Wednesday, August 15, 2012

UFO Blasts Pinellas County Elections Office with anti-technology-ray

Riddle me this: How else do you explain what you are about to read?

Here's the official story. In Pinellas County, ballots from 299 precincts were counted BY HAND between close of polling and 11 p.m.? Why BECAUSE NOTHING WORKED! The whole county. For a while there, about 90 minutes the rest of the county, state, nation, the planet, moved forward in time. Whereas the Supervisor of Elections Office and all its precincts and polling places, returned to the absolute native state. It's like a magical UFO swept over and using some sort of cosmic ray, blasted a hole in the technosphere ONLY on the Pinellas Supervisor of Elections office.

Because these glitch stories are pulled off of media web sites so damned fast after they are published, or the links are intentionally buried so hard you can't find them anymore, I have to screen capture this one since it is just so absurd. Here is the official word coming through Tampa Bay Online regarding the Pinellas County superglitch.

So, they hand counted ballots from 299 precincts between 7 p.m. when they discovered the problem and 11 p.m.? All those precincts? There are upwards of 300 ballots per precinct. Times 299 of them? How many choices per ballot? Hand counted, huh?

Or, is THIS more accurate or more complete, coming from Tampa Bay Times? Again, these links are getting buried by the hour, harder to find as the clock ticks, and even the explanation in this more complete story - one which will never ever ever be followed up on by a swill headed cowardly media - is so obscenely absurd as to defy belief. So too, the idea that they would long let anyone link to it for very long, well forget it. They'll kill this fast because their reporting makes no sense and they know it. So because of that, I will screen capture while the link still exists.

So once again, nothing downloaded. Perhaps having learned from what happened in Hillsborough they are keen not to mention any particular piece of equipment as being the culprit. It's all sort of a melange of half explanations. From the reporting you can't get a sense on whether the computers went dead or the network did, or the cards failed to upload. Again, someone tried to vote all over the county, and the votes registered on those machines because the ballots were fed through.

But we're on the other side of the state from Volusia County, and the SAME evil is creeping in here: they won't dare share how many ballots precisely are affected, even though with 299 precincts we're talking about thousands, tens of thousands. Hell, read it: they are talking about a complete top-to-bottom do-over. They took ALL the memory cards - they call them "memory sticks" in Pinellas - and once again, just like in the case of Hillsborough, they had to rush them around in the middle of the night under "emergency conditions" and in this case re-do it all over.

Again, the supervisor of elections voted the deciding ballots, not the voters. And this is neat because, this TOTALLY avoids a recount.

Worst case, this is disenfranchisement folks. Best case? Can you trust this result? At this time all results in all Pinellas races remain unofficial.

Someone seems to have a need to mess with votes in and around Tampa Bay. One poster at the Tampa Bay Online site said this was a "dry run" for the total disenfranchisement of the Pinellas vote in the general election. And, can you fault him for believing it?

In perhaps a related note as we face the general election, Pinellas County's elections supervisor has no problem displaying open partisanship on her FACEBOOK PAGE.

Ok so she "liked" a No-Bama page.  And then she left it there for all the world to see. Well there's a page for the DEC there too, just below it but, the first thing you see blazing out of the blue is this page "I will not vote for Obama in 2012" and she liked the page. Come on. That's pushing it. Especially in light of this monstrously huge screw up.

You have to wonder, if the voters of the state swallow this, if we don't get upset, isn't that the "steal sign" they are looking for from second base?

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