Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Browning Bails Out Amid Controversy and Did we help?

Saint Petersblog reports the departure of our Sec. of State Kurt Browning on twitter. They broke the story two days ago, which was denied so that Scott could hold the state of the state address controversy free.

Now it can be told that the original story was entirely true.

I want to take a small part of the credit for stirring up a hornets nest with regard to this voting machine business, by demanding answers from Hillsborough County and their screwed up vote.

I want to believe I helped the state in ushering him along to greener pastures. But the likelihood is, I was a small voice and Browning's own notorious behavior as an elected official is what is escorting him into the wilderness. Only history will tell. And right now, it's too early.

The official word is, Browning is resigning perhaps to pursue and elected position with Pasco County, as a schools superintendent, an elected position there.

Scott commended Browning for overseeing fraud free, error free elections. But as we have pointed out on numerous occasions, that's a damned lie. The election of Rick Scott was anything but error free. It had one massive hole in it in Hillsborough County that has never been explained.

It is simply amazing. Everytime Rick Scott, not only glazes over history, but attempts to alter it by calling us t enter his vastly divergent universal reality, I am astounded. With a wave of a wand laced with pixie dust he bids us enter.

Come in, come in. Nothing bad has ever happened with regard to me. All are welcome.

As has been reported in Rick Scott: Enemy of the State, Browning was the inside man, the Werner Von Braun of electronic voting in Florida, all along.

He knows all the secrets about these machines, how they work. If the fix is on for 2012, there's no question someone with Browning's background, connections, and his technical skills, could well have managed it from the remote past of merely few months.

We have to go in and dig around and find out where all the electronic bear traps have been set. If there are any. I think there's every possibility (given the immediate past, given his strange exit now) that they exist.

He took the job after serving as Pasco supervisor of elections for 26 years. Charlie Crist gave him the nod. He is among the first of our secretaries of state to serve at the request of the governor rather than being voted in. Thus, he is, and has been fully partisan toward his political party, and his efforts to crush early voting, stymie the citizenry toward registering others to vote is wholly reflective of that.

As a double dipper he walks away with his salary for the past year and his pension. Now, perhaps, he will become among the state's many triple dippers should he win the position in Pasco County.

He announced his decision to resign the first time, just days before Rick Scott announced his candidacy for governor.

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