Friday, April 29, 2011

What are your 91 Extra Employees Doing, Rick?

Finger Shadows!
Everyone loves a tale of blatant hypocrisy. So the common man would have to enjoy the fact that the governor, who allegedly wants to reduce the size of government and “create more private sector jobs, not government jobs”, added 91 employees to his own staff in the proposed budget, bringing the number of employees working for his office up to more than 420 people at total projected cost of more than $638 million for running his office.
That’s adding over $340 million to his own budget compared to his “wasteful” predecessor Charlie Crist! An increase in his office budget of 116 percent! The largest percent increase in any part of the state’s “smaller government, more private sector jobs budget” came in the form of additions to his offices!
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. It’s not just say one thing, do something else for yourself. It’s do all of that in plain sight, and when someone says something about it, ignore them, change the subject, mumble some mush-mouthy reply, or say nothing, and run out of the room. Here he was giving us the informational finger during his budget unveiling, and he apparently thought no one would take him up on it and actually read it.
Well he was nearly right. Major media ignored this. No one mentions this now. It’s forgotten. No one has asked precisely what it is that these 91 new employees are doing, and what their qualifications are? Mostly because the media is brain dead when it comes to math. And spread sheets are complicated, after all.
But do you know who else didn’t challenge him on these absurd cuts when stacked against the outlandish increase to his own budget? The same people screaming “hell yeah” in his little rally, there, every time he talked about shit-canning someone working for “big government.”
Apparently a tri-cornered hat renders a thinking person incapable of reading a spread sheet, too. Because if the new governor had been a black liberal and he tried to pull this crap? You can bet there’d be hell to pay.

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