Friday, January 20, 2012

Letter to Hillsborough Officials Today

Once again I thank you for allowing me to speak yesterday.

As I said at the meeting. I am approaching county commissions to remove Dominion voting systems from all 32 of 67 counties that rely on them.
The events of Nov. 2, 2010 no matter whether one views them as the result of theft of election, as I do, or random glitch, if as county officials say verbally one machine “malfunctioned” this represents a serious problem for voting in Florida.
As I was getting to yesterday and didn’t have time to finish, the random “glitch” in Hillsborough County seems to have a political agenda. This “glitch” seems to have taken a dislike to an area of you county filled with students and minority voters.
Your “glitch” in Hillsborough has shown it has the potential to affect a general election, a gubernatorial one at that.
Given that the I-4 corridor has been shown to be the tipping power in more than one presidential race and that Hillsborough, Orange and Volusia rely on these unreliable machines it is important to remove them if, as I have been assured, a “malfunction” is what first erased 38,000 votes.
Yes, these votes were “rescanned” but the reason the entire state changed back to ballots with a paper trail was not so they could be “rescanned”. The reason we have a paper trail is so votes can be “recounted” if necessary; in the event of a close race.
Too many supervisors of election are being dragged into a situation, in my opinion, where a “rescanning” is the end run around a recount. The proper handling of a rescanning isn’t even codified in Florida law. I have been told by Mr. Lennard himself that each SOE can handle a “rescanning” however he or she sees fit.
Please send me something in writing concerning what happened in Hillsborough on election night that resulted in this “rescanning.”

This affects all of us.

Thank you

David Kearns

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