Wednesday, June 20, 2012

My follow up to Hillsborough

(April 2, 2012)

Dear Ms Ferris;
I do not see the audit log for the malfunctioning machine OSX #499
used during the Nov. 2, 2012 election. This machine was referenced in
a letter to Mr. Bobanic from Dominion Voting dated March 15, 2012.
(Please see attached document 1).
This was my first requested item.

As to the rest I am reviewing the information. I also asked a series
of specific questions regarding the election of Nov. 2, 2012 to Peg
Reese, and have not received a response to those questions. Of course,
a copy of the approved security procedures under normal conditions
isn't a response to specific questions but I thank you for the
additional information.

To that end, I will include the specific questions again here.

1. Precisely how many early voted ballots failed to upload during the
election and where were the locations they failed to transmit from?

2 What is the normal procedure for verifying that the memory cards are
able to upload to the GEMS server before the cards are sent out to the
voting locations, and why wasn't this done during this election?

3. Why was only one machine used to code the 12 failing memory cards
sent out to early voting?

4. How many OSX machines were available for the task in the previous
question and why was that specific machine chosen over the others?

5. Does a normal test of the equipment at the poling locations include
transmitting or uploading data through the system to ensure the system
totally functions, prior to taking the early votes? If not why not? If
so why was this not done?

6. Were the private vehicles of the poll workers, staff, or
administrators, used to carry the ballots that failed to upload, back
to the Falkenburg Road Annex? If so why weren't county vehicles used?

7. Who is responsible for the chain of custody of the ballots
mentioned in the previous question?

8. What if any statutes or generally accepted rules apply to the
proper rescanning of ballots mentioned in these questions? Were they

If as Ms. Reese suggests everyone involved in this election as held on
Nov. 2, 2012 was operating in the best of faith, it remains to be seen
in evidence, in that I continue to get non-answers to specific
questions about this election, I have been posing since July last.

These are not difficult questions, if, as asserted, the election was
held in good faith.


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