage-kewpie used to force a massive, big-corporate agenda.

Huntsman's father, Jon Sr., founded Hunstman Corp. ChemicalsThe younger is actually the spawn of big corporate, through and through. Huntsman also grew up in Palo Alto California; Big Think Tank Central. Being a Mormon is going to work in his favor in ways, you and I have not begun to imagine. Every LDS boy of a certain age goes abroad to spread the word. He spent two years in Taiwan.

On the surface, Hunstman seems to be a guy more about foreign policy than economic recovery. But, we've learned that that doesn't matter in an election even during a crisis. Citizens don't count. Small business people don't count, only games in the international sphere and international corporations actually count. Our votes and our rigged process is only a tool that lets those in power keep on playing.

"Across the pacific ocean" is the place where the challenges lie in the 21st Century, not in the prairies of Afghanistan, he said yesterday.

In sum: global-oriented member of the Big Machine, coming in under the radar, ready to lance the tea boil which we are all mightily sick of. He sets up HQ in Florida, where a GOP shill governor and his hand-picked secretary of state can do as they damned well please with the funky evoting machines by Dominion ESS, Premier Deibold,  Sequoia or whatever the hell that monopoly calls itself these days.

And the nation will swallow the lie we are all too stupid to vote correctly as they always do when our elections are stolen from us.

Florida, where Scott, Browning et al have sought to create chaos and confrontation and confusion for the upcoming election.

These combined, spell a major threat to a future of alternative energy and real economic recovery of the middle class, again to the enrichment of the uppers and the vast corporate interests.

Despite a pretty wife, a pretty face, a pretty adopted baby, if this candidate gets traction and faces Obama, he likely will win. We will be looking at more big business over small business. No meaningful loosening of the credit markets. The new status quo as constructed by our apocalypitc horse-governors - Christie, Scott, Walker et al - will be preserved.

More war, not peace, not progress, will brink our horizon.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Wal-Mart Jesus, Darwin and Rick Scott

Business types know all about Charles Darwin, that’s why they call it “corporate Darwinism” and they say this only in their boardrooms. Right. They know all about Darwin, they just don’t want you to know about him, hence the need to destroy public education, drive Darwin underground and replace him at the head the classroom with Wal-Mart Jesus.
Not real Jesus but cut-rate, conscience-free Jesus. Jesus who doesn’t particularly give a shit about your troubles. Just extra low-low prices, and everything must go. Guns are located in sporting goods. He’s can be thought of as Jesus LITE™ twice as violent, with none of the fattening love of the real Jesus, and mad as hell at the democrats. He also wants everyone to take a drug test before they get one more dime of any sort of assistance.
Those who sell Wal-Mart Jesus to you, especially don’t want your children understanding the game being played on them called “screw your kids. Mine are more important.”
The long version of the game is called “Good enough for your kid to attend some feces version of voucher school where they teach Wal-Mart Jesus as gospel, while mine are learning how to enslave yours!”
So, regarding the further need of Rick Scott to cut programs for the disabled? Revert to the fact big business types understand how Darwin works, and they are all for the weak or the needy being served by his principle.
Scott “kills two birds,” then inflicting massive cuts, so that corporations can be given tax breaks and nature can take its course on the weak and the needy. Better they die sooner, so they can’t vote later.
To Rick Scott and other pornographically perverse conservatives behind the tea party – pornservatives, as we call them around the office here - the really orgasmic aspect is watching the disabled, the insane, the addicted, wander the streets like zombies so that Cadillac’s, driven by Charles Darwin, can bump them off one after the other.