Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Billboards on School Buses

I think we should have the kids all wear logos. Let's put logos on their backs, on the shirts on their hats.

Let's really go for it. Let's have it all splashed with corporate sponsorship. I want them seeing corporations, breathing corporations, feeling corporations as they walk into the classroom every morning.

I want our children surrounded by a corporate cocoon; a whitenoise of nullifiying advertising and product placement from the moment they wake up until the moment they lay their heads down, on a corporate pillow with a Nike logo on it.

In the morning, they should watch a video by a corporation. A new one every morning. touting the products, or maybe even introducing them to the personnel policies of that corporation.

I want to see how many times our little slaves and consumption units, our little debt buds, can say the word "corporation" in a ten second time limit. I want the watch to be super accurate that times this of course. I want it to be something Swiss. Something heavy and shiny and official looking, with a name you have to repeat because it sounds nothing like it looks written out.

Then I want them to feel bad about not knowing how to say it, before they walk into the room. Get one bright bulb and tell him ahead of time how you say it. And when some kid makes the mistake of trying to say the name of the watch maker, I want this kid to blurt out the right way to say it, like "everyone knows that....LOSER!"

I want our kids to all be ostricized if they don't wear the proper products to school. Air Jordans for instance. I want that to be school uniform standardized. I want the charter schools - because we're doing away with the traditional model - to change the dress code, every other week to keep up with the new designs.

Kids who can't keep up, have to go back to "traditional school."

Yeah, I like that. Losers walk, and so on. That's great.

And of course, all of this can start with logos all over the school buses, as is being debated right now in the Florida legislature with a new bill in the Senate, Senate Bill 344, by Sen. Bill Montford of North Florida.

We need corporations now more than ever, to make up for the budget deficits other more successful corporations have created for us by artificially deflating the economy like a soggy bicycle tire.

Wasn't it cool how they did that then managed to hold the rest of us up for emergency cash like highway bandits? You gotta hand it to them, man. Success in the good ole US of A.

Indoctrinating our young into how the world really works means getting the names of the various corporations right in their innocent, lazy little faces, bright and early in the morning, baby.

Hey parents don't like it they can suck on it.

Corporations then, corporations now, corporations fo-evuh!

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