Wednesday, February 29, 2012

#Dominion Blames Hillsborough SOE for #RickScott election glitch

After months of wrangling with Rick Scott Watch, Hillsborough County officials have released a written document concerning the alleged "glitch" that erased  38,000 votes in areas of minority electors, on Nov. 2, 2010.

Click on image for view
The document dated March 1, 2011, released by Hillsborough interim county attorney Odom Feb. 28. 2012 is from Dominion voting; the machine and software vendor, now controlling nearly 50 percent of all voting in Florida, and nationwide.
Dominion voting appears to call what had been deemed a "glitch" by the media, and the SOE, operator error on the part of county election staff and officials.
In terse technical language it indicates a "hot removal" of the memory cards during the phase when those memory cards were coded with vote-counting software before those cards were sent out to count the votes at early voting places. Only early voting was affected in the "glitch."
In more plain language, elections staff may have removed the cards from the machines before the process of downloading all the vote counting software was complete: essentially sending those cards to early voting places without the ability to capture the votes.
Nearly 50 percent of the ballots in the last three days of early voting "failed to download" onto the memory cards at early voting locations in the towns and communities of Temple Terrace, Town N' Country, West Tampa, New Tampa, South Shore and Jan Platt.
This resulted in a rescanning exercise put on display for the media at the Falkenburg Road Annex where more than a dozen poll workers ran 38,000 ballots "back through" scanning machines during the late evening hours of November 2, and the early morning hours Nov. 3, 2010.
Click on image for view
This, along with similar problems in Palm Beach delayed the concession speech of democratic gubernatorial contender Alex Sink until nearly 10 a.m., and acceptance speech of republican Governor-elect Rick Scott until nearly noon on Nov. 3, 2010.
The document, which reads almost as though taken from a product instruction manual comes after repeated verbal and written requests to the SOE, county commissioners, and finally Mr. Odom. 
Several readers of this blog, fans on Facebook of Rick Scott Watch, Occupy Rick Scott, Rick Scott: Enemy of the State, and Occupy Rigged Elections were given a form email to send to Odom demanding answers, just before Mr. Odom sent out the document to my Gmail account 
This marks the first time any documentation regarding this, perhaps the largest single computer/software election glitch in the state's history, has ever been published in any media.
Rick Scott Watch began asking questions relative to this "glitch" or "operator error"  in July 2011 during research for our book Rick Scott: Enemy of the State

History of our quest, for those just joining us.

Hillsborough SOE Earl Lennard told us July 21, 2011 that a glitch did result in a rescanning during the primary in August, as far as he could recall. He offered no documentation when asked, but said a report was forthcoming from Dominion, apparently referring to this one dated four months prior to our interview with him. 
He also said the rescanning process was completed by 10:30 p.m. Both are false statements which were not corrected by MIS director Tim Bobanic, nor chief of staff Craig Latimer who were present during the interview.

Rick Scott Watch approached Hillsborough County officials on three occasions making personal three minute appearances before the county commission demanding answers which weren't forthcoming.

We also sent numerous emails to both commissioners and the county administrator regarding this "glitch" before receiving this response yesterday.

Not the First Time in Hillsborough

Busansky had narrowly defeated controversial incumbent Buddy Johnson. 

Busansky was found dead on her hotel room floor in June during a conference for supervisors of elections, held in St. Augustine.

Many questions remain.

Namely the obvious: For more than a year following the remarks of Hillsborough County Commissioner Mark Sharpe "heads are going to roll over this"  (in an article dated Nov. 4,  2010 of the Tampa Tribune,) commissioners have remained unified in their silent disinterest. Why?

Perhaps in an unrelated development, Commissioner Sharpe announced his decision to run for congress in August of 2011.

Why has there been no investigation or inquiry into this event despite the assertion, that has been known since March of 2011, that the machines were not to blame,  but that the election staff themselves were for an error that an eleven year old operating the CD burner on his desktop computer would easily avoid?

Then these empty useless vote tabulating cards were sent by the SOE specifically to areas designated to capture early voting in minority communities. Why? 

Why wasn't the error discovered sooner, so that an emergency "rescanning" was necessary in the middle of the night? Were the personal vehicles of the poll workers used to transport the ballots to Falkenburg Road as television video seems to suggest, or were county vehicles used?

Why that number, 38,000; which so conveniently, mathematically buoys the result of Scott v Sink over the rocky shoals of a recount?

Given all of this, why hasn't there been an investigation of the election of Rick Scott by some governing authority?

And where is the media on all of this? Why are they so silent? Can't they even ask these questions? Is it impermissible for them to do so now? Is this how bad it has gotten in this country?

More to come.

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Test for Token #Democrats

Can't remember what the party actually stands for?Are you someone who wears the T-shirt, but the elevator doesn't make it all the way to the top?  Do you suffer from Prolonged Token Democrat Displacement Disorder (PTDDD)? Take the test and see?

1. Which of these statements is TOTALLY FALSE?

a. Obama is God
b. Obama is God AND he will save the world.
c. Walking on water is a sign of miraculous intervention of some sort and Obama had something to do with it.
d. Obama isn't necessarily divine.

2. If a candidate selects "one from every demographic" to work on his or her campaign and features them in the campaign material photos and websites. The candidate can best be described as?

a. A typical democratic contender
b. A limousine liberal
c. A progressive democrat
d. The best candidate for the elected position regardless of any other thing.

