Friday, January 13, 2012

Did Browning Admit the fix is on for 2012?

Here's what he said Jan 11, 2012 as he was bidding us adieu again:

“We’ve put people in place, we’ve put procedures and processes in place to ensure that those elections in August and November will be run and be run well,” Browning said.

Run well? For whom?

As with Rick Scott, sometimes people can't help but tell the truth. He may indeed be telling the truth, the whole truth.

When you're "maintaining" a broken thing, which is Florida's ponzified elections systems, what you're saying is you're actually trying to keep it broken.

Is it broken? Of course it is and everyone knows it. Everyone does. Everyone across the whole country, the whole world knows our elections systems are broken right here in the Sunshine State. Think of that. Our systems have the worst reputation of any state. Rick is patting this guy on the back as he bails out again, before a KEY ELECTION!

"We've put people in place" said Browning.

Does he mean Dawn Roberts, interim secretary of state? The same Dawn Roberts who didn't heed the warnings from Florida Voters Foundation on July 10, 2010 that there were major flaws in the elections systems statewide prior to the election of Rick Scott?

Link to PDF of the warning here.

Or do the people "in place" include David Drury, chief of voter systems certification? The same state department official who appears to have struck some sort of Faustian bargain with voting machine company ESandS before, during, and after the fiasco of 2006 in which there were 18,000 votes missing in the Buchanan v Jennings congressional race in Sarasota County?

Link here

Apparently Drury had agreed on behalf of Florida voters, that he was able to print in the report of the screw up, anything he wished, provided he stated only that, "it's a very nice day" and "My name is David Drury." (Obvious parody and satire).

Drury was in a strange bit of video that I am going to drag up from our archives here. This was after the Sarasota fiasco. Here he is admitting that as part of the certification for voting systems in Florida, his office doesn't do any testing for malicious hacking that would require any sort of special equipment.

Okay, so what precisely does he do with software that has holes in it? I guess he's saying he certifies it, because if you want to exploit those holes from the outside, you need to have some equipment. Funny he mentions the Hursti Hack as needing some extravagant equipment. No really it is. You know what Hursti needed for this hack? His own laptop and a card reader he bought at Radio Shack and a couple of house tools. Here, is the Hursti Hack.

Since 2007, all you need is access to a serial port on the back of the scanning machine. You could upload and download your virus using an iPhone4 with an adapter.

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