Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Our Strange Lieutenant Governor

 Jan 14, 2012 Tallahassee – Lt. Gov. Jennifer Carroll, God love her, is about the most naïve person on the face of the earth. She must be.
She said this at the Florida GOP meeting:
"When the governor selected me to be his running mate, he did not look at the color of my skin," said Carroll, who was the only black Republican in the Legislature in 2010. "He looked at the content of my character and my integrity and work ethic, and what I brought to the table. This is the dream of Dr. King that was realized for me."
No, my dear. with great cynicism Rick Scott looked at the color of your skin as well as your accomplishments, and he made a calculated decision to use your pigment, as well as your considerable previous accomplishments, in order to attempt to cover his tracks when he attacks the voting rights of those who don’t have economic power. And unfortunately that includes people of color all across the state.
With a strange statement like this, one you may have made at his behest, you provide cover to him and you play into every one of his “I’m not such a bad guy after all” fantasies. And you did it on MLK’s holiday.
A shell game moment if there ever was one.
We have now learned two things from Lieutenant governor Carroll.
1. Everywhere Christianity is under attack. 
2. Governor Rick Scott, while trying to stamp out voting rights in poor to middle income is the personification of MLK's "I have a dream" speech.

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