3. The candidate in the previous question hasn't chosen a platform yet; what he is for, or what he for or is against. His decision to create a swatch card of "diverse" faces BEFORE deciding what his stated goals and objectives are would be described as.

a. Asinine and a disgrace
b. Good timing
c. Potential ammunition for the right
d. Good strategy

4. The candidate in question two, knows his position on abortion but as a catholic can't bring himself to make that clear during the primary for fear of losing the female vote. He should..?

a. Stick to his guns.
b. Run and hide
c. Duck dodge and wave
d. Change his position immediately

5. Your friends are going to an event to lambaste a senator for his position on privatizing prisons. But, you find out that the senator is actually not going to be at the event. Your best move is to what?

a. Get drunk
b. Say nothing
c. Get drunk say nothing, go anyway
d. Get drunk, say nothing, go anyway, tell everyone the senator is in the building, you just saw him in the window.

6. You get to an event and discover you have the wrong T-shirt on. You should immediately do what?

a. Get drunk
b. Say nothing
c. Get drunk say nothing, go anyway
d. Get drunk, say nothing, go anyway, get the bumper stickers out of your car and sell them.

7. You are at an event screaming loudly with compatriots. But soon into the protest you discover a promotions booth for the very company you are protesting against offering snacks for free with a smile. In essence you find the entire event is a hoax designed to bring the media to the benefit of the company, with you as a foolish pawn. You should do what?

a. Get drunk
b. Say nothing
c. Get drunk say nothing, go anyway
d. Get drunk, say nothing, go anyway, tell everyone the senator is in the building, you just saw him in the window.

8. You discover the candidate you are working for is actually plant from the republican party, and he will likely change party affiliation from D to R, soon after taking office. What should you do? (Best answer)

a. Get drunk
b. Say nothing
c. Get drunk say nothing, clap and chant slogans
d. Get drunk, say nothing, clap, continue to sell bumper stickers, and make calls to garner support and donations.

9. You discover that there is a massive flaw in the voting machines in your county, or your state. Come 2012 there is a very real possibility the election will be stolen using this flaw. You should do what? (Best Answer)

a. Continue along as if nothing's the matter in fish-like, zombified willful ignorance
b. When someone tries to explain it to you, shake your head repeatedly saying "wha..? wha...? I don't get it? It must not be true otherwise I would have heard about it by now."
c. Go to another fund raiser. Drink. Squeal with laughter at the slightest joke to reduce the tension.
d. All of the above.

10. If someone shows you proof elections are being stolen in Florida you should do what?

a. Blacklist them, report them to the DNC. Call DWS and Alan Grayson to tell them there is a dissenter.
b. Get on Facebook and talk about how wonderful it was seeing Alan Grayson in person.
c. Put on fishnet stockings, and nothing else, walk around your house humming U2, yell at the pool guy for not doing his job. Kick the poodle for peeing on the carpet.
d. All of the above.

11. If you are going to an event to "protect women's rights" and you hear all elections have been cancelled with martial law now in place, your emotional reaction would be best described as which?

a. Horrified that martial law was installed.
b. Infuriated that not only women's rights, but ALL rights are being stomped out
c. Terrified that physical danger, genocide, concentration camps for dissenters may result
d. Angry that your event is now cancelled.

12. You are corralled into pens with your friends who are all part of your protest group. Proctors begin shooting GPS tags into the flesh of all detainees, using the very devices animal control uses to tag stray dogs. A week goes by without sleep. You find one day all of you are being slowly ushered to a room containing an industrial cheese grater. You suspect you will be directed to jump into it after emptying your pockets. As this horrific process unfolds you notice that gay detainees are being segregated to be thrown into a different cheese grater. Your move here is to...?

a. Try to escape immediately
b. Attempt to overpower your guards and stage a revolt!
c. Attempt to contact outside help
d. Begin a petition to demand equal treatment of all detainees.

13. The Stanley Milgram Experiment was which? (Best answer)

a. An experiment designed to show the evil of blindly following orders.
b. A creative use of buzzers
c. Largely thought to be immoral due to the psychological trauma of unknowing test subjects
d. Horribly filmed and acted by homophobic, misogynist, racist white men with no sense of color or style.

14. You discover a woman organizing your protest is actually Rick Santorum in drag. The very definition of "wolf in sheep's clothing!" What do you do? (BEST ANSWER)

a. Nothing. As long as he parties like the rest of us and says the right things, who cares.
b. Nothing. Don't want to go against the crowd
c. Convince myself despite all evidence that it isn't happening.
d. All of the above.

15. You discover Rachel Maddow has a reoccurring habit of avoiding actual news while focusing on the juicy tidbits spun off by the republican spin machine: non issues designed to inflame the masses while corralling them away from real news and real issues; more to the relief of corporate masters. Your best response would be to what?

a. Call the show and say something
b. Tell my friends in my protest group
c. Write an OpEd piece
d. Say nothing, do nothing; as others might notice I am not "of the body".

16. You're given a choice of attending a protest here, choose one.

a. The "Humans Against Genocide" Protest (limp press coverage)
b. The "Don't Put Us In the Goddamn Cheese Grater!" Protest (meek, surviving press coverage only)
c. The "Stop Rigging Our Elections" protest ( not a peep of press coverage, not one bug-tick, anywhere).
d. Protest slamming a city councilman for using the words 'All of Y'all' in an anti-union speech (Massive press coverage by NYT, CNN, Rachel Maddow, We Got Ed etc.).

17. Who are these remarks referring to? "My brother not need be idealized in death nor enlarged in what he was in life. He was a good and decent man who saw wrong and tried to right it, saw suffering and tried to heal it, saw war and tried to stop it." (Your best answer)

a. Gandhi
b. RFK
c. MLK
d. Someone who likely wouldn't call for a first strike on Iran on behalf of Israel, and therefor not a real democrat.

