Monday, January 30, 2012


Someone asked me why I "hate the governor so much?" It was in one of these online blogs in the comments' section. This person was aware of my book Rick Scott: Enemy of the State.

He had read the first few pages on kindle amazon and thought that qualified him to make such a sweeping determination. Like many folks who peruse Kindle, or any book store, the first few pages is good enough for them. "Sure, I read that book," they say at parties, or on blog sites.

Let's get this straight: I don't personally "hate" Rick Scott. I don't even know the guy. Never met him. Tried to, but his security people wouldn't let him come out into daylight while I was in the room. Not that I was dangerous. I was a big man not going anywhere. I was going to make a stink and a scene and it would be filmed and he didn't want that. I never said he was hopelessly stupid.

So I don't hate Rick Scott.

I do however, vehemently oppose what he stands for and the fact he was installed as our governor by a corporate cabal. That part I do despise. I do despise what this cabal is attempting to do to Florida and democracy.

Hate not the sinner. In hating the sin, however, I do reserve the right to parody and lambaste the sinner every chance I get since he seems determined to carry out his mission of a coordinated attack on my state.

1. Installed per bogus, hacked, corrupted vote. Consult the videos ( ..Part 2.....Part 3)

2. Cuts money to the disabled; returns some of that money, cuts funding to education, returns some of that, guts health care services to do that...on and on and on in downward spiral toward NO services.

3.Attacks teachers and public education. This with an eye toward charterizing all schools K-12 entirely. In doing this we bring back segregation through top-down class warfare. Rich white Christians go to school only with other rich white Christians; Rich white Jews go to school with other Rich white Jews; middle class bla bla blas goes to school with other middle class blas blas blas, break all those groups into their little pigeon holes and the poor get dumped in underfunded falling-apart public school.

Incidentally this is classic divide and conquer. Hope you caught that. By doing this, we are discouraged from seeing the 99 percent/1 percent truth. And our kids are preconditioned never to even think about it.

4. He/they want everyone but the economically elite drug tested; with all of us to paying for that out of our pockets funneling the money to a company Rick Scott recently owned or one just like it. More top-down class bullying with benefits.

5. Speaking of friends with benefits. They/He want to set up a system of corporate prisons in the state. By the way, these prisons then become category killers wiping out small businesses; lawn services, landscaping services, fish farms, small farms, other cottage industries. Prisoners are "trained" to re-enter society and earn pennies per hour learning these trades (good). The corporations reap the benefits in big fat margins while undercutting real businesses (bad) and when the prisoner leaves prison the only place he can hope to find a job applying his new trade, is by going back to prison (really bad). They never get around to mentioning this.

6. Wants to turn college grads into widgets per hour technical school grads. Anyone else who wants to earn a higher degree, in medicine, engineering and so on, you're going to be asked to pony up more money. They also want to kill, kill, kill all liberal arts. More top-down class bullying. These attacks are called exploiting "leveraged opportunities in higher education" in the Koch Brothers seminars. (I love the pithy humor in that phrase). Seminars that Rick Scott attends, or has at least on one occasion attended as our governor after eluding the media.

7. They want to have a mechanism to eliminate local government and taking it over by pointing a stick at it and saying "financial emergency." See the related post Rick Scott's Nuclear Option.

8. He has no regard for the transparency that is government; he defies and spits on our public records laws. (And our media have stopped caring).

This list continues but this is enough for now.

These things are detestable. They are hateful attacks on us.

I get to hate these attacks back. I am sure inside his own twisted mind, and inside his circle of fascists, Rick Scott feels he is "doing what is right". I am sure those around him have concocted some little theatrical movie script in their minds for all this. They have group-thinked an "in it for Jesus" or "us versus them" docudrama whereby trashing the state and the federal constitution is all for the best; so that "those evil ones" stop doing whatever it is we are doing, like hanging on by our damn fingernails.

One thing is for certain: anyone who isn't a community activist at this time, just isn't thinking.

I do all this compelled to do this by the sure knowledge "we are changing this country" means the right thing when it comes out of Obama's mouth, and something insidious, murderous and evil when it comes out of Rick Scott's mouth.

Not that Obama walks on water and can heal the sick by a touch of his robe. No. But that Obama's version of it - alternative energy, health care for the citizens, stopping the attacks on the poor and the middle class - is going in the right direction, and everything Rick Scott is proposing takes us down a path to corporate slavery and a perpetual state of war with the rest of the planet.

One path leads up, and the other leads down to the destruction of our country.

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