Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Senator Jim DeMint's 'Freaky' Follows (Yes, he is following these people!)

Instructions: Go to Twitter, sign in with your account. Go to, and follow, if only for demonstration purposes, @JimDeMint.

Then, go to each of the following accounts, and look to the right and verify that Jim Demint, U.S. senator, who you now follow, is also following these tweeters. This of course will change, as the senator is made aware that you know he is following these folks.

You are who you follow, as they say. Relevance to Rick Scott? Well,  Florida Governor Rick Scott follows Senator Marco Rubio. Senator Marco Rubio, who we have already featured, follows Senator Jim DeMint

And @JimDeMint follows these folks using his official account.

Feb. 15, 6.10 p.m. The following  very nice tweeter communicates entirely in Portuguese. We have followed her,  just as the senator has, merely for academic purposes and to learn more about her gorgeous country through the beauty of the Portuguese language that we will struggle valiantly with.

The senator is also following, or following back on his official U.S. Senatorial twitter feed as of Feb. 15, 6:21 p.m., this interesting artist.

@Only Share

autumn :(

Very nice. The following very nice tweeter knows a lot about Asia ....and real estate.

About Asia

@kesananh Viet Nam
Welcome and Thank you!

The senator apparently appreciates the Portuguese language. We see here he is following this lovely young woman who also writes in English as well.

We have not selected and clicked on her word-press website. We are too afraid of what we will find. Feel free and report back.

The senator is also following someone named DA PUZZY LOVAS 1NC, on his official U.S. Senatorial twitter account, as well.  as of Feb. 15, 6.28 p.m.

Here is a description ofDA PUZZY LOVAS 1NC.
@DaPuzzyLovas1nc TX.,GA.,CA.,FL.,& NY.

DA PUZZY LOVAS 1NC. photo would not transmit to blogger....for some reason. But it is quite entertaining.

A few short facts on Senator DeMint. Here's his website with appropriate depiction of a money hole representing President Barack Obama's wasteful spending. 

Senator DeMint was steadfastly against the President's oil spill commission gaining any subpoena power. 

Perhaps if the democratic senators had merely shown just a bit more skin?

Senator DeMint has also voiced opposition to homosexual teachers, and the presence of unmarried women who live with their boyfriends, unmarried!!!, teaching a room full of school children.

Hope you enjoyed this segment of "freaky follows" obviously a shameless attempt to drive traffic to this site, of little redeeming value other than entertainment.

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