Monday, August 27, 2012

Can't Get Enough of the Pinellas Glitch

Submitted for your review and approval. Here are some curious facts about the Pinellas Glitch during primary election night on Aug. 14. The election supervisor said 36,000 ballots had to be re-tabulated due to a phone line issue. This is every ballot at all the precincts on primary election day. The ballots, then in data form contained inside USB flash drives, were bagged up, driven over to the main offices, and then data dumped into the system.
The excuses went as follows. 1. Phone lines were down. 2. Lines were down inside the building, and a primary computer failed, and a back-up failed as well. 3. No, no, scratch all that, it was the phone lines after all. 4. No no, scratch that, it was a gateway device inside the county's phone system that failed after a power outage at 4:30 p.m. on election day.

Here is the Supervisor Of Elections office for Pinellas County located just off Starkey Road in Largo. Marked In Red.

In lavender you see outlined the county offices of Tax Collector and Property Appraiser. As far as we can tell, and this is only after a couple of phone calls, there were no issues reported from either of these two county offices, day-of.

In bright green you see a curious thing. You see the warehouse medical supply offices of HCA - Hospital Corporation of America: Rick Scott's old company. Ironic isn't it. One person there too, reported nothing out of the ordinary on election day.

So, only the building circled in red had a total failure in telecommunications, and a power outage on election day?

The funny thing is, the media - oh, yee lame-dead media - hasn't thought to ask these questions at all. Hasn't thought to ask whether the story of power outage is even true.

We (royal we) contacted Bay News 9 after this item ran on their website (LINK) A newsroom producer and I went round and round before he admitted "we do don't investigative journalism". Thanks for your honesty.

The television station did post this photo (Credit Bay News 9) on their website, of the furious scrambling of the elections workers.

The red arrow points to the "bags" that had the "memory sticks" in them. You see the "numbers" in this case "18" as touted by a spokeswoman as airtight security and chain of custody. As far as the "seal" goes well obviously it's tight because they are zipping them open right there on the table.

The yellow circle shows how the caption says "the ballots were counted by hand" which of course, is absolutely wrong. The only thing done "by hand" was bringing them into the building and opening these bags and then inserting the "memory sticks" onto a tabulating machine.

And yet, the media doesn't even correct its misleading errors in this case. Nope, just going to stand there, shake your head and look no further. And why? Because "we don't do investigative journalism."

Furthermore, what is it these workers are doing here? What precisely is this?

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