Saturday, April 23, 2011

Pandemic of Stupidity

It's amazing. As a Floridian I get to learn of these absurdities from the New York Times rather than my local papers. The idea of turning our turnpike into corporate property - isn't it bad enough it was renamed after Ronald Reagan? - is such conservative porn. Of course we learned early on Governor Pink Slip wanted his clammy fingers all over the state lottery by virtue of the fact he and his minions wanted to dismantle Florida's Bright Futures Scholars program. Bright Futures was the reason the lotto was created in the first place. The program grants scholarships to students who earn excellent grades in Florida's schools. It one of the the reasons our universities are gaining national prominence. They have earned the reputation for responsible science (during the BP fiasco), and excellence in engineering and medicine, because the students entering are high-achieving and highly motivated; not the trust-fund, alcoholic party animals of yesterday.
The old corporate guard, conditioned to killing two or three birds with one stone, can't have that. They wish to break up our education system AND sell off the lotto.
To them government isn't a service to those who pay for it, but a honey pot for the criminal element to plunder after they rig the elections. Never before has that been so clearly evident than with the mysterious and suspect election of Rick Scott and his willing cadre of lackies and remorae.
A gnat farts louder than the shouts of our local media against some of these absolute pornifications of conservatism. We have seen everything imaginable from attempts to put golf resorts in state parks, to chucking he disabled to the tender mercies of the streets under executive order. The latter decision was made, ala Michael Corleone at a baptism, while the governor was attending a torch carry for Special Olympics.
King Ricky and his merry band of illigitimus are going to learn, you can only push an educated mass of people so far, and they will retaliate.

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