Wednesday, June 6, 2012

We Don't Mention Voting Machines in AmerikaLITE

My daughter and I sat after the meeting today discussing my fixation with the Hillsborough County Supervisor of Elections and the false vote that gave us Rick Scott.She worked the camera for me and recorded my harangue against the commission for failing to call for any investigation into a clearly tampered vote which gave us this fascist ghoul in the governor's mansion.
"You can get obsessed over this stuff. You tend to fixate on things."
Kids understand there is a connection to their lives and a rigged election in an academic sense, but, they don't internalize it.
"Getting worked up about all this stuff," is so foreign to them.
But she's not alone. I belong to a group of bellyachers calling ourselves "Occupy Rigged Elections" a collection of misfits and malcontents who don't know what to do about the fact our democracy is being flushed down the toilet as we speak. Except watch with a sort of morbid fascination, like people on a subway platform witnessing a suicide by train.
I mean, we don't DO anything about it. We whine like simpering little victims about the situation but, ninety nine percent of us never DO a damned thing but Facebook our misery to each other. There is nothing more boring or useless than a group of lazy timid people who are in complete agreement with each other. (Fucking shoot me already!)
 My only consolation is I occasionally summon the nerve to get right up in some faces, but of course today, I have my daughter with me to provide perspective. Even this is as pathetic as I secretly suspected it was.
"Dad, they're not listening to you at all. You think the (the commissioners) are torn by some sort of moral dilemma. They're not. They don't care what you are saying. They just sit there, and don't say anything after you're through. You've done this now. This isn't working. You've got to do something else."
She's a smart kid. So I ask; "what?"
She shrugs, "get a lawyer. I don't know. That's for you to decide."
I have a couple of friends running for office in my county. They don't want to talk about it. They walk around with "all is well smiles" on their faces, even after the Scott Walker recall that wasn't; the one in which - somehow?-yeah?- media had all the answers less than one hour after the polls closed? uh-huh? And yet the exit polls took quite some time getting to us?
Does it make you wonder?
Took some time getting to us as media types scratched their heads and resolve what should have been a cake-walk for democrats, that resulted in a decisive loss.
Yeah....cause all of this makes sense. Right?
I called Ring of Fire Radio last week when they were talking about the voter purge  (purge, right? Because that's normal in an open democratic society) and ended up talking to Mike Papantonio about my book, and Kurt Browning, and the instant I started in on the Hillsborough vote and the voting machines, our normally courageous and outspoken Pap was like "Dave I gotta go, man." And moved right on to commercial.
I swear this damned thing is the third rail!
I have a friend in my local media who is the same way.
I don't understand how Pap, Rachel, Ed and the rest of them can talk about the absurdity of these allevged massive numbers of non-citizens still on the voting rolls, and never once mention the other argument, these corrupted voting machines? Is that journalism today? Is that how bad it is?
The only one of the MSNBC crowd I've seen even mentioning the machines was Chuck Todd and talk about limp it was in a reply tweet to Brad Freidman. (Chuck, how do you sleep?)
Todd used the  corporate dodge, slick on the head like grease off a block of ice, that "well? You trust your ATM don't you? So what's the problem?"
This from a guy who has this pompous pontificated commercial showing Himself making it through the White House gates to "ask the tough questions on behalf of the American people."
Vomit.Talk about dunderheaded obliviousness, ignorance with intent.
Anyway kids. This is where we stand today in AmerikaLITE.

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