18. If someone sends you a post of Facebook asking you to do something for the cause. Your move is usually what?

a. Like the post, then do as asked if I believe in the cause.
b. Like the post then do as asked if there is no money in it and I believe in the cause.
c. Like the post but then ask for more information to see if I am doing the right thing.
d. Like the post only, even if I am totally committed to the cause. Liking the post conveys the impression of participation even though I don't plan on participating. In fact, it has gotten so bad, I can barely summon the energy to "like"  post I may agree with. I sort of just fool myself into believe even in my weak-assed silent agreement with the post I am "with the movement" and "doing something." And like, I know this is the wrong way to think, and all, but another part of me doesn't really give a shit. And I sort of laugh at everyone else who "actually participates" even if only to "like" the post they have no intention to comply with. And even though the entire country is going to corporate owned hell in a hand-basket, I'm sort of in a daze like a dead fish on a dock about it. I could give a fuck. I only pretend to be "for democracy" and it's amusing to me that I feel that way. Hey? Did you see Idol last night?

19. Rachel Maddow would have to tell you to do what, before you stopped following her.

a. Change your hair color.
b. Change your clothes on a downtown bus
c. Put your underwear on over your pants
d. None of these. You would instantly do whatever she asked.

20. If offered the chance to buy a book telling you the republican game-plan for Florida throughout the next four to eight years, you would do what?

a. Buy it by downloading the link here from Amazon
b. Claim to have bought it after reading only the first few pages.
c. Read the first few pages off the web since they are free
d. I wouldn't buy it. As a democrat I find it abhorrent to buy the work of a fellow democrat for reasons I can't explain. Aside from which being a democrat is a recreational outlet. It doesn't actually mean anything, silly.

Please keep coming back to the blog by clicking this link for answers to the quiz and your individualized test results throughout the day!

Thursday, February 23, 2012

You Must Say Something Racist Before the Media Pays Attention to You

And the grandmotherly gadlfly  gets up before the Hillsborough County Commission and practically whispers this unfortunate line: "you're talking about ghettoizing."

Of course she said she was referring to a sort of racial gerrymandering. And she could have said this more mercifully. She also said the dreaded line "you want to be apart you should go back to where you came from."

Can we forgive a grandmotherly figure who knows not what she says?"

Nope. It's too late now. The train of demagoguery has left the station!

His selective journalistic conscience fully inflamed, the newspaper reporter begins scribbling.(Link here) He has found his low hanging fruit to ornament a potentially dry story about a new district, for Hispanics.

He and the news cameras have been waiting for this:, the Great White Whale of  perceived "racism," to surface! "Harpoon her, great beast that she is!"

This dangerous creature: standing all of four feet seven inches, weighing in at seventy eight pounds with a voice of a small, angry finch. She is soooooo terrifying!

Even officialdom wastes no time in attacking. Never let a granny go unpunished.

County Commissioner Les Miller; "Let me apologize to the Hispanics that are here in this chamber watching, for the derogatory comments...that cuts deep. That hurts. It's painful. I apologize for the comments being made. (he repeated it!) I apologize for the comments being made!"

Clapping, and applause here. A Kumbaya moment serving to scold the gadfly. Bad, bad gadfly.

It helps to have someone willing to say something retrograde, something throwback, something impolitic, yes, something racist in her effort to get a decent debate going. Succulent red meat for the media to devour and pretend to be the defenders of ....meh, whatever.

The fact is, everything going on in any government body depends on the initial vote that put that public official into that chair. Because without the sanctity of the vote, you don't get a Less Miller in the first place. You don't get a black guy, or an Hispanic guy on the county commission. You don't even get a woman on the board, either. You don't get an openly gay man, or woman, on any county commission. You likely won't even get an agnostic, heaven forbid it!

Given the old system you certainly wouldn't get a tiny woman even daring to scold officials, as she does, so admirably, so valiantly, week in week out about their spending and so on.

So. If you want to get attention from the media say something which can be perceived as racist. Bring your granny.

Or go further! Come dressed as a chicken, perhaps, wear a funny shirt, and one of those crazy multicolored fake afros. Bring an accordian and a monkey. Make a stupid ruckus so the media can poke fun and ignore the heart of the issue. As they stumble blind in the darkness they create with their own closed eyes.

If you want to be ignored by both the media and public officials, what you must do is attack the heart of the issue. Raise a concern of the failure in our voting machines, that, if remedied, would solve the problems inherent with democracy. For this would erase a perceived need for special districts raised by a threatened minority feeling oppressed by the status quo.

Because failing the sanctity of "one person one vote" you don't get any diversity. Cry, whine into your Cuban coffee or latte all you want, baby. You don't even get the discussion of the creation of an "access district."

"Say theyuh Commissioner Beauregard? Have's you evuh hoid of something here, called an "access district?"

"No Commissionuh Thibedeaux, I don'ts beleebs I have, suh! Newfangled idea from yankeefolk no doubt, or perhaps thuh heeeeethuns!"

The term never, ever (and again now) ever! comes up. They don't even bother to consider something so outlandish.

Without the sanctity of the vote you get a sham, people. A governing board made up of ruling members of the local Mason Temple perhaps. Complete with all their coordinated red-herring issues and chicken feeding nonsense conflicts that the media, like hooked Snook, continue to fall for.

You get conspiring officials be they Masons,  be they Poobahs, who since the 1850s have all been white hetero males of the same religious persuasions. Who for generations, have all been working for the same law firms, all the way back into dim-distant intolerant, enslaving past. Who have occupied all state legislature positions, as well.

You get nothing, citizen. You get bupkiss. If you or your family aren't part of the system that has been in place since before you were born, you my friend get no representation whatsoever.

