Thursday, February 10, 2011

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Those who read this page know we're pretty passionate about it.

We want big oil stopped,: now. Big oil has dragged us into wars, and has fueled a runaway defense industry both of which are destroying us. Oil is destroying our Constitution which some of us claim to love. It is destroying our image abroad.

Rick Scott beamed into our political landscape as if sent to us here, in Florida, from Mars. He even looks like he's from another planet. He claims to have been a resident for the required seven years. Even harder to dispute than the President's birth certificate.

We all know the story, how he ran Colombia HCA; how that company was charged in one of the biggest Medicare fraud cases in fuh-hucking HISTORY! But, Rick managed to bail out before the S-house came tumbling down. He wasn't even indicted.

Feel better? Good. Now, continuing. Rick has shown himself to be all about two things, 1. Money, and 2. furthering the political aspirations of one Rick Scott.

We can safely predict he will ally himself with 1. Big Defense. 2. Big Oil 3. Big Medicine/Pharma/ Insurance and 4. Big corporate privatized corrections and security.

He is already set his sights on Washington D.C. , either a senate seat or the White House, and so he needs to start building his war chest now. And <i>that</i> means, boys and girls, he needs to begin making those decisions, that will make his face sweet like candy, to those corporate interests.

In short he will whore the resources of this state and deregulate its environment, in order to make that happen. I predict he will not care if he leaves ruin in his wake. Such people seldom do.

Why should you give a damn? Well, as we are finding out, all water in the Gulf is connected. Yes, and that water is also connected to all water in the Atlantic Ocean, and that water also impacts the wordwide current systems and the world's ecology... as we are finding out.

These people, and I am talking about Big Oil here, simply will not be happy until they have turned the Gulf of Mexico into their own private, black pool of filth, from which to extract oil. They don't view the Gulf as anything but  resource to do precisely that.

Do you fish? F U! It isn't about that. It's about the oil.

Do you surf? Same answer.

How about kayaking? You get the drill.

Each state along the Gulf needs to whore itself in unison for their plans to work.

One of the reasons Charlie Crist was shown the door was his inability to sell Florida out to the Big Oil interests. Today he and former gubinatorial candidate Alex Sink are attempting to make an oil drilling ban part of the state's constitution.

Governor RILAB (Run it Like a Business) is already mush mouthing his waning support for such a measure, issuing caveats that drilling can be safe, and "we'll even use Solar" you know, that bullshit. As if solar were the impossible red headed stepchild.

By the way, I think we need to ask the Arnesans how they feel about drilling being safe? How about all the people who fish for shrimp, oysters, and so on around Louisiana? How do they feel about further assurances that drilling for oil offshore, especially in the deep offshore, is safe?

It is for these reasons we must unify. We must watch every damned thing Rick Scott does. These efforts are connected. It is for these reasons I need you to go to Rick Scott Watch and press "like" That's all I am asking you to do for the moment.

No one doing this loves Florida more than I do. No one who opposes Big Oil knows more about this state, its waters, and its environment, than I do. I have a degree in oceanography from Florida Tech. I spent my formative years diving in the keys, I surf at least twice a week and I was newspaper reporter for the better part of a decade. I also taught chemistry, oceanography and math to high school students and I hate what these damned budget cuts are also doing to education.

Please get me some fans. Start by being one yourself. The button is located in the top right corner of the page at the right labeled "Rick Scott Watch" It's right next to the eyeball.

Thank you.

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