Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Trying to File a Sunshine Law Violation Charge

Trying to file a Sunshine Law violation complaint to the proper authorities in Hillsborough County is a little like trying to herd cats.
No. Cats are smarter apparently. My cat comes when I call her. I swear she does. She understands certain words in the English Language.
The Hillsborough County sheriff's department apparently does not. The Hillsborough State Attorney's office likes to refer the Sunshine Law complaints to the sheriff's department, and the sheriffs don't speak or understand English until you get angry and nearly rude. Then they call you rude.
I spoke with a deputy. I will be kind and not mention her name but I will if pressed to prove what I say. I will be kind for now.
Florida Sunshine Law is covered under chapter 119 of Florida Statutes- our laws. I was on the phone tree begging thrown from one branch to the next when I landed on her line and like the others she kept saying "what? what is it? what?" Like that. Like if you say "what is?" enough with that tone. You know the tone. You're wrong for asking? Then I'll go away.
Finally we agreed she would look at the statute I kept referencing.
She came back on the line "I don't have it here."
"Well do you have google?"
"What, what? What? What?"
Cats. I tell you cats get it better than this. I've called the FDLE. I've called the Hillsborough State Attorney's office. Each agency refers me to the other, or the other two.
"What? What?"
If anyone has a name of someone in Florida who handles these complaints within state government, please contact me.

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