You are told to go suck on a lollipop of untruth. You are lied to when you petition your sham government. They pat you on the head in the most patronizing manner, and send you on your way.

We have been approaching this commission, this county government, since July looking for one piece of paper to verify an erasure of 38,000 votes in District 3 (Miller) during the last election which the media - perhaps now bowing to some Beauregard sinister directive from the top - seems willing to forget along with the officials they are supposed to be watching for us. (We spoke again! That makes times three! We got no ink.)

So that the media and the officials themselves can erase history and continue to manipulate the system for their own means, bring back the Way Back Machine, and oppress the very people who democratic Commissioners Les Miller and Kevin Beckner pretend to protect.

Comes the surprising vote! The commission voted down 5-2, even the notion of handing the issue over to the voters of Hillsborough County by way of a referendum. Nope. No special and different districts for you, Hispanics.

Supremely quiet and officious commissioners Ken Hagan, Victor Christ, Alan Higgenbotham and Sandra Murman, (who seemed more concerned  with events on the social calendar than any single issue) voted against it. And can you beleebs it? How in the world could they even consider not letting the citizens have a crack at this one!! Do you believe they voted that way?

Round and round like mice on a wheel, folks. That's you.

The Herring of (Perceived) Racism comes in at 1:10! We come in at 1:19. Commissioner Miller comes in at 1:26 or thereabouts.

Here's the meeting link.

Friday, February 17, 2012

Newsprint Media Plays silent Hausfrau to the Extermination of Democracy

No rock left un-turned!
Reporters: they tell you they can go after any story. Will go after any story. Will follow the news (music rising here) where ever it leads!

I spoke to a very respected reporter last week, at a major newspaper, who shall remain nameless lest the Schutzstaffel root him out of his desk and toss him into the street.

Having worked for four newspapers covering city council, county commission and some state issues myself, I have an idea or two about how he does his job; what the issues are, what constitutes a news story and what doesn't.

I asked him about the newsworthiness of the Hillsborough Glitch. News has changed since I was in it. Used to be it was in the public record it was fair game: i.e. said at a meeting. Member of the public comes in, tops off, kooky as it may sound, get the reaction from the other side, and you can run it, provided it is balanced and the story has a basis in reality, such as an event the like of the Hillsborough Glitch.

The corporate ooze still hasn't erased the history of it. But it is trying. And the new reportage is the method. It's astounding the bar they've set for what constitutes reality, a workable news story.

Essentially, until I prove what I am saying is true - that's right, unless I root around inside the guts of the voting machines myself and prove they were hacked - it's not a news story. I don't have an opinion worth airing in newsprint.  I have to dive inside the machines myself, mind you, and come out the other side with the buzzed out circuit (yep! here it is!) Or, I have to develop my own software worm, break into the systems myself, and have my little algorithm spit back the malware code to me (yep! This is it!) before the newspapers are permitted to even discuss it. To even mention the names of the companies involved all of these things must come to pass. By this test, nothing would ever be brought before a judge, ever; much less be written about.

It's like having to isolate the cancer cells in your mom's brain tumor before being permitted to take her to the doctor. Tell me in what other arena of life is a burden of absolute proof required before even a balanced story is written posing the question, whether a thing is good, or bad?

No no. You must have absolute proof this thing is bad, before we in the media will be permitted to run a story on it, even to take both sides and let the reader make up his own mind.

Time-Machine checked News only!

His comment to me was, that since he "can't go back in time" and see whether or not the vote was hacked in Hillsborough County, there's really no reason for his newspaper to even ask the question: this despite a glitch that mysteriously wiped out 38,000 votes. He can't even write a news story airing the fact I would like to get Hills county officials to give me some shred of evidence in writing that the event even happened. That there was even a problem on election night is easily called into question, and I can't get a written record of the event. Nope. Not news, by today's standards. Wowzers! That's some set of standards! Only news verified by TIME MACHINE makes the papers!!!

By the by; this seemingly ludicrous system of byzantine information-choke is how history is erased, mind you. And funny things happen when people start trying to erase history. As we recall? No? Not so much?

"Helke come away from that window!"

This is the very excuse logic the German hausfrau's used when they were excoriated for not knowing where the trains went, just down the road from the concentration camps. I don't say this lightly. This is precisely the mentality. 

"You didn't have any idea where the trains were going?"

"No we didn't know. We had no idea and since there was no proof we weren't permitted to say anything!"



"The trains went down this road full. Then they came back empty."


"And you didn't ask what went on down there?"

"We were told not to go, not to ask, and so we didn't."

 This is  the same attitude modern media has with regard to a problem that has left our democracy as vulnerable as Swiss cheese. Machine hacked elections, hacked democracy, election rigging courtesy of Diebold, Premiere or Dominion.

All seems so Orwellian
These reporters today can't even ask the questions, unless their story is all wrapped up with a nice little bow of proof! So, what they really want is a press release by some "Ministry of Authority", that there had been a problem, but now it is solved for the Good of the Body Public.

Well that logic rates a hearty "Double-plus-good!" on the tyranny meter!

For scary practical purposes my conversation with the reporter sounded something eerily similar to this:

Me: "But it happened!"

Him: "Did it?"

Me: "You're paper wrote about it!"

Him: "Did we? I can't say as I recall..." (crickets)

Me: "Well, that's what I am asking you to do, to search your archive and look up your old stories on this issue. Surely you can look at your archived stories, where the event was discussed, can't you?"

Him: "I don't know, can I?" (crickets)

"No he's not, he's just resting!"
Me: "I have a copy here of one of the stories taken off the web. It has your paper's name on it. It mentions that 38,000 ballots were erased and they had to be re-scanned in the middle of the night."

