Saturday, August 4, 2012

Clear as Mud?

Basically, the supervisor of elections is going to provide no information on what is acceptable when it comes to operating an exit poll. Oh, but, you can do one, so there's really no problem.

Most exit polls require the proper collection of data. The organizer of the group I am working with suggests using a clip board with questions on it. Does the clip board require the use of paper? Yes. Is use of a paper and a clip board solicitation? The SOE won't get specific, but perhaps it is, which is a no-no.

Clue: if they catch you doing something which in their view is "disruptive" or "illegal" during your exit polling, they can shut you down and all your data is rendered meaningless. Good for them. No oversight to see if the election is being handled fairly and accurately. Why would they ever ever ever tell you what behavior specifically crosses the line? It's not in their best interest to behave in a manner that is even-handed!

Surely this is paranoid thinking you say. Is it?

In the previous post we see the attorney for the division urging the outreach coordinator to outreach to anyone wishing to conduct such a poll. His response is to contact the attorney, whose response is as follows.

Clear as mud? Not even.

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