Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Romney steals Newt's Racist Dog whistle

You can't separate the racial overtones of blaming Obama for everything, for not having cleaned the mess of others up in under a few months and a few furious strokes of the mop. It's just appalling. It's like something out of Uncle Remus.

Thirty five months to clean up a ten year mess, and the boy just couldn't do it. Well? I told you they's all good fo' nothing! Out he goes! Time to put whitey back in the driver's seat! Gubn'a Mitt, he de one!

You can't separate the GOP blatant willful ignorance of Obama's accomplishments in bringing the economy back from the brink and neutralizing two terrorist threats that neither Bush nor Reagan could defeat, in Qaddafi's case.

"Took your sweet time though, didn't you, boy. Lawd you wouldn't ha' even done it if'n massa Bush hain't draw'd you a road map to staht wit!"

To not even mention the racial component at work here is intellectual dishonesty. The very definition of it, and our popular media - Hell even Rev. Al Sharpton failed to mention more of it in Mitt Romnewt's speech tonight - is quick to bury its head in a whole pile of it, tout sweet-like.

To not mention this: how this narrative leaves our current president holding the bag of crap ten years in the making, then blames him for holding it, is the height of hypocrisy. It is the oldest trick in the racist's playbook: Blame the black man.

Didn't you hear? Black man is always gimme gimmee gimmee. Black man always be's socialist. Sean Hannity actually said on his radio program that Obama only wants to stay in the nice big house a while longer. Swear to God he did. I nearly plowed into a tree driving. What year is this, again?

It is the GOP playbook in 2012. It is the politics of race that also enables republicans to fire back that if you mention this, you are playing the race card.

 I mean, how dare you notice when we are playing into our own stereotype; when we play into a stereotype other racists have laid down for us across four hundred years? How unfair of you to notice our very racism! You, you! Reverse racist you!

It is the ugliest, most ornery, most stump-ignorant thing to do in this universe; to blame the black man for the mess others have made, grin knowingly to your friends who are ready to start clapping and laughing at the inside joke right along with you.

Anyone who grew up in the south knows this game. The mean spirited ole southern red neck knows damned well he's doing it. You have to ask, does Romney? Is he just that cynical he's trying to steal Newt's bass boat democgraphic, with the Florida primary not even cold yet? Is he just that much of a machine?

And it's just so damned shameless.

"Under this president more people have become unemployed foreclosed on than under any other president."

Romnewt why not just adopt a southern drawl and shout; "Black man did it! Black man!"

But "I met some hispanic entrepreneurs," Romnewt says all churchy-like.

Have you noticed that so often in today's GOP the word "Hispanic" is caboosed by the word "entrepreneurs" and the words "African American" are caboosed with the words "food stamp" and "role models" as in, the need for more of them or better ones? Hell! Tell Me! What year is this?

Let's admit, Romnewt's is a more subtle dog whistle of racial overtones. Thank the lawd he never mentioned food stamps. No. We can thank him for that.

He just blamed Obama for everything not nailed down; everything but the kitchen sink. Then in that sanctimonious tone, that scornful admonishing holier-than-thou tone that republicans have so long practiced they can do it in their sleep, he mentioned booting Obama out of the WHITE House; summarily without pomp and circumstance playing in the background. Perhaps they just imagine Granny and Jed Clampit running in with a shotgun filled with rock-salt.

"You were elected to lead (translation: "white man gave you a minute in the sun to do sumpn'") "you chose to follow" (translation: "cause you ain't nuthin but a boy") "and now it's time for you to get out of the way" (translation: "go one now, boy, an git off de porch!").

Hideous. Here I am faced with a version of Mitt Romney I never expected, a knee jerk racist who had about as much interest in courting the African American vote as he sauntered through Florida as he did wiping something awful off of his shoe with his fingers.

Did the GOP even stop in the African American community anywhere? They are so damned all-inclusive? The new GOP, right? After Cain left the race they don't give a damn. Did you see them in Overtown? Did you see them in Temple Terrace? Did you see them over off University and Lipscomb in Melbourne? No. You know where they spoke to the black community from? From inside the VFW post in Cocoa, talking about "responsibility" and so on, in that sickening tone.

Do they know this state is chock full of doctors, lawyers, and other professionals who are black? Do they know that the lieutenant governor, albeit religiously blinded is a black woman? Did they ever care to find out? Did they even mention Jennifer Carroll? Did they shake hands with one black state rep?

No in his speech Romnewt leans back, with his mint julip in one hand, whipes the sweat off his brow, and says, "don't worry Mr. President, we remember exactly how we got here, you won the election!"

Your fault for winning that election, boy! Your fault and now you gonna pay!

The one modicum of respect Romnewt has paid the president which escapes Newt at least is, Romnewt deigns to mention that Obama IS the president.  Not Newt.

Listen to Mitt's entire hideous speech here. Pause and rewind after these snippets where he goes after Obama with total intellectual dishonesty and look at the white guilt written all over Romney's mug. He knows better than this. He was raised better than this. He is mouthing words crafted for him from the bowels of racist, fascist GOP-land.

It's appalling. It's sad. It's retrograde renegade racism, and the media should be ashamed for not calling Romnewt to the mat for this display.

If this man is to be the republican nominee, and apparently he is, the hope I had that at the very least two sane people could argue over actual points of fact, have just sailed out the window.

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