Him: "But what proof do you have?"

Me: "That's right! That's what I am asking you to look into! Look into that!"

Him: "I can ask a question or two, but not much else."

Me: "Why?"

Him: "Well, there's no proof is there. Not much use to us without proof."

If this were NASCAR they would run that film to find out what happened, if it took a million years. If this were footage of a Kardashian's naughty parts in a video clip from Youtube they would run it backwards and forwards all day long all over CNN - with the smudge of discretion of course - just to make sure we had confirmed that indeed, she showed her woo-hoo! during her trip downtown wherein she wasn't wearing under garments!

But since we are talking about the rigging of our entire election system using vulnerable software that's been around since the late 1980s; since we're talking about large corporations essentially perpetrating a silent coup on us all, marshaling us all off to WW III now or God knows what they have in mind; no, we can't discuss it.

We won't even do you the honor of running a news story mentioning your concerns.

Because you, common citizen, have no voice anymore. Not anymore.

Furthermore what The Big Machine really needs from you now, is to STFU and participateLITE in our Ministerial Warm Body Exercise (MWBE) called "voting."

After you show up in the required demographics, we'll juke the numbers the way we like.

We'll take it from there.

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Letter to Hillsborough's County Attorney

I have been inquiring since July for some written report concerning the alleged error of the Dominion voting machines that reportedly erased 38,000 ballots on election night Nov. 2, 2010.
 I have been given no information. I have spoken before the Hillsborough County Commission twice and am prepared to do so again at any time regarding this issue. I have inquired directly to your SOE Earl Lennard and was told false statements in the presence of Mr. Bobanic and Mr. Latimer neither of whom corrected him. They offered no documentation. 
I was assured by commissioner Mark Sharpe there was a preliminary report regarding the alleged error in the machines that night. But once again nothing has been forthcoming. I am soliciting radio and television time to speak on this matter as I consider it alarming that the county apparently has no information on a horrendous glitch, amplifying my suspicions that the election was rigged in Hillsborough County. I have no trouble standing up in whatever venue be it local radio or national television to lay the evidence out as it is. Please dissuade me of the notion that the entirety of the county government is suspect by directing whomever it may be, to send me written documentation as to the exact cause as best known, of the Hillsborough Glitch of 2010. 
Thank you

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

My Email to DELUSIONAL #AlanGrayson

Dear Alan,

It must be a hundred times I am saying this: with all due respect, you're delusional. Here's yet another email from your crew asking me for money.
Oops I deleted another email that dude sent us!

I've sent this message, in nicer words, to your interns over and over. And being kids and tweenies and, whoever you've hired, who are all so terribly excited to be a part of history!, or whatever you have them juiced up on, they dared not give my reply emails to you. So now I publish. And I am honest with you.

Alan, listen. I want you to  really look in the mirror and have an honest heart to heart with yourself. Truth-time: There is no way in hell the "big machine" is ever going to let you back into congress.

Reason? Because you are honest. Because you cared. Because you demonstrated the courage befitting your position as an elected member of congress. Specifically, when you got up on the floor of the House of Representatives and you said "the republican healthcare plan is, don't get sick. And if you do, die quickly."

They won't suffer that any more. They won't let you in.

"Oh, yeah?," you say, "It's the voters who will decide anyway, so what are you worried about?"

No. No. Not right. Not right. Here are some names. Gore versus Bush, Jennings versus Buchanan, Sink versus Scott. What does this roll call have in common? Hacked voting machines.

For months now since publishing my book on Kindle Rick Scott: Enemy of the State I have been trying to get people to realize the election of Rick Scott was a fraudulent one, carried out, most likely, through the Hillsborough SOE. And it was handled so brazenly that now, neither they, nor the county commission will share one published report, one written report, as to how 38,000 early voted ballots were erased in the middle of the night.

Remember? Remember how the governor couldn't accept until the next day? Remember how Sink couldn't concede until then either? Remember? No?

I've been over to Hillsborough three times. Twice to speak before the commission to ask them for any documentation, as apparently the SOE is so filled up with lies, they can't set a hand to it, and I still have nothing. I have been asking them since July, Alan. Since before you decided to run again. One shred of documentation so I can show this to other counties and tell them to get rid of the same voting machines. They won't do it. Because in all likelihood, there was nothing wrong with the machines, at all. And if that's the case, there should be a federal investigation into the election of Rick Scott.

I trust you notice our secretary of state resigned again? Yeah, his decision was made, Jan. 5, reportedly. Oh, on Jan. 5 I got up before the commission and told them "these machines are used to steal elections over and over again."  I told them I had filed a complaint with Florida's AG and she sidestepped forward it to the Department of State. And convenient to the process of resigning, you are forgiven all sins of omission in the last month. Nothing to be alarmed about.

You know, I saw you speak at OWS in Orlando. Great speech. "It's not your fault, it's theirs (points to the Chamber building) awesome. Also pointless. You were the one pol who had no trouble getting to the mic right away. You think the big machine is going to let you back into congress when they now control the vote in the state of Florida with impunity?

Don't make me laugh. You came over to my neck of the woods. You were charging $15 a pop for folks to come watch. And I would have: honestly. I would have paid the Space Coast Progressive Alliance that money for you, sure. If, if, that money would be going for some good.

But it's not. It's not Alan. It just isn't. As long as the democratic party continues to feign interest in democracy itself with delusional campaigns such as yours I am not a "buy in."

We be jamming ballots back through the scammers, er scanners!
Sure, some token democrats will get new seats in the Florida State House. We have a great candidate for that here; practically a shoe-in. I mean, give the Big Machine credit for a little subtlety.

