Monday, February 14, 2011

Scott to Tea Party Floridians 'We are going after education First. Yay!'

Only a heartless tea partier could like a system whose local tax breaks go after school foremost and right out of the gate.

Let's take another look at the Tea Party Governor as he wows his crowd.


1. "This is the budget you asked for" tea partiers.

2. "Reduce state spending by $5 billion." Ooops. $3.3 of that comes from education. More than half.

3. "It's a budget that doesn't dabble, it doesn't offer a little something for every special interest, nor sweeteners for very special people." This could only mean one thing: " special interests" are our children. "sweeteners" given the nature of the tax breaks, are research grants for our major universities,  scholarships for outstanding students, programs for needy kids, programs for special education. In his twisted world view, these "sweeteners" are disgusting entitlement programs for undeserving freeloaders. And his crowd, freaking LOVES THIS STUFF.

And why not? Look at them.

4. "The government has got to get back to its core functions and only its core functions," such as giving massive tax breaks to corporations, and reducing "frivolous lawsuits" like the one Columbia Health Care endured, presumably.

5. "We can't spend more than we take in" but we are going to immediately begin to take in less.

6. "We will not increase taxes in Florida."Okay, and cops, prisons, roads, etc.?

7. He references the reduction in income in Florida. He doesn't mention that the economic crisis was perpetrated with intent, by the corporations he is helping to continue to beggar us.

8. Small business tax reduction is great. That's not what he cares about, and the reductions to regulations specifically helping small businesses will likely be nill. Whereas the doors of deregulation will be wide open for massive corporations.

9. $1.4 billion reduction in property taxes.

10. "Zero cuts out of state general revenue for eduction" now a complete lie. As stated a massive cut will come at the local levels through mandated reductions in the millage rate TO THE SCHOOLS.

11.  "Great beaches, great weather" good service jobs for our children we suppose.

12. The "private sector" jobs, likely will come to weapons corporations who have but ONE customer: the U.S. Taxpayer, and you can bet your ass alternative energy corporations will not be made welcome.

13.. "Anything you need to know about my background, remember this:I know how to get a return" which in his case it came from running a company that infamously bilked Medicare which he left just before indictments could reach him.

14. "Private jets" is likely a Sunshine Law attempted workaround.

15. "These agencies are only there to serve the interest of the taxpayers" Some of these agencies, in fact, are there to protect the environment from the rapine of developers and large corporations so that taxpayers in the future can enjoy our state which is utterly unique on planet earth in its environmental bounty.

16. "There are significant opportunities for management of our state prison system" which means corporate privitisation." He specifically mentions the juvenile offender system.

17. Go on every line what's the purpose and what's the measure... It is clearly deliniated how every dollar is spent."

18. "There are many special interests who will complain about cuts to their special programs"

Let's admit this crowd thinks education is a "special interest" and that massive corporations deserve more of a hand out. Now let's look at who attended this event, and perhaps you'll get an idea why it was greeted with such a warm reception.

Click the link. Notice anything?

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