Thursday, February 24, 2011


Not to micturate on my betters but I have had it. Big media, listen up.

WE THE SANE, OF FLORIDA, DIDN'T VOTE FOR RICK SCOTT, and you damned well know it.

Furthermore, you damned well know there are more sane voters in this state than there are the insane variety. There are more people of modest means than your country-clubbing, frothing Teapawns.

What I am driving at is, you damned well know there is every reason to suspect that vote was stolen by Diebold voting machines on behalf of the corporate construct. Hacked!

Last night on MSNBC, Cenk Ygur  had a snooty woman on from The Nation. I didn't catch her name, and I don't take issue with her points, that this rapine of the middle class by the corporations has to stop. No what irked me, was how easily she spread  the pervasive lie that we here in Florida don't know how to vote properly. It was done ever so artfully, sotto voce, with a touch of pity for us. She is only the latest.

"Those voters down in Florida...(tisk) what can they be thinking?" etc. etc. etc.

People in the northeast can be just as gullible as your barnyard yahoo in fly-over-land. They just don't know it. They are no different, they are no better. Just as ignorant at times, and - again, at times - twice as blinded by their own narcissistic, self importance.

To that woman, dressed ever so prim; for her feigned, well-perfumed earnestness, for all her contrived sadness and insipid pity for those of us down here on the short-bus farm, I say "Dear, we, are you! Don't you get that? Or are you pretending to be this ignorant?"

Wherever do the New Yorkers and New Englanders go, when they have had enough of those wonderful winters? They come here. When they have been here four months or so, we call them, legally, 'our fellow Floridians.'

"Down in Florida. Down in Floriduh...etc. etc." Yes, yes, very nice. So creative of you. Go on, have your fun. But you are only demonstrating your obliviousness as to the way of things. And in so doing, you are falling into the very stereotype of the huffy, clueless, pseudo intellectual, committed to their own insular, ( and did I mention clueless?) art-show-hopping, Manhattan, limousine liberal world, that most "folks down here...y'all" just love so well.

In other words, your stupidity is getting us nowhere.

The myth we don't vote well down here, works to the advantage to the vast corporate machine that has stolen our democracy. Yes, stolen it. It's gone. Has been gone for some time.

So goes Floriduh, so goes the nation, in the last three out of four. Am I wrong?

Those working in larger media never permit themselves to dare think, or speak "heavens no, children. Shhhhhhh.. mustn't speak its name"  about what happened in 2000.

They never summon the gonadal resolve to look at the fact that 16,022 votes were cast backwards, in the race that handed the nation to George W. Bush, over Al Gore. Not under-votes, not no-votes, the votes cast themselves backwards! Not even quantum physics can explain.....(sigh.)

While the nation was watching people in Palm Beach counting chads, and giggling over those left hanging, THE VOTE HAD BEEN HACKED, ABSOLUTELY FORNICATED IN VOLUSIA COUNTY. Those in large media glaze over when you mention this, "what? what's that? Huh.....never mind." because they helped divert national attention to the chads. How cute, They're "chads" and they hang.

Of course. Yes, I hear you, and I agree wholeheartedly. The backwoods, nay-bob, bureaucratic thuggery of sleepy out-of-the-way county offices, helped to the cover the tracks of the guilty, as well.

But for one woman named Bev Harris, who summoned a whirlwind of support to show that Diebold lies, and Diebold is HACKABLE. She even appeared in a movie about it called Hacking Democracy, THAT MANY OF YOU IN THE MEDIA DAMNED WELL SAW AND YOU KNOW IT, SO A MENTION FROM TIME TO TIME WOULD BE NICE!! It's not like HBO doesn't have a viewership.

The hack apparently happened again in 2006, only this time, the systems were ES and S. 18,000 under-votes, suspiciously on touch screen, no paper trail voting machines in Sarasota County. This handed a congressional seat to the people's non-choice, according to thorough, independent studies. See our previous post for the whole story. 

The truth is, there are only three or four players in this market making scan readers and touch screen systems. The code doesn't appreciably change. And the hack is essentially child's play to those who have a modicum of programming and the ability to do some research.

The narrative "Florida=stupid" is the underbelly, it is the blind spot by which corporations continue to steal our votes from us. By that I mean all of us, dear.

Sadly, no pundit on national television wants the mammillary vice; the next morning with management discussing how they "cast doubt" on the voting process on national television. Bad juju.

They are too cozy, these pundits. Their salaries are immense. Their egos too well-fed.

And the democratic party, apparently, makes use of these hackable machines, as well, in other parts of the country. So whether you're FOX or MSNBC, you're not going to want to go and piss off one of the two super-parties by admitting what everyone knows. That our votes in key states, are a farce.

You combine the governor of Wisconsin's recent "punking" with the coordinated attack by he, and five other newly elected Koch-govs, like the one we have here in Rick Scott, and you have more than a problem.

You review recent history, how Wall Street itself was hacked, and how that bubble didn't just grow organically but was fertilized like mad reefer in a lab. You look at how the process that led us to war was hacked,as was the 2000 election and you have to come to the conclusion we are in some seriously deep trouble. The fallibility has handed us to a runaway, mad crazy corporate balance sheet that makes us enemies by the second abroad, that does unspeakable horror in our name everywhere on the planet.

Little Ms. Sanctimony speaking with Cenk on MSNBC, tisking about Florida voters is a front, a placative lie, masking a fatal flaw in our entire system that we so charmingly call "free democracy".

Let's stop lying to ourselves. And please, for the love of God, stop using my state as the scapegoat.

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