But not you. No more "Mr. Smith goes to Washington" stories for you, my friend. No more. Because you scare them. If they are so brazen as to install a governor, tell me why in hell they would ever, ever, ever let you near that place again?

Not as long as you, Alex Sink and other "leaders" of our party display an alarming disinterest in what happened, what really happened, in Hillsborough County the night Rick Scott was elected. As long as you're going to sit there and rely on the same hackable machines that erased 38,000 votes in the African American community of Temple Terrace, plug your ears, shut your eyes, and put your hands over your mouth?

You ain't got a prayer. And it's damned shame.

Your pal,


P.S. Really looking forward to that next mass email. Until then...

Monday, February 13, 2012

Are you Protesters or Livestock?

They are laughing at you, because there's a fine line. They think you're livestock. Are they wrong?

You are standing outside the government building with your group, everyone so tame. Inside they smirk, ridicule and laugh. Because while you are satisfying yourself you are "participating" they are still working to enslave you. And they are getting better at it, every day.

In my town, they tell us where to protest. They call it the Peace Corner. The intersection of 192 and Hollywood: out near the Melbourne Square Mall.

And we comply. When we really should be out in front of GE who pays nothing in taxes, or the doors of the companies which produce predator drones, and smart bombs. The ones the vast corporate machine wants to turn into defacto religious organizations by way of removing all taxes! All taxes! All....taxes! Better we should worship at their door, prostrate in robes.

But no. Same old protest. Same old crowd. Same old bar afterwards. Same old meetings. Same old talk.

We can't do that now. We can't just give ourselves a pat on the back and an 'completion of participation' award. We can't be satisfied to just pay our $15 and get a picture with Alan Grayson. (BTW he's nuts if he thinks they will let him back into congress when they control the voting machines. Nuts!)

I'm guilty. I raise my hand. I get up at county commissions and I am so damned nice. I abide by their rules. And they sit there with their fish faces and go to sleep.

This has to get more creative. We have to attack the heart of these issues.

Don't take this wrong. There is nothing in the world like this picture here. This picture is worth 10,000 words. Why? See the sign in back? Here Rick was going for his roll out of Ricky 2.0. Here he was rolling out his new, all-inclusive image for mass consumption.

And there are the Pink Slip Rick folks to rain on his parade. Truly a major moment in American politics. You all are making history. Fact.

But you have to make it faster. Your bludgeon has to become a razor. And you can't let major parties, unions, or people just in it for a buck side-track you. Even me. Yes, I am selling a book. Every bit as worthwhile as a bumper sticker if not more so.

The mission is to get rid of this clown. Get him out of the mansion before he and his junta of  fake-Christian corporate goons destroy this state. Before they become so brazen at stealing elections, they steal 2012. And if they can get away with it, they will.

Think of our former outrage at issues which now have simply vanished. And we let it happen.

The email issue. His administration deleted perhaps thousands of individual email records. Each deletion is a direct violation of our laws. Allegedly, it was turned over to the Florida Department of Law Enforcement. Allegedly, the FLDE, though directed by an executive-appointed cabinet member, was going to be impartial. Was going to get to the bottom of all this immediately. Well? Where is that? Are we such livestock we can't even remember what we were so angry about just a few short months ago?

Or do you fantasize the investigation was actually, covertly turned over to the FBI? Good luck with that. Have you filed even a single complaint? Have you filed your own complaint to the Florida Commission of Ethics on this issue? Is that not the first order of business before you buy the T-shirt and the bumper sticker?

Consider this; if it can be proved he deliberately destroyed thousands of public records, he can be removed from office. Now, wouldn't that feel better than standing there outside the mall with your T-shirt on? Actually seeing to the removal of this guy? Isn't that something we should be focusing on? No? Not so much?

I never hear about this issue any more. Hush children. Hush.

What about this issue? What about 38,000 early voted ballots erased on election night in Hillsborough: a county with a history of weird - likely hacked, stolen, rigged elections? Why is that ignored by you, by the media?

Are you such livestock you cannot connect the dots? Emails missing. Emails pertaining to the hiring of one Kurt Browning, our former secretary of state as of this Friday, among those. Browning quits as soon as someone, namely me, begins asking serious questions about the election rigged in Hillsborough. And Hillsborough won't produce one shred of documentation about what happened on election night. Can't you connect the dots?

I am the only one, me, my stupid ass, appearing before the Hillsborough County Commission demanding something in writing to give us an explanation about this botched election. Me. And my book.

I know the media knows about this issue. I know they get my emails. I emailed Adam Smith, editor at Tampa Bay Times about this issue: this photo, I'd like to use on the cover of my book!

The response was instantaneous. But when I sent a follow up a few days later, and then again, asking about the irregularities in the Hillsborough Supervisor of Elections and the (possibly) rigged election of 2010, and the fact there has been no report on the glitch, I get dead silence in return. Despite the fact, most of the information I gathered about this issue, came from his reporters! From his paper, when it was called The St. Pete Times!

What is that?

The democratic party, so too. The unions as well. It can be argued that Rick Scott is the best thing to happen for the health of both organizations in a long, long while. Both groups have millions at their disposal. They can't find the money to hire some lawyers to look into these issues that very well could remove the governor?

Why? Because actually getting rid of a governor who doesn't deserve to be there, would be like killing the golden goose?

You think about that the next time someone hands you a T-shirt, a bumper sticker, a sign with words on it you haven't read yet, tells you where to stand, what to say, and curiously, when to leave.

It's a fair point. You have to stop thinking like livestock and start thinking, outside the box. Now more than ever.

