Tuesday, May 22, 2012

The Snookie Award for Gutless Puke Media

The latest news in gutless  media comes from every hoodwinked snook outlet purveyor of infotainment that got in on the new "Rick on A Stick" lovefest and loudly applauded the governor for his new "open government" project SHITE-BURST (sorry) SUNBURST.
That last bit was a typo, sorry.
Now, Project Sunburst was to be a clearing house of state government emails. Media did all but break out lambeg drums, fife and whistle as you recall. The Orlando Sentinel, TBT, Miami Herald, Florida Today and several other Snook-on-a-Hook outlets went out on the massive limb to give credit where "gosh golly" credit was due to Governor Aardvark for putting out a webber (wait for it) with nary a damned thing on it.
"He's just resting"
It's a hoot. You dial this bird up on the old webster and this site that was slathered with praise as Ricky Come Runnin' to Jesus on Sunshine Law, has not one f-tick of an email there to be perused. It's empty, gang! Nitch. Nada. Nien. Null Set. (Oh make sure you use the handy dandy username and password. sunburst/sunburst).
"Lovely plumage the Norwegian Blue."
 Has been for days, will go on being so for days more. Weeks, months, years. And no one (wait for it) ever, follows up.
"No never?" (this is you talking here)
No Virginia. No! Not Fu-hUH-uh-uh- huck-ing EVER!
"But, never mind children, shhhhh. Don't mention the bad thing," because Lazy Big Media Teat has more offerings of nothingness and fake news coming right up!
Yes yes, hurry along. Don't see. Don't look, and please don't feed the brain-dead, shell-backed "see no evil" chimpanzees in our newsroom.
And the chimps go: "What? What's that? Project Sunturd? What? Now, explain that to us again, as our reporters and editors have selective dunderhead amnesia, brought on by Bribed Ossified Boss Syndrome (BOBS) and we can't seem to remember the news stories we wrote nigh on five days ago. Project Scudcurb? Wha...?"
Of course, they have totally left by the wayside their original story that prompted project Turdblossom; that being the deleted emails, hundreds if not thousands of Ricky's pre-junta government emails flushed down the john of history never to return.
Here, what's all this then?
They said the FDLE would have no problem getting to the bottom of all this, then. And certainly (harumpf I tell you harumpf!) the FDLE in no way shape or form would be prevented in any way from turning over any stone necessary (follow the crime where it leads and so on) to get to the bottom of something a member of the Geek Squad would tell you in one day. This despite the fact the FDLE reports to the very man they are now investigating, lo these many years.
Nothing sinister here. Move along.

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