Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Letter to Hillsborough's County Attorney

I have been inquiring since July for some written report concerning the alleged error of the Dominion voting machines that reportedly erased 38,000 ballots on election night Nov. 2, 2010.
 I have been given no information. I have spoken before the Hillsborough County Commission twice and am prepared to do so again at any time regarding this issue. I have inquired directly to your SOE Earl Lennard and was told false statements in the presence of Mr. Bobanic and Mr. Latimer neither of whom corrected him. They offered no documentation. 
I was assured by commissioner Mark Sharpe there was a preliminary report regarding the alleged error in the machines that night. But once again nothing has been forthcoming. I am soliciting radio and television time to speak on this matter as I consider it alarming that the county apparently has no information on a horrendous glitch, amplifying my suspicions that the election was rigged in Hillsborough County. I have no trouble standing up in whatever venue be it local radio or national television to lay the evidence out as it is. Please dissuade me of the notion that the entirety of the county government is suspect by directing whomever it may be, to send me written documentation as to the exact cause as best known, of the Hillsborough Glitch of 2010. 
Thank you

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