Thursday, April 14, 2011

Play the Rick Scott Word Game!

HEY GANG! Let's all play the Rick Scott Tea Party Word Game! Yay!

"Let's get to work!" = "I mean, YOU get to work, while me and my buddies exploit you like cheap Chinese labor."

“Vouchers” = “a shell game in which I am taking something away from you (public schools, medicare etc.), and giving you a worthless coupon in its place.”

“Choices”= “vouchers.”

“It would be a huge mistake to raise taxes” = ”I am now threatening you. I am holding something else hostage here (funding for care for the elderly or disabled) and I will kill this, if you move to tax me, anything.”

“We are creating opportunities” = “….for ourselves and our chamber buddies. Everyone else can suck it.”

“Anything we can do to promote the environment and preserve it.” = “C’mon, the business environment. Screw nature. Get real.”

“We love our military families”= “And we’re not afraid to exploit them for political profit.”

“Run it like a business!” = “For ourselves and our chamber buddies. Everyone else can go suck it.”

“This is a great opportunity!” = “For me.”

“I have no interest in that business so this isn’t a conflict of interest.” = “Gee I hope you’re stupid enough to believe that, and I have moved fast enough to dodge an ethics complaint not to mention a federal investigation, if there is one.”

"I am fulfilling my campaign promises" = "especially the one I made to myself to get even more wealthy at your expense. Yay!"

"Student success"= "when the unions are all dead and the kids are rendered numb, illiterate, and ignorant from all the bubble sheets. In fact, it will only be really successful when all they know how to do is fill in the oval....for our candidate."

"Opportunities" = "I am about to screw someone over and I am very nearly gratified from even thinking about it!"

"Fairness" = "When everyone who isn't us, just shuts the f.. up and takes it, no matter how bad it sucks. Ya! Go us!"

"I'm the governor for all Floridians" = "if they are intolerant, live in gated communities; play golf yet have a chemical aversion to strong sunshine, nature and manual labor;  vote republican, claim to love Jesus ( though they know him not), and (this is the most important part) hate Obama with a visceral passion!"

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