And if you don't buy the definitive book on this governor, what he is doing to this state, then perhaps you're not a protester, your just out there, having a good time unconcerned about what's really going on here.

Sunday, February 12, 2012

#RickScott Watch interviewed on the Amy Tidd Show

The wonderful Amy Tidd interviewed us, along with State Rep. Scott Randolph (D-Orlando) and Susan Ibensen of Planned Parenthood on the Amy Tidd Show

Scary things were talked about. But perhaps none more scary than Gulag Inc. the scenario referred to in Rick Scott Enemy of the State where a profit motive meets incarceration. On Tuesday the legislature is having this one  rammed through by "Prison Mike", Senate President Mike Haridopolos.

Also discussed were charter schools and the flap concerning churches finding it hard to stomach the moral outrage of behaving as any employer would and offer the whole scope of insurance coverage to female employees that other institutions offer, including contraception. Of course, the president caved partially on this issue. No matter the right is still angry, and is insisting on issuing a fatwa about it.

Here's the podcast link.


Thursday, February 9, 2012

Hillsborough Doesn't Care if Elections Are Rigged?

Hillsborough County Commissioners bravely addressing election issues

Hillsborough County Commissioners called Earl Lennard, supervisor of elections to the County Commission meeting yesterday and blatantly refused to ask him questions I have driven across the state to ask three times.

Namely what precisely caused the seismic election glitch of 2010?

 Most of the talking was done by a legal representative from the county. Lennard was there specifically to talk about the new election laws.

And yet, not one of the county commissioners thought to ask him for his office's official report on the Glitch that erased 38,000 votes the night Rick Scott was elected.

Earl Lennard SOE
I have asked the county to give me, or point me the way to, any shred of documentation regarding the events of Nov. 2, 2010. There is no report, apparently. Nothing on the Supervisor's website. And I need to hold a report on this glitch, as I march all over Florida in a fugue of Messianic-complex narcissism, trying to convince county commissions to remove Dominion Voting systems from their offices of supervisor of elections.

My fugue requires documentation, yes. Otherwise they just laugh at you. Of course they can only snicker at you quietly if you have bona fide evidence that what you say is true and accurate and they should do something about whatever your issue is. But they still snicker, and make jokes about your "concern".

What the commissioners did yesterday was personally insulting to me. Yes. Hear me sniffle at my desk. See the tears as they cascade down my face. But their actions (inactions) were also telling. Boiled down, there is only one logical conclusion. And it ain't pretty.

Comm.Mark Sharpe District 7
They simply don't care whether or not their supervisor of elections, or someone inside his office, or whether other parties through unknown means, are rigging elections through Hillsborough County's SOE. They just don't care. If it is happening, they don't want to know. And they don't want to talk about it.

Interesting to note that one commissioner Mark Sharpe, is running for congress. Oh yes! Please, feel free to link to his campaign Facebook page and ask him about his disinterest in this issue.

Sharpe actually was outspoken in his disappointment with the SOE office after the election of Rick Scott, because of the Hillsborough Glitch. The glitch erased 50 percent of the votes in the last three days of early voting, necessitating the emergency rescanning of those votes. "Glitch" is a word that doesn't exist in computer science. The term "Ballot rescanning" doesn't exist in Florida law.

He was quoted in the Tampa Tribune saying "heads are going to roll over this" immediately following the election. Because of all that money spent on Dominion voting machines (!) and not necessarily the tainting of the election result. No matter, the sentiment was a valid one.

Long about July, however, he decided to run for congress. He's facing incumbent democrat Rep. Kathy Castor in a seat that has been held by democrats for some time. Perhaps because of this, and not wanting to anger the supervisor of elections he went schtum on the entire issue.

Here's my hell in all this. Let's review the entire sad story of my pitiful efforts to get Hillsborough to officially, on paper, fess-up to what happened on election night 2010?

Timeline and videos:

1. I approached Hills SOE for information July 21, and was told blatant falsehoods. Here's the link to my account taken day-of.

2. I sent a complaint in to the Florida Attorney General's office that it was my firm belief the election was  rigged. This was forward by her staff to Sec. of State Kurt Browning.

3. I sent an email to Mark Sharpe asking if heads indeed did roll, and what happened? Was there an explanation for the glitch? I got nothing back.

Okay so, nothing from the A.G. Nothing from the Department of State. Lies from the Hills SOE, nothing back from one of their commissioners who at least seemed interested in the issue. What do I do?

4. Appearing here before the county commission Jan 5. I asked them to help me in my quest. (We come in at 1:12:11) Commissioner Mark Sharpe addressed my concerns stating "there has been an initial response that has been forwarded." But of course there was nothing sent, or published.

5. St. Petersblog reports Jan. 9, 2012. Monday, that Sec. of State Kurt Browning will resign. They report the decision was made on Jan. 5. The very day I appeared and harangued the Hillsborough County Commission.
The secretary of state's office immediately vehemently denied the secretary was stepping down. Here. But then, oopsie, next day Jan. 11, the Governor himself confirmed that this was precisely what was happening.

Meantime I never received anything in the way of a 'forthcoming" initial report about the Hillsborough Glitch. Remember. This is the crux of the entire issue. I am looking for a single piece of paper with words on it confirming there was a machine foul up on election night, and they won't do this.

So I went back to Hillsborough County.

6. I appeared again, Jan. 19. I come in at 0:31:10 I feel I put a decent lick on them. Wake up! "When elections are stolen in Florida people die!" I mean, certainly they heard that, right? Oh yes, I know they heard that because the Commission Chairman Ken Hagan said "appreciate you comments, sir." So, that means he heard them, right?

