Saturday, February 26, 2011

Political Serial Killers

There has to be a metaphor for these people who screw us so badly with a smile on their faces. This isn't the harshest one I could think of for a headline.

Our governor is not alone in his villainous hypocrisy. There are other governors who are behaving this way, and they are aided and abetted by political opportunists in their respective states.

In Florida, for instance, they talk about jobs, while they are killing 24,000 of them. They talk about education, while they are firing teachers or stealing their pensions, or their benefits, or trying to pit the parents against them. This, while they are trying to find a way to Stasi the remainders of their ranks,out of a careers.

They talk about police protection while they are actually considering to privatize the Florida Highway Patrol, or the Department of Corrections.

They are like the abuser who says "suffer the children to come unto me." They kill dreams of the young, for gain. They kill hope. And they will tell you they are helping the children as they do it.

Sen. Mike Haridopolos (R-Merritt Island), senate president of our State House, comes from my neck of the woods, the Space Coast, Brevard County. Mike has a great big ole smile, and the delivery of an excellent middle school teacher. He visits the schools, gets his picture taken there. Mike is a teacher as well, you know, at the community college.

How he visits those schools and then goes back to the state house and votes for massive cuts to education is just so beyond me. Is it me? Am I being too harsh?

They will talk about "tough choices" here at this point. They say "someone's got to make the tough choices," and won't acknowledge it's a sham to make those while they give massive tax breaks to the wealthy, while they cut the millage for schools to make it happen. Are there other ways? They won't hear them. They won't mention the budget crisis was a plague unleashed with intent, with Machiavellian verve, by the very people decrying the need for fiscal responsibility.

Mike's case may be one of the most naked flip flops in state history. He first voices opposition to the governor's plan to nix HSR but someone must have gotten to him. Someone whispered into his ear, that the way to defeat U.S. Sen. Bill Nelson (D-Orlando) in the next election, was to agree with Rick Scott. Because all the doors in the world would be open to him. All the money in the world to mount an opposition.

Funny that I see Bill Nelson at our county offices more than I see Mike Haridopolos.

You announce you're a democrat in my county and you might as well walk down the road naked with a hammer and sickle emblazoned on your chest in red paint.Well, not anymore. Some of us, aren't hiding anymore.The more I see of this, the more disgusted I become.

You don't attempt to wage war on teachers, cops, and state workers, and call yourself a caring Florida public official. You don't kill jobs for purely political reasons.

You don't take money out of the pockets of teachers and hand it over to corporations who don't need the tax breaks.

You don't kill research grants, and scholarships to worthy students, lay off environmental regulators, fire officers of child protective services, and call yourself a careful steward of our future.

Say what you want about Charlie Crist, he was a good governor. He cared. You could tell it on his face when he came to my county. You could see it in his eyes as you shook his hand.

This man, this Rick Scott, and his Kochey minion, don't care one wit about this state. Haridopolos has obviously struck that Faustian bargain, willing to do anything for higher office.

Meanwhile our governor walks around with a butcher knife, stabbing, stabbing, stabbing. Cutting. If it moves, he slices. Like a deranged mad-mad, he doesn't necessarily need to know why. In fact, it seems to please him more that he NOT understand something he is killing.

He has become the Jason Voorhees of Florida politics.

There are four, perhaps five just like him scattered like hateful, covert operatives across the country.

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