Friday, June 15, 2012

Scott Wants Florida's Own Immigration Gestapo Agency

What fun is it having a fascist dictatorship without a gestapo?
Rick's excuse will be immigration, which is why he wants to tap the Homeland Security Database. Duh!
No? I'm out of my god-frigging mind?
If we have learned nothing else from this experiment called Rick Scott, we have learned that every seemingly meek, mild, honest-engine request has another motive. And the underlying motive is often ten times, to one hundred times more sinister than the announced motive.
"Who can argue that we shouldn't have illegal people voting?" he said.
Who indeed?
If 'A' so 'Z' must follow, as well as 'O', 'G' and 'R'. That's the pattern over and over. And it just so happens OGR and so on, often take away our liberties, further reduce us to serfdom and enrich the Friends of Rick Program (FORK).
You need an example? Bitch, please:
The reason for selling state property, that being a King Air and a Cessna for a combined $3.7 million (rock bottom give-away) was to save $500,000 in annual maintenance costs. Never mind he had no legal authority to do it. But, we learned of a secondary motive. He was able to escape records laws which follow state owned property, namely aircraft, whenever they fly.
And so, using his own jet he whisked himself off (in thwarted secrecy) to Vail Colorado for the annual Koch-cult come to Mohammad meeting with all the conservative machers to compare notes on how they were each outdoing each other in their attempts to murder, murder, murder the middle class!(I tell you this can't wait we must kill them all!).
Another example? Really? You can't remember these lessons? Alright. He used a little documentary Davis Guggennheim called "Waiting for Superman" and FOX's it-gal of the moment Michelle Rhee to tell us that "the model on education is broken." This became the excuse for attacking teachers, their pensions, their tenurs, and continues to be a a major homework assignment for the Koch masters. Higher ed is currently in his cross-hairs.
The solution? Big box corporate learning and Koch approved professors starting at FSU and soon to be seen elsewhere. And all those lucrative contracts for the rights to enter the counties and set up shop. These provide tit for tat fodder to the upwardly mobile conservative palm greasers in both spheres! Diluting the power of our tax dollars to fund education, the overall destruction thereof, of course the desired end result.
The next hot ticket? "Druggies shouldn't be receiving unemployment or/and food stamps! This is a major problem!" (Which it's not.)
He was/is/was? who knows? retains, or doesn't, controlling interest in Solantic Walk-in urgent care which changed it's name to "Not-Solantic but something totally unrelated to all the controversy caused by Rick Scott's blatant use of our brand for his own evil purposes" also known as "CareSpot Express Health Care"- hair salon and Nazarene Church.
These centers of course, specialize in (wait for it) drug test kits at $35 a pop.
So now with these example in mind, and with an eye bent toward suspicion, what do we have? You have an evil madman asking the federal government to give him a look-see at the HLS database see he can merely keep illegals from voting.
Or is there more to it?
Friends of Rick program (FORK)
Ricky was all for something called "prison privitization". Cradle to prison program, Gulag Inc. Prison Vouchers, whatever you want to call it. GEO Group (NYSE:GEO) which owns 30 percent of the private prison space market and based in Boca Raton has major, major, major ties to Team Scott. Whether it's Scott's lobbyist Bill Rubin, or GEO's property trust manager Donna Arduin, who was Rick  Scott's transition team budget advisor; or whether it's the fact GEO gave Rick and the Republican party  $82,000 to help fund the inaugural shindig, there is an obvious case of political/corporate face sucking going on here, and one of the many facets of the Friends of Rick (FORK) program.
Speaking of Gulag Inc. and while we're on the subject, back we come to the original thesis here: a state gestapo.
When we establish this because (gasp!) "look at these fudged extrapolated mathematical lies we've come up with using data from Homeland Security as the spine of our deceit! Wow! We have got to do something about all these evil people on these spread sheets!" we will need to put all the targets of the massive inquest somewhere.
That means private prisons, which had been shot down by judges familiar with the state's constitution the federal one, as well as the contractual agreements with all 8,000 or more corrections officers in the state, are back in business owing to "emergency conditions! I tell you!"
The "woefully inadequate federal oversight" and they always use this Shakespearian refrain, will be pointed to as the reason to unleash corporate prisons on us, AND the pretext for creating a STATE agency to hunt down all would-be "evil doers" with a Minority Report concern for Constitutional or human rights.
Mark me well. This "request" to compare the data base against the voter rolls has a dual purpose. And responsible people at the federal level are obviously very uneasy about giving such authority, power, pretext and excuse over to this madman; as well they should be.
As well they should be.

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