7. No. Apparently not. No response forthcoming. So Tuesday I sent a follow up email, which was bounced by the commission administrator's office. Essentially their response was "seek ye the office of SOE" which I had done in July.

8. So, fed up, I sent back this email of mild lambaste reminding them of all I had been through (I mean..!) She sent me a response stating she was immediately directing this email to Ken Hagan, chairman of the board. I sent back "outstanding". I mean, obviously now they are going to get to the bottom of this, they are going to ask the questions I have been asking, right? I mean, come on, they know I mean business and I have a serious concern, right?

9. Next bloody day, February 8, the commission brings in all players in the SOE and an attorney before the board. I mean this is next day! (Look I can't drive over to every single meeting of the Hillsborough County Commission. I couldn't be there! I wish I had! But, essentially being an out of work underwear blogger dependent in a one salary household, it was my duty to drive the kids to and fro to all their whatnots and schools.)

Mr. Lennard comes in here at 1:53:4

Comm. Les Miller District 3
Commissioner Les Miller who represents the very district (3) and the African American community in which the early voted ballots were "glitched," says he had called Lennard there to discuss changes in the voting laws which affect thousands of voters. At the beginning of the meeting, Miller had discussed the NAACP and Black History Month, February.

"There's been as you all know much concern about the election law." He said, and asked for the "good, the bad, the ugly," if there is any.

Lennard and his team then discussed everything but the machines that will count the votes. He certainly didn't discuss the last general election. He glazed over changes to the voting laws. Bobanic and Latimer - heir apparent for Lennard's position after he steps down at the end of the 2012 election, were there and said nothing.

No one commissioner; certainly not Mark "heads should roll" Sharpe, certainly not Ken "appreciate your concerns" Hagan nor even Les "African American community I represent you" Miller dared mention the glitch that ate 38,000 votes.

But they aren't alone. Alex "wanted to be governor" Sink has never addressed this issue either. And as a resident of Hillsborough County who lives in Thonotosassa, you would think she would be very concerned about the glitch and in need of answers.

Not so much.


No one will say.

Where is the media in all of this?

No one knows.

Contact the Hillsborough County Commissioners through their website by CLICKING HERE. Strongly urge them to get rid of Dominion voting machines, and put pressure on the supervisor of elections to produce a report on the election fiasco of 2010. Something in writing.

Contact the Hillsborough Supervisor of Elections BY CLICKING HERE,   demand that they complete, release, publicize a written report - be it a paragraph, be it a book - on the Glitch that erased 38,000 votes on election night 2010.

Or don't. Yeah, too much trouble I know. Continue believing you are participating in democracy by going to the same parties you've been going to with your other buddies in whatever political party you belong to. Get your picture taken with Barack, or DWS, or Alan Grayson again, and delude yourself that all is well.

..that your vote is being counted.

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Follow up Letter to Hillsborough County Commissioners

This letter was sent yesterday in response to their note that day, directing me to contact the Supervisor of Elections regarding the voting glitch. I had originally contacted the SOE back in July and got no answer then. I am being directed back to the SOE despite three trips to the county in person searching for an official explanation in writing concerning the Hillsborough Glitch.

Dear Hillsborough County Commissioners.

Frankly, I can't believe what you're telling me here: your
commission's level of intellectual curiosity with regard to a massive
voting glitch that erased 38,000 early voted ballots, following a
nearly identical glitch in 2008, following all that office has been
through, following the mysterious death of your previous SOE,
following an FBI investigation; following the outlay of millions to
Dominion by county taxpayers, extends so far as to direct me to make
inquiries myself?

Look, I have been told false and misleading statements by the current
SOE Earl Lennard when I made inquiries. And his officers didn't
correct him regarding these false misleading statements in a meeting
with them this past summer. I don't feel approaching them again,
personally, is going to produce anything in the way of information. I
have asked the commissioners to make inquiries so that everyone is on
the "same page" as to what Hillsborough's official story is on this

Here am I to read that there is no official story and you don't care?
Is this it?

I was assured by commissioner Mark Sharpe something in writing would
be sent to my email regarding the Hillsborough Glitch at the Jan. 5
regular meeting. Nothing has come to my email.

Again I do not relish coming all the way across the state to ask the
same questions over and over, any more than the commissioners enjoy
hearing me.

Kindly send me the official story regarding the glitch, whatever that
may be, in an email and I can move on to other county commissions.

Thank you in advance for your cooperation with a citizen's request.

David A. Kearns
author Rick Scott: Enemy of the State

Monday, February 6, 2012

Scumbag Distress Bill

(hello! Obvious parody and satire!)

Florida Senate President Mike Haridopolos issued a statement this morning that he is co-sponsoring a bill to help needy corporate scumbags take over the state.

Called the "Scumbag Distress Iniative" SB 666 would have taxpayers contributing to an account directly. This fund then would enable electronic withdrawls from needy corporate scum who happen to be contributors to "worthy" republican state legislators such as Dean Cannon, Don Gaetz and others who are "down with the program" of harming citizens toward the enrichment of the few.

The projects would be trumped-up, made up, puppies and unicorns to the public lies, which enrich those scumbags who participate. New prisons, new waterparks inside nature preserves, new drug testing companies, and so on. Whatever you got.

Meeting only token resistance from other senators this morning, it seems as though the Scumbag Distress Initiative may pass before moving on to the state house.

"We need to help worthy corporate scumbags. So they can provide the (using air quotes here) cost savings to us, the taxpayers, as well as (air quotes again, and the smile) jobs desperately needed in these tough economic times," said Senator Haridopolos.....

(What the truth would look like in a news story)

Read more truth here!