Friday, February 18, 2011

Stock Tip: "Scott's Sec. of State LOVES touch screen voting."

Oh yes he does. Do you wonder why? I don't.

In 2000 Florida decided the presidential election.Arguably it did so again in 2004.

But in 2000 George W. Bush was chosen over Al Gore in the slimmest margin in Florida and U.S.history, some guesses placed it as a matter of 1,500 some odd votes. At first, Volusia county counted Al's 16,022 votes backwards. This was corrected but the reason for the error was never disclosed.

The vote  decided the course of world history. And many believe Diebold systems, both through their  Opti-scans machines, and touch screens, were the reason.

In 2006 a film crew from a group were working on a documentary entitled Hacking Democracy. They employed consultant Dr. Hugh Thompson, and software engineer Hari Hursti. Hursti hacked the file card of a Leon county optical scan voting machine, made by Diebold, Inc.

Diebold of course issues bland, non-specific denials of the now famous "Hursti Hack" to this day.

Here's the hack, in a snippet.

Here's essentially the same hack perpetrated on the Diebold touch screen system, featured on Lou Dobbs Tonight. Dobbs was exited from CNN in 2009, Pilgrim hasn't been evident much on CNN since.

Did you hear that? NO PAPER TRAIL! The thing with the optiscan system is, at least you have the paper with the dots on them. Not with touch screen. No record, whatsoever. An election rigger's dream.

Here's our current secretary of state Kurt Browning. This film is from 2006. He admits here that he is the first election supervisor (Pasco County) to push for the implementation of the touch screen voting system and he remains committed to it. Hell yes, let's a have more of those babies.

He seems to be urging election supervisors to exude confidence for the voting system, despite what they may know about them. He doesn't mention the fact that both touchscreen and opti scan systems rely on the same cards, which are shown to be hackable, first by Hursti and secondly by Princeton.

Wild that the whole thing can be subverted by a single key for all machines, copied at Home Depot, and that the centralized counting machine can serve to replicate and pass the virus.

Perhaps some bright bulb will get the idea that to finally show the Diebold systems for what they are, election stealing compilers or nodes, all that need happen is for a massive hack, yielding a negative result for all of the above, handing the election to a write in candidate, someone's parrot...or cat.

But it's not just a Diebold problem. With no paper trail, and easy access and without the need to go mashing empty ballots into a box - hey that's time consuming - these things are ready made to hack the vote!

In 2006 there was a problem noted with the District 13 congressional vote in the race contended for the seat vacated by former Sec. of State Kathrine Harris. There was a record number of under votes, 18,000 in Sarasota County, all using touch screen voting machines. That means there was no vote, no choice in one out of seven ballots cast using the touch screens. Many voters reported on irregularities at the polling place in early voting by the ES and S touch screen systems. You mash on a button, nothing happens, or you look down only to find the congressional race you were trying to vote on, never appeared and you're done.

In this video David Drury, now Rick Scott's voter systems certifications director, is seen requesting that the canvassing board permit ES and S, this is the corporation that made the suspect voting machines and installed the code used to count the votes, be permitted to audit the vote DURING THE RECOUNT to "search for any irregularities" in the code or the machines.(?)

Also present for this machine recount is (ta da) Kurt Browning, then Pasco County elections supervisor, now Secretary of State for Rick Scott. Here Browning opines in this clip that 18,000 voters, were either 1. disgusted with their choices or 2. didn't adequately review their ballot.

This falls in nicely with the "Floridians are too stupid to vote" narrative that gosh golly jumps up whenever something goes haywire with our elections.

Oh, the election result was decided in Sarasota Count as a matter of 369 votes, and Buchanan still holds the District 13 congressional seat. Jennings tried to unseat him in 2008 but was unsuccessful and was also bogged down in court trying to get the election result overturned.

Funny thing was, the lawsuit that came about between their first battle and the second was inconclusive since, the lawyers for the touch screen voting company ES and S were able to invoke trade secret protections, aided in no small part by help from the Department of State and a mock vote on identical machines, conducted by the Sarasota County supervisor of elections, under the careful direction of the company. The reason for such a massive under-vote remains unknown. If you read at the last link you see there were numerous studies that demonstrated the people's choice, did not fill the  seat in congress.

Vernon Buchanan was voted one of the most corrupt congress people by Crews Most Corrupt but that might be a little harsh. This organization basically said that he 'urged' his team to contribute to his campaign and then rewarded them with automobiles from his car dealerships.

He is a proponent of cutting wasteful spending and the balanced budget amendment.

Back to Rick Scott, Kurt Browning and David Drury.

Kurt Browning was selected by Governor Scott to come back into the game as his secretary of state. He had resigned last May which makes him eligible for Florida's DROP program. You leave your position, retire for six months, you can come back and get re-appointed AND take your retirement at the same time. His pension is valued at $500,000 or thereabouts.

David Drury now is found in the of governor Scott's Org Chart as director of voter systems certification. This is about where he was in 2006.

Here he is being grilled by a commission in Sarasota on state testing for vulnerabilities for state voting machines, prior to certification of the system. He says that no extraordinary measures are taken to certify that the system isn't hackable. He mentions the Hursti hack was something out of the ordinary. It makes you wonder why on earth his office even exists in the modern age.

It makes you wonder about the slim margin between Alex Sink and Rick Scott, oh yes it does.

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