Sunday, August 26, 2012

Why do I think the Pinellas Glitch Smells Like ...?

And why do I suspect it might happen again here in November during the general election? Just take a look.
Here we are in the car on Aug. 21, 2012, just a week after the glitch that ate 36,000 votes in the primary

After the county commission meeting where I spoke to seven blank stares, and got no response, I wandered over to the elections office complex on Starkey Road  in Largo and interviewed Nancy Witlock, spokeswoman for the supervisor of elections of Pinellas County. The complex is one of dozens of warehouses, offices, government agencies ( the tax collectors office is there) who, to date, all reported no problems with their telephone service on election day/night.

Afterwards, I recap what we've learned. Here's a strange fact as well. Directly across from the Supervisor of  Elections Office, can be found the HCA offices - you remember HCA? Rick Scott's old company charged with medicare fraud and so on? In this case the facility appears to be a warehouse with sales and business offices in the front facing the elections supervisor's office not half  football field away. I don't know if this is significant or not. Seems worth a mention in the notes, though, doesn't it.

NOTE: Okay I mean to say Pinellas has 600,000! Registered voters.
Whatever the case might be regarding the phone lines, a woman who works there told me there were no phone problems, or anything out of the ordinary, on the Tuesday of election.

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