Tuesday, February 14, 2012

My Email to DELUSIONAL #AlanGrayson

Dear Alan,

It must be a hundred times I am saying this: with all due respect, you're delusional. Here's yet another email from your crew asking me for money.
Oops I deleted another email that dude sent us!

I've sent this message, in nicer words, to your interns over and over. And being kids and tweenies and, whoever you've hired, who are all so terribly excited to be a part of history!, or whatever you have them juiced up on, they dared not give my reply emails to you. So now I publish. And I am honest with you.

Alan, listen. I want you to  really look in the mirror and have an honest heart to heart with yourself. Truth-time: There is no way in hell the "big machine" is ever going to let you back into congress.

Reason? Because you are honest. Because you cared. Because you demonstrated the courage befitting your position as an elected member of congress. Specifically, when you got up on the floor of the House of Representatives and you said "the republican healthcare plan is, don't get sick. And if you do, die quickly."

They won't suffer that any more. They won't let you in.

"Oh, yeah?," you say, "It's the voters who will decide anyway, so what are you worried about?"

No. No. Not right. Not right. Here are some names. Gore versus Bush, Jennings versus Buchanan, Sink versus Scott. What does this roll call have in common? Hacked voting machines.

For months now since publishing my book on Kindle Rick Scott: Enemy of the State I have been trying to get people to realize the election of Rick Scott was a fraudulent one, carried out, most likely, through the Hillsborough SOE. And it was handled so brazenly that now, neither they, nor the county commission will share one published report, one written report, as to how 38,000 early voted ballots were erased in the middle of the night.

Remember? Remember how the governor couldn't accept until the next day? Remember how Sink couldn't concede until then either? Remember? No?

I've been over to Hillsborough three times. Twice to speak before the commission to ask them for any documentation, as apparently the SOE is so filled up with lies, they can't set a hand to it, and I still have nothing. I have been asking them since July, Alan. Since before you decided to run again. One shred of documentation so I can show this to other counties and tell them to get rid of the same voting machines. They won't do it. Because in all likelihood, there was nothing wrong with the machines, at all. And if that's the case, there should be a federal investigation into the election of Rick Scott.

I trust you notice our secretary of state resigned again? Yeah, his decision was made, Jan. 5, reportedly. Oh, on Jan. 5 I got up before the commission and told them "these machines are used to steal elections over and over again."  I told them I had filed a complaint with Florida's AG and she sidestepped forward it to the Department of State. And convenient to the process of resigning, you are forgiven all sins of omission in the last month. Nothing to be alarmed about.

You know, I saw you speak at OWS in Orlando. Great speech. "It's not your fault, it's theirs (points to the Chamber building) awesome. Also pointless. You were the one pol who had no trouble getting to the mic right away. You think the big machine is going to let you back into congress when they now control the vote in the state of Florida with impunity?

Don't make me laugh. You came over to my neck of the woods. You were charging $15 a pop for folks to come watch. And I would have: honestly. I would have paid the Space Coast Progressive Alliance that money for you, sure. If, if, that money would be going for some good.

But it's not. It's not Alan. It just isn't. As long as the democratic party continues to feign interest in democracy itself with delusional campaigns such as yours I am not a "buy in."

We be jamming ballots back through the scammers, er scanners!
Sure, some token democrats will get new seats in the Florida State House. We have a great candidate for that here; practically a shoe-in. I mean, give the Big Machine credit for a little subtlety.

But not you. No more "Mr. Smith goes to Washington" stories for you, my friend. No more. Because you scare them. If they are so brazen as to install a governor, tell me why in hell they would ever, ever, ever let you near that place again?

Not as long as you, Alex Sink and other "leaders" of our party display an alarming disinterest in what happened, what really happened, in Hillsborough County the night Rick Scott was elected. As long as you're going to sit there and rely on the same hackable machines that erased 38,000 votes in the African American community of Temple Terrace, plug your ears, shut your eyes, and put your hands over your mouth?

You ain't got a prayer. And it's damned shame.

Your pal,


P.S. Really looking forward to that next mass email. Until then...

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