Sunday, May 1, 2011

Rick Scott A Likely Donald Runningmate

Ever since Governor Scott immediately sought dealings with the Donald back in early March, flying up to New York for this wacky promotional or whatever the hell you would want to call it, we have been wondering, are these two a political couple?
Fair question and we think the answer is yes.

This very strange shot was taken March 2.

Explaining for those of you who have joined us recently. The random, awkward press event cum suspect "line-up" at Trump Towers was for Rick Scott's "Share a Little Sunshine" program; an idea that has evaporated other than vague promises for free trips to Escambia County.

The Donald was there as you see, to his right is Pedro Menendez back from the grave, and Rick Scott to his left, bathing in the presence of his God-head.

Scott then likely said, "Florida is open for business."

The suspects in the line-up of course, all of the appropriate diverse mix and 18-34 demo, were likely the result of a boot-leg trip down to Screen Actor's Guild offices in Midtown, Manhattan: "Hey! we need some bright young faces to look like "Floridians".

Uhg. No. Some things still don't pass the racial stereotype smell test: what's with the gloves and the do-rag underneath the cap on suspect number three?

The idea behind the photo perhaps? (Like bad art one must guess at what the artist was failing to express.) "See the wonderful workforce of cabana boys and towel girls and Hooter's waitresses? Aren't they great? Come on down and exploit them! Yay!"


Anyway, we have postulated the real reason was for Scott to get taxpayer reimbursement to drag his entire entourage and press palm with His Donaldness. Likely Donald was enticed by yet another chance to be on television, at a podium, or otherwise in front of snapping cameras of the national press. Thereby providing cover for them to convene and come to some sort of understanding for The Donald/Scott ticket. Though it is idle speculation at this point, we feel Scott is definitely posting up to be his wingman. C'mon. Look at him!

Now, again, to our state's discredit, in the video above from the Obama roasting, we see a doe-eyed, gooey Rick Scott to his left slathering at the side of The Donald, checking to make sure his master wasn't hurt too bad from the comments made by President Barack Obama.

I have it on good word that The Donald wasn't invited by the White House so much as The Washington Post. No matter, the president was apparently ready for him. Trump's star is currently made of lead. Not the least of the obstacles for this presumed "ticket" is the unwelcome news from their perspective, THAT OSAMA BIN LADEN HAS BEEN KILLED and apparently Obama had something to do with it!

Ooops! Obama's ass is water-tight and floating well above the high line, while Trump's ballast compartment is filling fast.

In the meantime, while teachers are having their careers reduced to atoms and the classrooms are falling apart in this state, with tension you could cut with a knife, here's our governor hard at work, sucking ass and playing political footsie.

Bootlicker. That's how your state is being represented.

How do you like them apples, Florida?

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