Friday, February 25, 2011

Rick Scott: The Lone Ranger?

"I don't know of anyone else in Florida who agrees with the governor. He's the lone ranger on this deal."

Ray LaHood, U.S. Secretary of Transportation, on Bloomberg News Feb. 25.

Hats off to LaHood, this is an excellent nickname but nationally, well, Rick Scott isn't alone.

The Koched-up governors don't particularly like high-speed rail.

If we watch, we see the governor never mentions rail. He also has a curious habit of moving his head back and forth like a rain-bird lawn sprinkler. I think he's going for the "visionary with the far away eyes" thing here. It just comes off "rain-bird". Right, right, right, right.....aaaallllllllll the way back, left.


Nelson assails Scott's decision on bullet train :

Modern high speed rail is part of a national transportation revolution that has been in the works for years. It is also championed by Obama. But Scott mentions specifically, the need to improve roads rather than rail. Why? Wouldn't rail qualify a infrastructure? He's already been assured out the proverbial yin that cost over-runs will be handled by the contractors. That sounds like a little dummy-saying, gibberish that sounds like something, but really it's not.

So what gives?

Random speculation here. Just spit-ballin'

Roads equals more asphalt requiring more petroleum, more fossil fuels to run the autos. In short, it requires more Koch.

Nelson mentions congestion. And who needs congestion? Kochs and the Koched-up governors do. What happens when you're on the highway and there's a traffic jam? Needless guzzling of gas.


If you opt not to purchase a new car because you have a rail alternative that spans the nation, what about all those minerals that went in to making that car, the petroleum products for the brakes, right down to the windshield wipers?

You don't buy them.


Something to think about.

Remember, Florida, none of this is about you. It's not about 24,000 jobs the governor just cost us; oh no. He doesn't care about that at all.

It's about making decisions that appeal to the money trough, managed by the Kock brothers. Sorry, the Koch brothers. It's about furthering the political career of one Rick Scott.

See, to our governor, we are all just ancillary parts in a television drama about Rick Scott. We are the "good townspeople" expected to listen to the lanky stranger with the mid-western accent, and do precisely what he says, so he can ride off into the sunset victorious.

And I guess, that does make him the Lone Ranger.

Trouble is, we are not children and we can see behind the mask and we don't believe homespun fairy tales.

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