Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Are YOU a Fake Democrat? Do you know one?

Democrats defend democracy. This, is their first instinct.
The instinct to defend democracy rises above any and all partisan issues. It concerns itself not with the color of the signs nor the t-shirt when democracy itself is in peril. The instinct will gladly ignore temporal considerations, social calendars, fashion, gossip, less meaningful action, when the right to vote is in doubt.
Real democrats - not fake ones - rise immediately to the side of democracy itself; the sanctity and the right to vote, first, and always, when that right has been challenged, when it is in doubt.
The woman's right to choose, was only made possible, by the woman's right to vote. When the right to vote is then imperiled, protesting threats upon the right to choose, are meaningless. The vote will be subverted, followed by the right to choose, followed by the right to protest.
Fait accompli 
We are experiencing the joy of the election season! Hooray for us and our causes! It will be our last, and dearly and too late, will we bemoan the loss, when these elections are stolen from us.
Bev Harris going through the trash in the movie, "Hacking Democracy" at the Viera SOE office, in 2004
If you can believe it, if you dare stomach this dreadful truth; that they who take these seats of office,  determine for us everything from the fate of our lives, to our schools, to the condition of our infrastructure, to the very the survival of our military personnel, not to mention billions and billions of dollars. And because of this latter element, there are those - if you can for a moment live in the adult and sober world - who are paid informants, misleaders, fake protesters, and yes, even fake candidates.
By their actions you shall know them.
First and foremost fake democrats DO NOT defend democracy. Witness a radio broadcaster who refuses to discuss the substantive issues, or prevents perfectly logical arguments from flowing on his or her airspace. The radio and television airwaves are chock-filled with such misleaders, such fake democrats.
Do you know any?
Witness the protest organizer who leads the masses down a merry chase concerning issues which are gone, barely through one weekly news cycle. Leads them to bars thereafter to commiserate with the masses using damnable pity and self defeating talk, rather than urging they who follow to do anything about what is happening. The protest organizer who leads the group to a corner that no one cares about, or can even see:
Are these real, or are they fake democrats?
Witness any candidate who will hold up a sign for themselves, but will not urge you to vote; nor will they urge you to protect the vote.
Can these people be trusted? Are they real democrats or fake ones? Were they sent to us, are they being paid to say one thing, do another?
There are organizers who corral well-intended people, only to get in the way of the mission they allegedly purport to champion. Are they inept, or is something else going on?
The democrat defends democracy. First, foremost, always.
Harris wrestling a Volusia County election official for a trash bag containing  public records, evidence of an "error" in the election. By the way, she's from Washington...the state!
Exit polling defends democracy.  Real democrats DO exit polling. They participate in them.
There is no cynical side-mouthed slovenly argument that bears any scrutiny that the state of Florida enjoys actual democracy. Our voting history is the laughingstock of planet earth. There are problems with our machines, and our duly appointed officials set to monitor them. These can fill volumes and yet nothing, ever gets done. We have a state run by criminals, still, at the highest level.
Just, read!
Is it just those evil bad people again and again we whine and cry about, like so many miserable babies, in our slogans and our shirts and signs? Or have we like dutiful fake, false, hypocritical, non-democrats actually facilitated the evil through our cowardly refusal to see truth. Not fake, corporate truth fed to you by cheering mega-egos giving smidgens of light between car commercials, but real truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth.
Are YOU a fake democrat? Are you?
The lazy sneering argument "all is well". Listen to it, and you would do well to watch from whose mouth it slips, if you actually value democracy. If you are a real democrat ask where they are coming from? All is not well. This is no simple matter. We are in a crisis.
It shouldn't be "weird" or "inconvenient" or "weirdly inconvenient" or kookoo to participate in, or even help conduct, an exit poll, in any county.
As a democrat - a true democrat, not a fake one - it should be your first instinct after voting itself.

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