Thursday, March 3, 2011

Governor Rick and the Donald are now an item

This was our Bald Avenger of Responsible Fiscal Discipline (BARFD) making gooey eyes at the Donald on morning television.

Ostensibly the governor was in town promoting Florida tourism.

The Rickster and the Donald are offering free trip to Escambia County.

There is nothing wrong with that. Read the canned "attaboy-Ricks" in the comments section. Additionally, Escambia County isn't known for Cajun culture, that I am aware of. I think someone might be mistaken.

Aside from the obvious questions we are prone to ask ( such as, is this our children's future in that you will gut education, Rick? To serve umbrella drinks to dismissive, poor tipping republican strangers, who will admonish our young to "bootstrap" themselves into better careers, while they toss a quarter on the tip plate? Or perhaps another one: is the Donald to be our answer for economic development the way he was for that seaside town in Scotland that tried to resist his latest golf course?) are there deeper threads to be read in the fabric here.

Trump has been making squeekies about a latent desire. He may be getting The Runs. And if this is true, I think we know who might be interested in being his running mate.

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