Tuesday, April 19, 2011


Please don't take away my school lunch!
You've got to contact your state senators and representatives and demand that THEY DON'T CUT THE SCHOOL LUNCH PROGRAM!

School lunches for children? Really?

Rick Scott, Dean Cannon and Mike Haridopolos continue not to speak about this rumored proposal.

The idea would be to save millions, return that money to the state to fund the corporate tax breaks and incentives Rick Scott is demanding before he will sign the budget.

Remember, everything is still on the table. Scott has just held hostage the funding for the disabled. Are they looking at school lunches? You betcha.

The state could lay off some 10,000 cafeteria workers statewide in all school systems. Where would those savings go? Back to the state.

To do what? For corporate tax breaks and incentives.

Tea Party supporters are all for the move to do away with all school lunches, to every student from K-12, statewide.

A source who preferred not to be named said " why should I pay for your kid's lunch? I'm retired. I sent my kids to private school. I spent all my life working for GE. Why do I have to pay for your dirty little rat, to eat? Read some Ayn Rand, for Christ sakes! What are you, a damned communist?"

Tea Party supporters are also asking for mandatory drug testing for any child taking school lunch until a measure to do away with all public lunches can be voted on.

"We don't want to test everyone, just anyone taking what we consider public welfare," said state representative Bigglesworth.

"If you don't want to take a drug test, bag your lunch! It's just that simple."

State Senators are calling the program "Student Obesity Reform Act". " As yet there are no numbers for the state bill tracker.


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