Tuesday, March 1, 2011

King Ricky Bares His Fangs While Gallivanting About

A bi-partisan lawsuit to stop Gov. Rick Scott from throwing away $2.4 billion in infrastructure funds, has met with the governor's scorn. But it has also been fast-tracked by the Florida Supreme Court.

Republican State Senator Thad Altman, of Viera, and democratic State Senator Arthenia Joyner, of Tampa, filed the motion based on separation of executive and legislative powers, as described in the state constitution. They also filed an injunction to prevent the White House from sending the HSR money elsewhere.

Florida's Supreme Court gave the Governor 24 hours to respond to the lawsuit.

Scott is quoted slamming the "disrespect" Altman and Joyner showed "taxpayers" in their motion.

As a democratic taxpayer who lives two towns south of Altman, the author of this post can say he was not disrespected at all.

Here we are beginning to see the naked fangs of our gubernatorial rex mundi. Joyner is quoted as calling him a self-appointed king.

Additionally this brings up the governor's travels, of late. He has been three days at the governor's conference in Washington, spending precisely what, who knows? Now he is off to Pennsylvania and elsewhere, allegedly dredging up "tourism".

I think the winter itself, as it does most years but particularly this year, has served in this regard without our governor's help. This is NOT what I as a taxpayer had my vote stolen by Diebold systems for, so our newly-appointed usurper could gallivant,spreading the word across the northeast that Florida is an excellent place to visit.

I think the world knows this. I think the news has been out for some time that warmth exists in the lower latitudes during winters, particularly in the northern hemisphere.

This brings up the expenditures on this magical mystery tour at this curious hour, that obviously will be co-mingled with his own considerable coffers thereby eluding scrutiny and skating litigiously around government in the Sunshine oversight. It is noted he was in D.C., he popped home, then sprinted back to Philly, of all places. How much did this flitting about cost?

The agenda, of course is what we'd like to understand, that being, what he is really doing, who he is really seeing. But since our governor set the "schedule" function on his website to indicate where he was 24 hours ago and not where he is going, we operate in the darkness of supposition.

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