Thursday, February 24, 2011

Fifty Governors Convene in D.C., Scott Included. You're not invited

He's in D.C. today.

Before you've had your coffee he's doing an interview at Bloomberg television. He will deliver canned answers about delivering 700,000 jobs, while somehow slip-sliding around the fact he just threw away 24,000.

Then he's sliding over to the Marriott for a chat with the EDC of the entire nation. It's an economic development committee or council. You've hung around county politics long enough and you've run into one of these curious creatures called an Economic Development Council; quasi-business, quasi-public body. No oversight. They get paid taxpayer money, often to cut and facilitate deals that the taxpayer never sees one dime of in return.

Next he's off to the confab of governors held at the Four Seasons on Pennsylvania Avenue. Looks like a nice place from Street View, and the rooms are swanky doo.

This confab lasts all day. I am making a leap of faith here that he is actually meeting with all the other governors from all fifty states at this round-table event at Four Seasons.

He says on his schedule "executive round table" and sure enough, in D.C. scheduled the following day, Feb 26, is a massive event for all fifty governors, as well as a White House dinner on Sunday.

You have to ask why the president won't come down hard on union busting these days? He can't politically afford to be shunned by some of these turds. Nice huh? That would make Obama an "un" consensus builder.

The sweet irony of this event. I wonder if the Koch brothers will be there. I bet they will. Perfect time to just buy out the lot of them in a block. Like a 4-H event at the county fair.

Each governor can be brought into a corral and the business elites can bid on them. Tags on the ears; whole shebang.

It probably won't happen exactly like that.

There is a curious note in the press release. "Throughout the meeting, there also will be several "Governors-Only" sessions, providing governors the opportunity for dialoge on a variety of issues facing states."

This soft cheese sounds suspiciously similar to "no press invited or permitted." In that an "executive round-table" taking place today, sounds like it fits this bill rather nicely, I think there's a very good chance the governors are meeting in private, behind closed doors at the Four Seasons on Pennsylvania Avenue.

As a citizen taxpayer I would love to see plenty of signs and protesters out front of the hotel. But, alas, they have us right where they want us. Lethargy at a high, along with $5 a gallon gas.

Show up if you can.

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