Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Follow up Letter to Hillsborough County Commissioners

This letter was sent yesterday in response to their note that day, directing me to contact the Supervisor of Elections regarding the voting glitch. I had originally contacted the SOE back in July and got no answer then. I am being directed back to the SOE despite three trips to the county in person searching for an official explanation in writing concerning the Hillsborough Glitch.

Dear Hillsborough County Commissioners.

Frankly, I can't believe what you're telling me here: your
commission's level of intellectual curiosity with regard to a massive
voting glitch that erased 38,000 early voted ballots, following a
nearly identical glitch in 2008, following all that office has been
through, following the mysterious death of your previous SOE,
following an FBI investigation; following the outlay of millions to
Dominion by county taxpayers, extends so far as to direct me to make
inquiries myself?

Look, I have been told false and misleading statements by the current
SOE Earl Lennard when I made inquiries. And his officers didn't
correct him regarding these false misleading statements in a meeting
with them this past summer. I don't feel approaching them again,
personally, is going to produce anything in the way of information. I
have asked the commissioners to make inquiries so that everyone is on
the "same page" as to what Hillsborough's official story is on this

Here am I to read that there is no official story and you don't care?
Is this it?

I was assured by commissioner Mark Sharpe something in writing would
be sent to my email regarding the Hillsborough Glitch at the Jan. 5
regular meeting. Nothing has come to my email.

Again I do not relish coming all the way across the state to ask the
same questions over and over, any more than the commissioners enjoy
hearing me.

Kindly send me the official story regarding the glitch, whatever that
may be, in an email and I can move on to other county commissions.

Thank you in advance for your cooperation with a citizen's request.

David A. Kearns
author Rick Scott: Enemy of the State

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