Monday, June 11, 2012

Voter Purge A CIA/Bush Diversion for Hacking

The foot stomping and posturing over the voter purges, in this writer's opinion constitute nothing more than a CIA/Bush-styled diversion which will cover-up a hacked vote again, here in Florida.
In 2000 (and I have said this on this blog until I am blue in the face) there were 16,022 votes counted backwards for Al Gore on election night. The location of the negative votes - did they appear from the anti-verse, what gives? - was discovered in precinct 216 in Volusia County. A precinct that had at that time a little over 600 registered voters.
This "error" on GES vote counting machines  ( later bought by Diebold, changed the name to Premier and then bought by Dominion voting) has never, ever been explained.
Since Al Gore conceded the election, all investigation into this was dropped.
During the recount phase the attention of the entire country was diverted with talk of "hanging chads" if you recall. And the collective fecal humor stage of the American public ate it up, so to speak.
Our brains completely shut down. The major media again told the country that Floridians are essentially brain dead morons who can't be trusted to vote properly and Americans also ate this lie up.
Let me ask you something. Was there a Bush or two involved in this? Yes. There were two in fact. Jeb and George.
Was there a Bush involved in the 2004 fiasco in Ohio?  Where Kerry was defeated by a middle man attack on the vote reporting system set up by then secretary of state Ken Blackwell? A man who promised to deliver the Ohio vote? Yes, there was, as well as a Karl Rove.
As the video in the previous link mentions, the same names and the same tactics keep showing up in Florida, and election tampering.
But the overall Bush badness and underhanded dark deeds go back even further.
The Bushes were at the heart of the Savings and Loan scandals of the late 1980s. They were at the heart of the drugs for guns for Contra program in the mid 1980s.
 It was George Bush senior who, as Director of Intelligence for the CIA hand-picked and programmed a young military cadet named Manuel Noriega and groomed him as an asset, turning a blind eye to his associations in the Colombian drug cartels.
It can even be argued that the first Gulf War invasion was a carefully planned operation designed to divert attention away from the Manuel Noreiga trial in which Manny was singing like a bird about nefarious dealings with Bush, particularly, who at the time of the invasion, was president of the United States.
What's a little election rigging to folks like this?
Pfffft. Child's play. That's what it is.
Key Bush family advisers have found themselves in league with Rick Scott, who made a great deal of money  in Texas.
Ken Detzner, our current secretary of state served as Jeb Bush's secretary of the state in an interim capacity and then helped transition the position from an elected one, to a governor appointee cabinet member. The worst situation, by the way, if you care about maintaining fair elections. That is, having the chief of all state elections, as a partisan appointee.
The idea to purge collateral thousands of voters along with less than a handful of illegal immigrants is too absurdly obvious not to be a CIA styled counterintell operation.
Even the republican elections supervisors aren't falling for it since it's their heads on the chopping block if they go back on federal laws. So, essentially it's a moot point. And Team Scott already know this. They are well aware of it.
When this dies down because a bought off media is already being directed to look away from it, the public will have had its mashed potato fill of talk of Florida and elections for a while.
During this period of exhasted disgust with Florida, the mechanisms of pre-programmed glitches and their "rescannings" will be honed to perfection. The bear traps for democracy now wait for a gullible public.
Florida's vote will be swindled. The governor will claim to be blameless by pointing out the fact his strongest efforts to steal votes were already thwarted by an "overreaching Obama administration."
You'll be convinced again that we're all too stupid to vote correctly down here.

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